Time had gone faster than expected, but Lieke hadn't forgotten about Thomas his birthday one day. It turned out she had to recover for multiple days, because of the things they did with each other. Her back and legs had given out on her rather quickly and both boys had absolutey loved messing with her when that happened.
But she had to count really well, to remember the orgasms she had that day. She had been so surprised by how much she had in her. And she realised after her shower with Thomas, taking him for a second time, that her arousal was way too high up. And she figured it was only them that made that happen.
It made her fall so much more in love with them. They had worn each other out, fucked each other senseless. But still, there was always loving in between them all.
And it was the way they looked at her, that made her feel so confident. And she loved every second of it.

She knew the night would be in her mind for a long time. Because even now, two weeks later, she still couldn't stop thinking about it. She was getting ready for a night out with her collegeaus. It was a bachelorette party, actually. Unfortunately her favorite co-worker Scarlett wouldn't be joining them. But she was ready to have a good time. She understood that they were gonna hit a stripjoint and she couldn't wait to compare every dude to either Simon or Thomas. It would be fun, knowing she had much sexier men at home.
She had chosen to wear something simple. She didn't care to go all out when going out. So she went for a black skinny jeans and a black, glittery blouse on top of it. She was watching herself in the mirror when Thomas had entered the bed room. Simon was still at work, he had a night shift. Which happened a lot, but this these days a lot more. And Lieke missed him a lot. She was always happy to feel him against her, whenever he came home.

“You look wonderful.” Thomas immediately mentioned, making her look up happily. His arms found her waist, as they usually did, and she felt herself being turned around.
“Are you going to have fun?” he smiled, checking her out shamelessly. His eyes focusing on her lips for a little too long, making her chuckle.
“Are you going to survive without me, is the better question right now.” she muttered, making him laugh softly.
“I will be okay.” he smiled. “As long as you are having fun.”
Lieke pushed herself closer to Thomas and embraced him in a long, silent hug.
She couldn't possibly love him more, but the way he had been staring at his presents every day, made her heart beat faster. He had been so happy. He still was. He had been wearing both the ring and the necklace proudly. And Lieke was extremely proud of him.
Once the hug ended, Lieke let her hand strike over the necklace, before she giggled happily.
“It looks so good on you.” she admitted. “Like really good. Especially when you're naked.”
Thomas raised an eyebrow, making her laugh.
“That's a compliment.” she giggled, as she felt his hands go over her back softly.
“I know, honey.” he chuckled, pecking her lips.
He checked his watch and shrugged.
“It's time for you to go.” he said, and Lieke saw a hint of sadness in his eyes.
“You sure you don't want me to stay with you?” she asked softly.
He immediately shook his head, making her nod slowly.
“Alright, after all you're a big grown man anyway.” she laughed at her own dumb question.
“Don't worry.” he smiled. “I'm glad you think about such things.”
He shrugged again as he grabbed her hands quietly.
“I will miss you, though. But I know you will be back next to me soon.”
Lieke felt her heart melt, as she listened to Thomas. He was so sweet for her and sometimes it could overwhelm her a little. She wasn't used to the good guys. But here she was, surrounded by them.
“I love you.” she whispered, giving him a sweet, loving kiss. “I'll probably be back sooner than you think.”
He nodded, watching her as she grabbed her purse. He had a smile laying on his lips, and Lieke wished she didn't have to go.
She had barely been going out since she got together with Thomas, and then with Simon. And now every time she had to go, she kinda regretted it. But she didn't want to miss tonight. It would be fun, she was sure of it.

She kissed Thomas goodbye about ten minutes later, before she left home. It wasn't a long walk to the center of her city. And she had figured she would meet the rest at the bar they would go to first.
And she had been right. The moment she entered the bar, she realised she had been the last one to arrive. The whole group was happy to see her and she hugged them one by one.
“You want a cocktail too?” Gracie had asked her, as she shook her head.
“A coke is fine with me.” she smiled, as Gracie told the bartender what Lieke wanted.
She sat down in between her and another co-worker named Tate, who immediately started telling her life stories. Something she always did. It made Lieke feel good that she could do that with her.
And she listened happily, as she sipped from her coke.

Julia, the girl who was going to be married very soon, had decided after an hour that she was ready for the next step. And Lieke was lucky she already knew what they were planning to do. Julia, however, looked like a tomato the moment she stepped into the stripjoint. She had never been there, much like Lieke. Who also had been looking around curiously. It looked weird, but satisfying at the same time. And most of the girls were already drooling over the male dancers.
Lieke laughed softly, as they sat down in a booth, rather close to the podium. She ordered icetea, not being one for alcohol that often. And she wanted to come home sober, to cuddle with her men and have a nice evening or night.

She focused her eyes on one of the female strippers, who looked absolutely gorgeous. Lieke figured it was easier to focus on women, so she wouldn't feel bad about it the whole time. She would much rather see Thomas or Simon naked.
“Have you seen any attractive guys? More attractive than Thomas that is?” Tate asked her.
Lieke shrugged, before she let her eyes wander over the strippers. She knew most of them weren't her type. She liked her men more down to earth and not so fit and muscular as most of the guys here.
“Some girls are pretty fit..” she murmured, making Tate laugh.
She turned her head a little to the right and the moment her eyes locked with one of the strippers, her head broke. She saw his eyes widen and she immediately felt numb.
She watched as he disappeared into the crowd and without answering Tate, she followed him to the back. She was glad he hadn't been fully naked, because that would have only fucked her thoughts up more. But she recognised those tattoos and his gorgeous, blue eyes everywhere. But she never thought she would see them here. In this stripjoint.

She worked herself through the crowd, her heart beating insanely fast. And she quickly followed him, the moment he disappeared behind a door. She opened it, without even thinking about it. And she was met with watery eyes.
“Simon..” she whispered.
She closed the door behind her, and stood against it. She was so confused by all this, she didn't know what to do.
“I never thought I'd see you here.” she said simply.
“I didn't know..” he murmured. And just by looking at him, she knew he felt ashamed and filthy. She wanted to be mad at him, but she didn't know the whole story. And she didn't want him to feel bad about himself.
“Can you put on some pants atleast?” she said slowly, as she made her way to the couch he had sat down on. He nodded, grabbing his pants out of a bag and pulled it over his legs quietly.
“I really hope you have a good explanation for this.” she sighed.
His eyes were full of tears, and they slowly fell down one by one. Lieke felt she was getting emotional too. She just wanted to make sure Simon was okay, because he clearly didn't feel like it.
“Hey, just tell me what happened. Remember what I told you on Thomas his birthday?”
He looked at her blankly and she smiled weakly.
“If you're in a mess, we will find a way out of it. But you gotta talk to me right now, Simon.”
He looked down and nodded slowly.
“I, uh-” he coughed and she decided to grab his hands. She didn't feel fully okay with it, but she knew he needed it. He looked at her hands and smiled weakly.
“I never found a job after I graduated. I got scared, because I felt like I had nothing. And I wasn't sure how to pay the rent anymore.” he started slowly. “I never dared to tell you. Especially after you and Thomas started dating. I was so afraid you'd just kick me out eventually.”
She shook her head slowly, closing her eyes sadly.
“I felt like I had no other way, Lieke. And I- I feel so bad and gross every time I come back home. But I had no other choice, I swear.” he cried softly.
“You could've told me when were started dating..” she whispered.
“I know, but I was so ashamed. All those girls, it's obvious where I picked them up now, right?”
She laughed, a numb feeling coming over her.
“But the moment I started being with you and Thomas, I never did more than just strip. I did my STD tests, because I didn't want anything to happen to you guys. I made sure I was clean and I never-” he sighed. “I never did anything with anyone else. But I had to get my money from somewhere.”
Tears were rolling freely over his face now and she squeezed his hands softly.
“Are you mad?” he whispered, as he looked at her. He finally, really looked at her. And she saw the pain and regret in his eyes.
“I'm not mad.” she replied slowly. “I'm not mad, but I just wish you told me. I get you didn't want to tell Thomas, but you could've told me and we would have found a way together.”
“I was ashamed.” he breathed out.
“I know, I understand that.” she sighed. “But I didn't want to see you here.”
She laughed weakly, letting her thumb go over his watery cheeks.
“I want you for myself. You're not someone I wanna share.” she whispered, making him smile weakly.
“But I don't want you to continue doing this. I will go out of my way to make sure you will find something else if I need to. And otherwise I'll pay your part. But I don't want you to go here anymore.”
He bit his lip as he nodded.
“I'm scared Thomas will hate me.” he scrunched his nose and sighed again. “I'm not even sure you like me anymore.”
“Simon,” Lieke said quickly. “Listen, I'm surprised, I am even a bit sad about this whole situation. But my love doesn't just go away within seconds. This started even before we started dating. It's painful to see you like this. But I swear I won't ever leave you, without hearing the truth.”
“Do you believe me?” he muttered.
“Yes, I do. I do, of course I do.” she smiled.
She grabbed his chin in her hands, so he had no other choice but to look at her.
“I love you, Simon. I still do.” she whispered, before she kissed him.
She felt his lips shiver against hers and she noticed how badly he was shaking.
“Calm down, honey.” she whispered, resting her forehead on his.
“Together, okay?” she smiled at him.
“Promise?” he replied, making her nod. His eyes were still so sad, she just wanted to hold him.
“I promise.” she whispered.
“Now we will go home. And you're going to make sure this was your last day here.”
Simons eyes widened, and Lieke wondered why that was.
“I'm scared.” he admitted.
“Thomas ain't going to react well to this.” he mumbled. “What if he feels like I cheated on him, with this?”
Lieke licked her lips and let her eyes fell down. She had also been a bit scared about Thomas his reactions. She could find the positive light in everything. But with Thomas, and his cheating ex, she wasn't sure he was going to react well to this at all.
“I'm not sure how he's going to react.” she said in all honesty. “He might be mad. Or he will understand it immediately.”
“Will you help me out?” he asked quietly.
“I think this is something you have to do for yourself. But I will be there. But you have to explain it yourself, Simon.”
He nodded. And Lieke felt him shaking against her body.
They sat there for what felt like forever. Simon was basically holding onto Lieke for dear life, afraid she'd be gone once he let go of her. And all she could do was stay with him, as he cried silently. She knew he was incredibly ashamed and she wished it never happened. But there was no turning back time.

She looked up once the door opened, and an old looking man entered.
“Simon has to go up again.” he said bored.
Lieke looked at the man and shook her head.
“Otherwise he won't get paid, honey.” the man said, making her snort.
“First, don't call me honey. And second, don't worry about that. He quits, right now.”
The man looked at Simon, who didn't even react to either of them. She quietly stroked his hair, looking up at the man.
“I'm not going to let him go up there again. Whatever you tell him to do, it won't work.” she said firm.
The man rolled his eyes and blurted out a 'whatever', before the door closed again.
“Thank you.” Simon said, he sounded incredibly tired. And Lieke figured now that he finally let go of his secret, he had let go of a lot of stress too. That's when she realised something and she didn't want to hold it in. So she just went ahead and asked.
“Simon..” she started. “Whenever I called you pretty and stuff like that..”
She stopped as she saw Simon sit up.
“You looked like you were in pain most of the time. Like you couldn't accept it. Was that because of this?”
Simon immediately nodded.
“I felt dirty and gross. I still do.” he smiled a painful smile. And all Lieke could do was nod.
“I still feel that way though. You're still my viking.”
He immediately closed his eyes and Lieke knew she did something wrong, she just didn't know what it was.
“You know what's the worst thing about that?” he asked, looking up again. “It's my name here. My stripper name.”
Liekes eyes widened and she realised how much trouble that had cost him in his head.
“You're kidding me?” she whispered.
She leaned over Simon to grab his bag and gave him the hoodie he had been wearing when he left.
“I'm not. That's why I didn't want you to call me that.” he grimaced. “But you made it sound so cute and I didn't want to get mad at you.”
She laughed, because in the end, she could see the funny side of it too.
“We will find another nickname for you then.” she smiled, and he smiled back. She was happy he realised she meant it.
“Thank you.” he whispered, as he put the hoodie over his head. “Thank you for understanding me.”
“I figured there had to be a story. I'm not one to judge quickly. I just want you to tell me truth. And now you did, so we gotta work on making it better.”
He nodded, as he understood and agreed with every word she said.
“Now, what we are going to do is..” she said, grabbing his hands and placing a kiss on his forehead.
“You're going to wait for me outside and I'm going to act like I got sick. We will meet outside, okay? And then we will walk home together.”
“Alright.” he said, taking a deep breath.
She felt like he was as nervous as her to see Thomas, maybe even more.
“It's going to be okay.”
She pecked his lips, before he stood up. She waited until he was gone fully, before she also left the room.
She quickly told her co-workers, who were way too drunk and way too busy with the strippers anyway, that she'd take off. Before she joined Simon, who was waiting for her outside.
Liekes heart broke, as she saw him standing on his own. His shoulders hanging low, and he was still trying to hold back his tears. It must have been hard on him, to keep it a secret. And Lieke felt like now they had a long way to go to get this regret out of him.
“Let's go home.” she said softly, as they started walking. Both a bit scared for what was yet to come.
The moment the door opened, Thomas looked up. Simon was standing behind Lieke and it almost felt like he was hiding himself, behind her small body. Thomas frowned immediately, and Lieke felt Simon grip her arm. She looked back and she noticed how scared he was.
A smile came upon Thomas his face and he stood up to kiss them both.
“Why are you back home early?” he asked Simon.
Lieke could've seen it coming, but she didn't know what to say. After all she wanted Simon to be the one to tell Thomas his secret. But that didn't make it any easier for her.
“Something happened. And I have to tell you something I've been keeping a secret for a long while.” he said, his voice hoarse.
Thomas looked at Lieke, who had walked over to the kitchen. She shrugged, a weak smile on her face.
“That.. doesn't sound good.” he said slowly, making Simon sigh.
“I'm not sure you will like me afterwards.” Simon admitted. “You might hate me.”
Thomas took a step back from Simon and Simons heart slowly broke. Lieke could see it on his face and she wanted to help him. But not yet.
She stood against the counter, as she watched everything happen. Her heart more hurt than it had ever been.

Simon watched as Thomas sat down on the couch. He followed him, but sat down on the sofa next to the couch. He sat down on the end of it, his body barely touching.
“I don't know how to start.” he said slowly. “But I guess I should say that I'm sorry for what I'm about to tell you.”
Thomas squinted his eyes at him and Simon quickly looked away.
“Ever since I graduated, I struggled finding a job. I never found one, a normal one that is.”
Thomas frowned, and it got heavier and heavier.
“Lieke found me tonight, where I work.”
He coughed, as he tried to overcome his fear. But he saw Thomas his face and he knew he was getting suspicious already.
“Where do you work, Simon?” he said slowly.
“I-I have been working as a stripper.” he whispered. He hang his head low, not wanting to get confronted by Thomas.
“What?” was the only thing Thomas said.
“A stripper.” he repeated, looking up at Thomas now.
Thomas turned around to Lieke, who still had nothing to comment.
“You have to understand, Thomas. The moment I got into the relationship with you guys, I stopped bringing the girls home. I did nothing, I only stripped.” he said desperately. “I tested myself, I was clean. I am clean.”
“That doesn't make it better, really.” Thomas said in a timid voice.
“No, it doesn't.” Simon agreed. “I'm sorry.”
“No,” Thomas said. “No, fuck that. You know how that makes me feel?”
Liekes eyes widened and it didn't matter how tall and old Simon was in that moment. His tears started flowing silently and even more than before.
“It makes me feel gross, Simon. It makes me feel like we had to share you, with god knows how many people!” he said, his voice getting louder with the second.
“You fucked around when we were not together, fine. I don't care.” he yelled. “But now you're still getting naked for those filthy ass people. I-”
He stopped talking, as he shook his head. His hands lifted up and Simons just stared at him as Thomas unlocked the necklace and threw it back to Simon. It fell on the ground and for Simon it felt like an earthquick happened.
“Thomas.” he whispered. “Please, I will do anything to make it up to you.”
“Try to be a better person first.” he mumbled, as he walked away.
“Fuck Thomas!” Simon yelled back now, as he stood up. And Lieke was following everything in pure fear. “I had no fucking choice.”
“You could've fucking told us, Simon! We could've helped you!” he yelled back, his finger raised at him.
“Oh, like it's such an easy thing to say! Telling someone you can't find a job anywhere.”
Simon was so angry, and he hated the tears falling down, but he couldn't hold himself in.
“You just started dating Lieke. You were so nice together. And I-” he bit his lip. “I was afraid you would send me away, because I couldn't pay the rent. I was fucking afraid Thomas.”

Simon looked at Thomas with so much fear in his eyes, that Lieke wasn't even sure what to do. She watched as Thomas left the room. And she didn't know how fast she needed to run to Simon to catch him in her arms.
“Simon, please, honey.” she whispered.
He cried his eyes out in her arms. She had never seen him this way and it scared her.
“I will talk to him, okay?” she mumbled against his cheek. “I will do everything in my power to make this right.”
“You don't have to..” he whispered.
“Look at me.” she said quietly. And he looked up, his eyes swollen and red. “I'm with you and I understand Thomas too. So we are going to find a way to make him understand. And we will find a way to make it better, okay?”
He nodded slowly.
“You have to wait here for now. Please tell me you will be okay..”
Simon bit his lip, but nodded again.

She let go of him and watched as he sat down on the couch, his hands in his hair as he stared at the ground. Lieke sighed and went after Thomas.
She found him in their bedroom. He looked confused and when she came closer, she saw he had cried.
“Are you gonna help him out now?” he murmured, making her eyes widen.
“Thomas, I'm not the one you need to be mad at right now.” she said immediately.
“I know, I'm sorry.” he sighed, as he beckoned her to come sit next to him.
She did as he said and their hands immediately intertwined.
“It's probably more painful for you.” Lieke whispered. “Because it feels like he's cheating on us, doesn't it?”
Thomas looked at her slowly, before he nodded.
“It really hurts. I trusted him.” he explained.
“I know, me too. But I think..” she licked her lips before she continued, trying to find the right words. “I think he really felt like he had no other choice. And he did think about us, in a way.”
Thomas looked down, trying to understand what she was saying.
“He stopped bringing those girls home. He made sure he didn't have any STD's. He tried atleast.”
“Aren't you mad?” Thomas wondered out loud.
“Mad, no. Sad, yes. He could've told us and he should've told us. But I made him quit and I promised him I would help him and I'm not going to give up on him now.”
“I don't get it. How are you so easy about this, Lieke?” Thomas said.
Lieke was glad he didn't back away from her. His hand was still in hers and he was holding it tightly.
“Because we all have our problems. And of course I'm really hurt by this. Imagine my face when I see him on that damn podium.” she sighed. “It was hell.”
Lieke looked at Thomas silently for a few seconds before she continued.
“But the moment I talked to him, he was so scared and he broke down in front of me.”
“I just don't know if I can forgive him yet.”
“That's your choice. And I can't decide that for you, Thomas. But the moment you left the room, I literally had to catch him. He's really, really scared to lose you.”
“Really?” he said.
Lieke smiled, as she kissed his hand and nodded.
“Of course he is. You've been nothing but good to him.”
Thomas smiled softly. Lieke pecked his lips and let her hand go through his hair.
“Listen, I know it's painful. I know it feels like cheating. But he never intended it that way. He started before we started dating and I guess he was too afraid to stop. But try to see it from his point of view.”
Thomas fell down and the bed and growned softly. Lieke turned sideways and looked at him silently.
“I'm trying. I really am.” he said.

At that moment the door opened and Simon came in. His eyes were even more swollen now and Lieke could see him breaking down any second.
“I'm.. I'm going to stay with a friend. I figured you don't want me here. Atleast not right now.” he said sadly.
“Simon..” Lieke sighed. She wanted to stand up, but she didn't want to leave Thomas either.
“No, I get it. I understand why Thomas is mad. I made a mistake in not telling you and now I fucked it up.”
Liekes eyes wondered over to Thomas the moment Simon stopped talking. She saw the tears in his eyes and she wanted to make him talk. But he didn't say anything. Not a single word.
“I will go now.” Simon said slowly, as if he tried to make time slow down.
He looked at Lieke one last time, a weak smile covering his face, before he turned around.
She felt tears falling down her cheeks and she realised that this might have been the last time she had been with Simon again.
But then she felt Thomas his hand disappear. She looked up, as she saw Thomas disappear behind the corner. She quickly followed him.

Thomas rounded the corner, the moment Simon had opened the frontdoor. He felt his breathing stagger and he really needed to calm down. But first he needed to catch Simon before he would leave.
“Wait!” he yelled, pushing the door close the moment he was next to Simon. The taller man looked down at him confused.
“I'm mad. And I'm confused. And I'm sad too.” Thomas said out of breath. “But I don't want you to go.”
Simon frowned at him.
“You can't go.” Thomas said again.
“I thought you wouldn't want to see me anymore.” he said slowly, his eyes flickering between him and Lieke, who had been watching from a distance.
“I never said that. I'm just hurt. I feel like I'm being cheated on. But I think that's unfair to you too.” Thomas said quietly.
“Don't you need time? Both of you.” Simon whispered, making Thomas his heart break. He realised Simon was really upset about all of this. And that was the moment he realised he couldn't let this man go. Even if what he did was wrong.
“No, I want you here.” Thomas said again.
“Are you su-”
But Simon couldn't finish his words, as Thomas lips clashed onto his. Simons breath got taken away and he fell down against the door, as he felt Thomas push him against it.
“Make it up to me.” Thomas said firm. “And to Lieke.”
“How?” Simon stuttered.
He looked over to Lieke, and he noticed the necklace dangling between her fingers.
“You love us, right?” he said slowly.
“Yes, yes of course I do. You two are literally the only good thing in my life right now.” he said, his voice still shaky.
“Then show us.”

And that's when it clicked and Simon couldn't possibly believe what he was hearing. But if that was the way to make it better, then that was what he was going to do.

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    And that's when it clicked and Simon couldn't possibly believe what he was hearing. But if that was the way to make it better, then that was what he was going to do.


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    “You love us, right?” he said slowly.
    “Yes, yes of course I do. You two are literally the only good thing in my life right now.” he said, his voice still shaky.
    “Then show us.”


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