Lieke woke up the moment a pair of lips kissed her softly. She smiled, before opening her eyes. Because she realised she knew exactly who they belonged to.
“Hey Simon.” she whispered, her eyes slowly fluttering open. She immediately moved her hands to his neck the moment she realised he was hanging over her.
“Thomas is still asleep.” he smiled lovingly as he gazed over to Thomas for a second. “I brought a cake home yesterday for him. We should get it, so we can wake him up.”
Liekes heart fluttered as she saw the excitement on his face.
“You thought of that?” she giggled, as he nodded even more excited.
“And I thought maybe we could give the presents too.”
Liekes face dropped, as she realised her present still hadn't arrived.
“It's not here yet.” she whispered.
Simon noticed the change on her face and stood up from the bed. He held out his hands and she followed him, grabbing his and standing up.
“Come with me.” he said, not mentioning the present. But she figured he didn't want to wake Thomas up. So she did what he said, one of his hands still holding hers. She felt rather cold, as they were still naked too.
And when she thought they would turn to the livingroom, he took her with him into his room.
“Are you cold?” Simon asked lovingly.
She nodded shyly, as he laughed softly. Embracing her in his arms. She looked up at him and watched as he pushed his lips slowly onto her forehead.
“I figured. Let me get you something to wear. To warm you up a little.” he murmured, before he pecked her lips.
He let go of her again and she watched him walk over to the closet. She couldn't help but check him out. His perky ass always looked so good above those never ending legs.
“Are you checking me out?” he figured, making her chuckle.
“So what if I am?” she answered.
He turned around, his eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face. She bit her lip, smiling brightly.
“If you are, I wanna kiss you.”
She laughed wholeheardedly.
“Then kiss me.” she muttered, walking up to him.
He had two sets of clothes in his hand, but with his free hand he stroked her jawline and gave her a soft kiss.
“If that is my punishment for checking you out, I won't ever stop.” she laughed, as he grabbed the sweatpants from his hand. She put it on, as she watched every move Simon made. And funny enough he was doing the same.
“Stop looking. We have no time for this.” Simon laughed, as he pulled a way too tight shirt of his head.
“He says, and then puts on that shirt.” she grumbled, pulling Simons hoodie over her head. She looked down and smiled, making a little dance.
“It's always so big and cosy.” she giggled, as she took Simons hand again. He kissed the top of her nose and she scrunched it.
“Because you're small and cute.” he grinned, as he took her with him.

She loved the fact he was still holding onto her, as they made their way through the house. She felt his thumb caressing her palm and she really wanted to hug him again. But she held herself in, as she let go of his hand and watched Simon grab the cake from the refriggarator. It was a simple cake, but definitely a birthday cake. It was filled with strawberries, which had turned out to be Thomas his favorite. And Lieke smiled.
“You're a sweetheart. You know that right?” she said, as she looked at the cake. “He will love it.”
“You sure?” he asked nervously.
“Simon, honey, even the thought of you thinking about a cake will make him love you ten times more. And he already loves the hell out of you.” she said, grabbing his arm and kissing his shoulder. Purely because she was too lazily to go on her tiptoes and kiss him on his lips.
His cheeks had turned incredibly red, but he smiled happily.
“And then you have that amazing present.” she said excitingly.
“Ah yes, speaking of that!” he said, as he turned around, taking her with him.
“There is a package laying on the floor there.”
Lieke looked down at the door. She could barely see it, as it was half hidden by Simon. But she saw the package. Which had to be it. She quickly let go of Simon and ran to the door. And indeed, when she picked it up, she noticed the webshops name. Her eyes widened. She was so relieved it had come in time. Just in time, that was.
She quickly opened it and noticed the giftbag around the ring she had ordered.
“Atleast you don't have to wrap it.” Simon noticed. He had followed her and was looking at it from over her shoulder. She looked up and nodded, but her mind was with the present still. She opened the giftbag and let the ring fall in her hand.
“Oh- Are you?” Simon asked, not being able to produce a whole sentence.
“Oh no, no way. Not yet.” she laughed softly. “And if we ever do something like that, it won't be only for him. Would it?”
Simon cheeks turned slightly red and he looked down to the ground. She bit her lip and gripped his chin. She stroked it with her thumb, which made him look up.
“It's talk for later. So much later.” she muttered. “But just remember that it's never only me and Thomas. It's me, you and Thomas. It's us.”
He nodded, a weak smile growing on his face.
“Hey, look at me.” she whispered. “I'm serious. I don't ever want you to go away.”
“Really? Not even if I was a mess.”
“Not even then. Because if you are, we will find a way to get you out of that mess.”
He smiled, genuinely this time.
“Okay.” he said, even though his word wasn't more than a breath.
“Cheer up, love. We gotta celebrate with the birthday boy.” she said, giving him a kiss.
He took a deep breath and smiled.
“If you want to know, which I think you will.” she smiled, holding out the ring. “The stone in the middle of it isn't only a stone. If you look at it really closely...”
She put it in front of her eye and smiled, knowing it all turned out how she wanted.
“You can see a picture of us together. All of us.”
Simon looked at her curiously. He took the ring and repeated what she had done.
“Oh my-” he whispered surprised. “That is the sweetest thing ever.”
He looked up at Lieke, who had a proud smile on her face.
“I thought that in this way, we would be with him, even if we can't be.” she smiled, grabbing Simons hand and squeezing it softly. She saw the emotions overtaking him for a second.
“You're the most thoughtful person ever.” he whispered.
She licked her lips and shook her head.
“I just thought it would be cute.” she giggled. “And I also wondered if maybe I should get you one too in the future.”
He smiled brightly, his teeth showing.
“I-I would love that.” he stuttered and she grinned.
She put her arms around his body and he let himself move against her. Taking her all in for a second.
“I love you.” he whispered.
“And I love you too.” she answered, even though you could barely hear it since her face was hiding in his chest.
He smiled, as he let go of her and went to grab the cake from the table.
“You got your present too, honey?” Lieke asked, making him look up.
“No, can you grab it? It's in my room, in the drawer of my the nightstand.” he said embarrassed. She laughed and nodded.

She went forward to grab it, as she heard Simon coming behind her. He wasn't far apart from her, since his steps were so much bigger. She grabbed the necklace, which Simon had put in a rather cute little box. And she took it with her, just like the ring. Simon had already sat down on the bed. Thomas was still sound asleep and he looked incredibly cute.
Lieke smiled, as she put the presents down on the bed and let her hands fall down on Simons shoulder.
He looked back at her and she put a kiss on top of his head.
“Thomas..” she then said sweetly. “Wake up, birthday boy.”
He groaned, turning to them.
“Thomas, honey.” Simon smiled.
He finally opened his eyes and a big smile immediately filled his face.
Lieke wanted to start singing, but he immediately shook his head.
“Don't!” he almost yelled. “Don't sing.”
Simon snorted, just like Lieke. Because she knew he was going to react like this. This happened every single year. He hated to be sung too on his birthday.
“Alright, but Simon did get a cake for you this year.” Lieke said, as she watched Thomas eyes widen a lot. He looked up, as he finally noticed the cake on Simons lap.
“You did?” Thomas smiled happily. “That looks so good. I can't wait to taste it.”
He moved closer, hanging onto Simons leg the moment he was close by.
He moved his finger over the whipped cream and sucked it off his finger a moment after.
He did it again, as both Simon and Lieke watched, and then put some of it on Simons nose. Simon squeeled.
“That is cold.” he laughed, as he watched Thomas place a kiss on his nose, and therefor wiping away the whipped cream. He stared at him, as he sat back and smiled.
“I don't know what I like better. You or the cake.” he said cheekily, picking a strawberry of the cake and eating it slowly. Lieke watched, and their eyes met a few times. She was surprised by his energy, so quickly after he had woken up. Normally it took him some time to be fully awake, but it seemed that his birthday made the difference.
“Simon is better than the cake, we all know that.” Lieke added in, making Thomas smile at her.
“But let me bring it back for now, so we can give you your presents.” Lieke laughed, taking the cake from Simon and bringing it back to the kitchen. She heard Simon and Thomas talk and laugh softly.
“Dont touch it yet!” she heard Simon yell, which made her snort. Always the impatient Thomas.
She quickly went back, so Thomas didn't have to wait so long.

Simon had sat down on the bed, his legs curled up in front of him as he was holding the presents. Thomas was still sitting where he woke up, looking at Simon with big eyes, like a little kid. It was adorable.
Lieke walked over to Simon and sat down in the space between his legs. He laughed quietly against her back, as she cuddled up to him.
His arms embracing her waist, with the presents still in his hand.
“Which one do you want first?” she asked.
“You both got one, it's not from you together?” he asked, a little surprised.
“Of course we did.” Lieke smiled.
“Well, I gotta admit, Lieke helped me out a little.” Simon said, being way too honest as usual.
“No, I just showed him some stuff and he picked it.” she lied, wanting Simon to get the credits for it this time.
“Either way, I will love it.” Thomas said happily. “Let's do yours first then, Lieke.”
She nodded, giving him her gift and with shaky hands he opened it slowly. He looked at the ring and she knew he liked it. But just as Simon, he had no idea what it could do.
He put it around his middlefinger, as he looked at Lieke.
“I love it.” he said, in all honesty.
“It gets better.” Simon said excitingly, making Lieke laugh.
“You have to hold it close to your eye. Look through the stone.” Lieke explained.
Simon was stroking her stomach softly, as he watched Thomas. Pending for him to look at the stone.
He moved the ring closer and the gasp that sounded when he saw the picture made them both smile happily.
“That's amazing.” Thomas laughed in disbelief. “This way I will always have you two with me now.”
Lieke nodded, as he bit his lip, still looking at the ring. “That's awesome.” he sighed, leaning over to give Lieke a kiss. She saw he meant it, but he wasn't sure how to show it off in that moment. And that was okay with her, he would tell her eventually.
Thomas held out his hands, grabbing in the air for the other present.
Lieke chuckled, as she gave him Simons present.
She immediately felt Simons grip tighten and she quickly put her hands on his to calm him down. She felt his nose against her neck and she stroked his hands with her thumbs. They watched together, as Thomas opened the second present. His eyes widened immediately, as they connected with Simon.
“That- This.” he shook his head. “Did you know I've been looking at this for ages?”
Simon looked at him.
“It's so expensive, Simon.” he said in disbelief. “Did you really buy this for me?”
“Yes.” Simon whispered shyly.
His grip had tightened again, so Lieke had decided to take his hands in hers. She winked at Thomas, who looked absolutely flustered in that moment.
“Are you kidding me?” he whispered, looking down at the necklace.
She felt Simon was shaking heavily now. And she almost felt bad. He really didn't realise Thomas was happy.
“Thomas, you like it right?” Lieke asked slowly. He looked up confused, before he started nodding heavily.
“God, yes, yes I absolutely love it. I'm just-” he smiled and shook his head. “I never imagined someone would do that for me. It's so expensive.”
He smiled shyly at Simon, and Lieke squeezed Simons hand quickly.
“I think you're worth it.” Simon said, just as shyly.
And Lieke couldn't believe how shy both men had turned. Those men she saw as rough and manly, were blushing their cheeks off now.

“For fucks sake, guys. Kiss each other already.” she giggled.
Thomas immediately sat up and while Simon still held onto Lieke, he felt Thomas his hands on his cheek, kissing him passionately. Almost desperately.
“You're worth it too, Simon.” he whispered softly, once they were out of breath.
They stared at each other, their eyes reconnecting. And she saw them getting closer, in a few seconds. It felt like they finally realised how much they cared about each other and it made Lieke almost emotional. She felt herself getting pulled closer and she smiled as she felt Simon place a kiss on hair.
“Why are you crying?” he whispered, and then she noticed the tears actually rolling down her face. Thomas was looking at her worried and she quickly smiled.
“I'm sorry, I was just a bit emotional.” she murmured, wiping away her tears.
Both men looked at her and she really wanted to hide herself now.
“I'm just so happy to have you both. And I realised that now. You care so much about each other and it warms my heart to see that happen. And I guess that did something with me.” she explained.
“And we care about you.” Thomas added, as his hand found her cheek. Wiping away more tears.
She looked up, noticing the tears in his eyes. She was sure she didn't want to see Simon right now.
“I know.” she whispered, as a tear rolled down Thomas his cheek.
“Let's make it a good day, okay.” Simon chimed in. Lieke could hear he had trouble talking normally. “It's Thomas his birthday and we should be happy now.”
Lieke smiled quickly and nodded.
“You're right.” she chuckled, wiping away her tears. “I wasn't planning on doing this at all.”
“It's okay.” Simon whispered next to her ear. And Thomas nodded too.
“Sometimes we overwhelm each other. It happens.” Thomas smiled, as his eyes gazed at the ring Lieke gave him.
She felt her heartbeat rise as she saw the loving smile on his face.
“Simon, you should put the necklace on for Thomas. I wanna see it on him.” she suggested, as she finally looked back at him. He had definitely been crying a little too and she squeezed his hand softly, before she let it go.
To her own surprise, he didn't take away his hands. And let them rest around Liekes body. She chuckled, as he held out his hands in front of her face. Making Thomas come closer. They all laughed, as Thomas was face to face with Lieke now. And she gazed into his brown eyes. He winked at her, and pecked her lips. He then looked up at Simon, who was looking focused, while trying to put on the necklace.
Eventually he succeeded and the necklace fell down against his bare chest. Simon and Lieke looked at him, making him laugh cheekily.
“Does it look good?” he asked, even though he knew the answer already. They were both shamelessly staring at him. And Lieke nodded, even though she wasn't really listening to what he said.
“You look very good.” she muttered.
“And the necklace?” he laughed.
She bit her lip, realising what had just happened and chuckled.
“It looks wonderful on you.” she said, reaching out for the necklace. She looked at it for a while, and she knew Thomas was watching her. But she just wanted to take the time and appreciate it.

Simons face rested on her shoulder, as he watched the two interact. He was so happy Thomas had liked it. And Lieke had been right. It looked amazingly good on him.
He was happy she told him to get it. And he wasn't at all worried about the money he had paid for it. For Thomas he would do anything, and Simon hoped he knew that too.
His gaze locked with Thomas a few times, and everytime that happened Thomas smiled at him quietly. There was something so beautiful about this man and Simon still hadn't figured out what is was just yet. He loved the way he looked, he loved the way he was. He loved Thomas. Just for being Thomas.
He felt his heart burst as he looked at Thomas, while realising he had Lieke on his lap. He was really happy with both of them. It was almost too good to be true.

“Simon, we are gonna get some cake, you want some too?” Lieke asked, turning around in his arms.
He focused on her and nodded happily. He realised he hadn't heard a single word they had said. But he was always in for cake. So after he felt Lieke crawl out of his legs, he slowly followed them.
It was only then he realised Thomas was still fully naked and he took a deep breath, trying not to get too turned on right now. They had to celebrate his birthday first. The sex would definitely come later.

The moment he entered the kitchen, he was happy to see Thomas actually put some underwear on. Even though that was the only thing he was wearing. It calmed him down a bit more, as he sat down next to Thomas. Who immediately looked up with a big smile on his face. He was holding onto the necklace and quickly stole a kiss from Simon, showing how thankful he was. Which made his heart flutter. Thomas really was too good for him sometimes.
He smiled back at him lovingly, as he felt Thomas head fall down on his shoulder. He instantly put his arms around the shorter man and placed a kiss in his hair.
They watched as Lieke sliced the cake in a few pieces and gave them both one. Simon wasn't really that hungry, but the moment Thomas lifted his plate and ordered Simon to bite off a little piece, he couldn't resist him. He felt his nose once again being covered by the whiped cream and he laughed softly.
He had to admit that the cake was better than expected. And it made him feel good and happy that he succeeded in buying the right one. He watched Thomas eat his slice. And of course he finished it first.
“It's so good.” he said, groaning softly while he did so, making Lieke look up surprised.
“Is it that good?” Lieke laughed loudly, making Simon laugh too.
“Yes, it is. It's strawberries. Of course it's good.”
Lieke chuckled, as she looked at Simon.
“And the fact you guys thought about a cake is amazing.” he muttered shyly.
“That was all Simon.” Lieke quickly said.
Thomas eyes twinkled happily as he once again looked up at Simon.
“Thank you. Might be a bit weird, but it means a lot to me.” he smiled shyly. “I mean, to have people care about you on your birthday. Really care about you. That's amazing.”
Simon noticed a hint of pain in his eyes. And he wondered what was going on in Thomas his mind. He quickly grabbed his hands and Thomas looked up sadly.
“We will always care about you.” he said, before looking to Lieke who nodded. “And especially on your birthday.”
Thomas smiled open mouthed, his teeth showing.
“You trust me right?” Simon said slowly, as he looked at Thomas. His brown eyes, which looked still a bit sad, stared back at him before he nodded.
“Yes.” he whispered.
“Then cheer up now. We love you, so much. And we love to celebrate your birthday. We can do whatever you want to do. Take the lead, make the day yours.”
Simon noticed Lieke looking at them, and he was happy to see she was agreeing with him. But she always was. Which he loved. If she didn't agree, she would have told him. But she loved to be there for Thomas too. And she wasn't afraid things would go wrong. Just like him.
“Okay.” he laughed. “Okay, I will cheer up. I'm just so happy with you guys.”
“Then you can't imagine how happy we are with you.” Lieke replied, making him blush slightly.
“And speaking of you being happy, I have an idea.”
Lieke walked over to where Thomas was sitting. She bend over to his ear and whispered something in it. Simon watched as his eyes widened and he nodded, biting his lip. Lieke smirked, as her eyes gazed over to Simon for a second.
“Is that another one of my presents?” Thomas smirked, making him Lieke chuckle.
“I guess you could say that.” she smiled satisfied.
Simon had been watching them curiously. And he had this feeling he would be sacrificed for what Lieke just told Thomas.
He let his eyes wander over to Lieke, who looked at him grinning.
“I think it's time for you to undress, my beautiful viking.”
“Don't-” he groaned, making her laugh. “Don't call me that.”
He couldn't help but laugh a little, as he stood up.
“And we need you on the bed, after you're done.” she added, making him frown.
“Just do as we say, we are not going to hurt you.” she smiled.
“I know, I'm just wondering what your plans are.” he chuckled.
“You will see.” Thomas grinned.
Which didn't actually make Simon feel better. He was nervous, but a good kind of nervous. And he couldn't wait to see what they were planning on doing.

The moment Simon had left the room, Thomas focused on Lieke. He watched as Lieke grabbed a box of strawberries and started slicing them in half.
“Grab a cloth for Simon will you?” she muttered, while she looked up at Thomas.
“You're going to blindfold him?” he giggled, making him way too excited.
“Of course I am. I'd love to see him struggle, not knowing what is on him.”
She laughed evilly. And Thomas his smile couldn't get any bigger.
“And you can do whatever you want, while he will lay there for you.” Lieke explained.
“How are you going to do that?” he chuckled.
“Listen, Delaney. Remember how dominant you were yesterday. That's what you're gonna do today too.” she laughed, making him bit his lip.
“You switch so easily, it amuses me a lot.” she noticed. He laughed and pulled her closer. She abonded her knife and kissed him slowly.
“I'm still a bit overwhelmed.” he admitted, pecking her lips every few seconds.
“I understand.” she whispered, taking the necklace in her hands.
“It's beautiful.” she admitted.
“Yeah. It definitely is.” he said softly. “And the ring is..”
He shook his head in disbelieve.
“You guys are way too good for me. So thoughtful.”
“That is just what you get in return, when you're as sweet as you are.” she explained, kissing his nose.
He sighed happily and nodded.
“Now let's go. I wanna see Simon naked.” she laughed, making Thomas snort.
Their hands intertwined, as they made their way to the bedroom.

Simon was already fully naked when they entered. He was staring at the ceiling. Thomas bit his lip, noticing the muscles all over Simons body. He had his arms behind his head and he looked so unknowingly gorgeous.
Lieke was hiding the strawberries behind her back. And he couldn't wait to eat them off Simons body.
“You have the cloth right?” she asked sweetly.
Thomas immediately went to work and walked over to Simon. He looked at him with big eyes.
“You're going to blindfold me?” he asked nervously.
“Yes.” Thomas smiled sweetly at him. “But just for a little while. And if you don't like it, just tell us.”
Simon nodded and Thomas saw him relax a bit. Which, Thomas had to admit, turned him on a bit. The way his eyes closed slowly and he sat up, so Thomas could tie the cloth behind his head. He felt Simons breath on his skin and he shivered. It made his body go crazy already.
“Lay down, honey.” he whispered, making Simon lay down immediately. Thomas looked down, seeing that for some reason Simon was incredibly turned on already. His hands had become fists and his erection was growing slowly.
Thomas grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers, making Simon relax again.
“We're not going to hurt you. It will only be a bit cold.” he muttered, before kissing Simon. He felt how needy he was. How he held on to Thomas lips, until he broke the kiss off.
Thomas turned around to Lieke, who had joined them. She sat down on Simons other side, and Simons hand immediately felt her thigh.
Thomas nodded at her, so she knew she could place the strawberry on Simons chest. She let it fell down, making Simons hiss.
“That's really cold, god.” he groaned, getting used to the feeling.
Lieke bit her lip, as she placed another. And another. And so on.
“What is that?” he murmured. “It's turning me on and I don't even know what it is.”
Thomas laughed softly, as he sat down on both side of Simons legs. He let his hand strike over his cock, making Simon moan loudly.
“What the-” he giggled shamefully. “Thomas?”
“Yeah.” he chuckled.
“Don't do that!”
Lieke couldn't hold her laugh, as she stood up and walked over to the other bed. She wanted to watch Thomas do what he wanted to do. And he could do it all on his own.

Thomas focused on Simon as he leaned his hands next to Simons chest. He noticed his slow breathing and he wanted Simon to relax. He started off just underneath his neck. Lieke had placed a strawberry rather close to his face. And Thomas couldn't help to kiss him right there while he put the sliced strawberry in his mouth. He loved to kiss Simons body, but the sweet flavour made it even better.
“God.” Simon whispered, as he tried to keep his hands steady.
Thomas bit his lip as he looked over at Lieke. All she did was wink, which made him even more in love with them.
He lowered to in between his chest and picked up the second strawberry. He sat down on Simons legs again, enjoying the taste.
“You have the best ideas.” Thomas muttered, as he swallowed the strawberry.
“Here, take another one.” Lieke smiled.
Thomas grabbed the bowl and put some down on Simons legs, making him moan softly.
“It's still cold. What the hell are you putting on me?”
He was biting his lip, the moment he stopped talking and Thomas wanted so badly to just make him orgasm right there and then.
“You will find out soon, honey.” Thomas giggled, as he started eating the strawberries of of his legs.
He placed one inbetween his teeth, and let it slide slowly over Simons erect cock.
His body buckled up, and Thomas was just in time to move away.
“Fuck.” Simons groaned. “That was..”
A smirk filled his lips and Liekes eyes widened.
“Do it again.” she said excitingly.
Thomas licked his lips, before he grabbed another one and repeated his motions.
Simons moans were so low, Thomas felt his underwear getting incredibly tight.
Thomas thought it was time for him to find out what Thomas had been eating of his body. And maybe it was just because he wanted to take him right now. He didn't want to wait anymore.
He grabbed the remaining strawberry of his stomach between his teeth and moved up. His mouth moved over Simons, and his lips pushed together.
“Oh- Oh..” Simon laughed, as Thomas sat back for a second. He tilted his head and smiled down at the blindfolded man.
“I could've known.” he chuckled, before he grabbed Thomas cheeks softly and kissed him. He bit off a part of the strawberry and let it fell down in his mouth. Their lips, sweet flavoured, discovered each other. Their tongues playing a passionate game.
Thomas moved Simons blindfold up and he looked at Thomas with tiny eyes.
“Hey.” he smiled, kissing him again. And as Simon got used to the light, he also found his way to Thomas his boxershorts. Squeezing his balls softly, as a smirk filled Simons lips.
Thomas eyes widened..
“You're very turned on, aren't you, baby?” Simon smirked, making Thomas nod out of breath.
“You want me?” Simon whispered against his lips. Which made Thomas nod again.
A twinkle appeared in Thomas his eyes and he kissed him passionately. They sat up together, as Thomas felt Simons cock push against Thomas his stomach, but he decided to let it be. Just for now. He found his way into Simons hair and kissed him out of breath.
“Let me turn around, okay.” he muttered slowly, as Thomas felt Simon stare at him like he was the whole world.
He almost got shy and quickly moved back, so Simon could get onto all fours.
He watched as Lieke disappeared and came back with lube. She pulled Thomas closer and kissed him softly, before she layed back down.
“Are you not going to join?” Thomas asked, as he pulled down his underwear and threw it away.
“What do you want me to do?” she asked sweetly. “Because I'm good here. I can use my fingers. I like to watch you.”
Thomas looked at her, as she pulled down Simons sweatpants. And that's when he realised what he wanted.
“Come sit on your knees next to me.” he said firmly. “I want to have you both.”
Lieke looked at him surprised, but did as he said.
“Wider. Open your legs, honey.” he whispered, as he felt Lieke getting turned on. His hand found her waist, as she shook lightly.
“You can touch yourself for now.” he said, before he put some lube on his fingers.
“Simon, are you ready?” he asked sweetly, and the blonde haired man looked back at Lieke. He nodded.
“Yes, I am.” he answered.
Thomas noticed his red leaking cock, but he figured Simon could wait a little longer.
He slowly pushed in one finger, and at the same time his free his cupped Lieke fully. She whined softly, not realising how turned on she had been. Her hands found Thomas his shoulder, as she held onto it.
He pushed in one finger, feeling like a boss between the two.
He started moving both fingers. And the moans that produced made him feel like he was in heaven.
His thumb found Liekes clit and he felt her head fell down on his shoulder too.
“God, you guys looks so hot for me right now.” he muttered.
He realised his erection had been growing and was now proudly leaning against his stomach. He couldn't wait to release himself inside of Simon.
He felt Simons body relax underneath his touch and he decided to add another finger, making Simon grumble.
“You're always so tight for me.” Thomas moaned, making Simon whine softly. He placed a kiss on his back and smiled softly. He pushed another finger in for Lieke, and he wondered how she was going to hold on.
“You can't come until I'm fucking Simon, okay?” he said, as he leaned back to kiss her.
She nodded desperately and answered with a sloppy kiss.
“Good girl.” he whispered against her lips, as he pushed onto her clit once again.
She shook her head at him, making him grin.

He sped up the trusting and added another finger. He figured Simon would be ready soon. And Lieke definitely had been already.
She whined as his hand left her body and immediately pushed her own hand down to keep up the movements. She watched as Thomas positioned himself in front of Simon and slowly pushed his cock in.
Thomas smirked, as he noticed her.
“What do you think?” he smirked. “Is he a good boy for me?”
Lieke bit her lip and nodded.
“So good.” she muttered out of breath.
Thomas heard Simon cry out loud and he figured Liekes voice, plus Thomas himself moving in and out of him made Simon go wild.
He rested one hand on his hip, stroking it softly.
“You're so good for me, Simon. Lieke was right.” Thomas said, his voice hoarse.
He looked up at Lieke, as she grabbed his hand and pushed it down to her weak spot. His eyes widened for a second, as he thrusted in and out of Simon. His pumping getting a bit sloppy.
“You're so needy.” he laughed, but he pushed his fingers in with one swift move. He moved them slowly, way too slowly. And he grinned when she started thrusting over them.
He curled his fingers a little and focused back on Simon.
He started moving better again and he focused on Simons groans, as he felt Lieke hang onto him for dear life.
“Thomas.” she whined softly. “I think I'm gonna come soon.”
His trusting immediately intensified as her voice reached his ears.
“Then come for me, honey.” he breathed out, his eyes piercing into hers. “Show me how good you feel with my fingers inside of you.”
He stared into her eyes, as her orgasm immediately came over her. She looked so pretty, her mouth wide open, her body arched back. He enjoyed every minute of it. And he knew it wouldn't take long for him to come either. But he wanted to wait a little more.
She looked at him, out of breath, as his finger left her body. And he slowly licked clean his fingers.
“So fucking wet, aren't you?” he groaned, as he felt himself getting so close.
“Always am for you.” she admitted, kissing him open mouthed.
He grabbed her chin and looked at her.
“I think Simon can come inside your mouth, what do you think?” he smiled sweetly at her.
“It will be my pleasure.” she grinned, as she pecked his lips and layed down underneath Simon.
He had been whining almost the whole time. And Thomas knew the moment Liekes lips touched his cock he would be gone for.
He sped up his thrusting, as he pictured Liekes face while she came for him. He moaned loudly, and he knew it would only take seconds. His hand found Simons balls and played with them softly. By Simons moves, he knew Lieke was sucking him off right now. And that turned Thomas on so much, his trusting got so sloppy, before he orgasmed loudly inside of Simon.
He moaned softly, as he kept thrusting and not a few seconds later, Simons body froze. He whined loudly, as he came over the edge. Moans rapidly flowing over his lips.
“So much. Too much.” he laughed shakily, as he tried to keep himself up.
Thomas moved out of him, making him groan again. He laughed softly, as he noticed Lieke licking her lips clean.
“You always look way too sexy when you're on all fours for me.” he mumbled, as he saw Simon fell down on his belly, the moment Lieke sat up. Simon murmured something. Making both Lieke and Thomas laugh, because they didn't understand a thing he said.
“I'm completely worn out right now. Don't talk to me for an hour or two.” Simon groaned.
Thomas giggled, as he sat on top of Simons legs again. Simon tried to look back, but decided to let it rest.
He felt Thomas hands on his shoulders, as he started massaging him slowly.
“Oh, thank you, love.” he smiled happily. “That's actually good.”
Lieke chuckled, as she stood up. She grabbed her sweatpants and brought it with her to the bathroom.
“I'm going to take a shower, you guys want to join?” she asked. They both immediately looked back at her.
And she playfully undressed herself, so she was fully naked.
“I mean, it's Thomas birthday right. Let's see how many rounds we can do..” she said sultry.
“How many?” Thomas smirked. “Damn, that's going to be a wild day.”
Simon laughed, as his head fell into his pillow.
“I'll join in a few minutes.” he muttered.
Thomas placed kissed on his back, all to his ass. Where he placed a longer, softer kiss. Before he followed Lieke to the bathroom.
“I'm literally having the best birthday ever.” he shouted out, making Simon snort.

Both Thomas and Simon were really wondering how this day would turn out. But neither of them were really concerned about it. They knew when to stop. And that time wasn't there yet. Not at all, really. They were getting ready for so much more.

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  • Kjelaney


    2 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    Both Thomas and Simon were really wondering how this day would turn out. But neither of them were really concerned about it. They knew when to stop. And that time wasn't there yet. Not at all, really. They were getting ready for so much more.


    2 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “I'll join in a few minutes.” he muttered.
    Thomas placed kissed on his back, all to his ass. Where he placed a longer, softer kiss. Before he followed Lieke to the bathroom.
    “I'm literally having the best birthday ever.” he shouted out, making Simon snort.


    2 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “I mean, it's Thomas birthday right. Let's see how many rounds we can do..” she said sultry.
    “How many?” Thomas smirked. “Damn, that's going to be a wild day.”

    YEAH we probably won't survive tbh

    2 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “I'm going to take a shower, you guys want to join?” she asked. They both immediately looked back at her.


    2 weken geleden

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