Simon dropped down on his knees almost immediately. So fast that even Thomas was surprised. He looked down into Simons swollen eyes, and let his hand strike over his chin for a second. He was clean shaven and maybe that made it even more difficult for Thomas to resist him.
“Let me show you how much I love you.” Simon whispered, looking up at him.
Simons gaze didn't leave Thomas until he nodded slowly. And Thomas felt his whole body burn up. He was still a bit upset, but he had been seeing the pain in Simons eyes and he knew he was upset too. Yet, he still wanted him to pay in some way. And atleast this was a way that Simon probably wouldn't care much about.
He pushed his sweatpants over his ass, and Simon pushed it down further.
Thomas wasn't really aroused yet, even though Simon on his knees really had that effect on him anyway. He needed some help still, before he would be ready. But he figured Simon could work for it too.

He felt it, as Simon let his hands grip his boxershorts and pulled them down over his half erect cock. His hand immediately grabbed it and pumped two times before he looked up at Thomas again. The curly haired man was only looking down, his mouth open ajar as he stared at Simon out of breath.
“Keep going.” he murmured, his hand joining his as he picked up speed immediately.
Thomas kept looking down at Simon, as the latter continued on his own. He wasn't smiling, he wasn't giving in just yet. But he felt okay. Especially with his arousal burning in his stomach.
He finally looked back and noticed Lieke had sat down on the couch with the necklace still in her hand. She was looking at them, a bit tense.
Their eyes connected for a second and Thomas seemed to realise something.

“Stop.” he said immediately, making Simon stop in his tracks.
“Did I do something wrong?” he stuttered, his eyes widening again.
“No,” he smiled. He finally smiled, which made Simon smile too. He looked relieved.
“Stand up for a second, okay.” he said softly.
And Lieke was finally breathing out. She noticed Thomas his behaviour changed and that made her feel better too.
Simon immediately did as said. Maybe he was afraid to do something wrong. But it turned Thomas on more than expected.
Thomas was touching himself slowly, pumping every once in a while to get ready. But for a few seconds he stopped, as he let his hands wander to Simons neck.
Simon looked down at him now, but it still felt like Thomas was the bigger person.
“Lieke, come here.” Thomas said, not looking over to her at all. His eyes stayed focused and drowned into Simons blue ones.
Lieke lazily stood up, and curiously walked over to Thomas.
“Give me the necklace.”
Lieke probably had forgotten she was actually holding on to it. Because she looked down, before she handed it over. She stared as Thomas gave it to Simon.
“I shouldn't have reacted so quickly. But I was really upset.” he explained. “But I want you to put it on again, Simon.”
Simon tilted his head, which made Thomas heart break a little. He looked so small and young in that moment.
He gave the necklace to Simon, who put it in between his fingers and came closer to Thomas. Thomas hands lifted, so they could hold Simons hands.
The moment Simon looked away, his eyes connected with Lieke again who winked at him. He smiled, as his eyes fluttered down.
Thomas looked at Simon curiously, and he closed his eyes the moment they put the necklace back around his neck.
It fell down after they locked it, but Simons hands stayed in his neck. He slowly opened his eyes and noticed the longing look Simon had on his face.
“Can I kiss you..” he whispered. “Please. Then I will continue.”
Thomas laughed softly and nodded.
“But I have other plans for you.” he said, a smirk lifting up his face.
Simon opened his mouth, but decided not to comment on it anyway. He leaned forward and kissed Thomas. He kissed him so passionately, as he grinded his body against Thomas' almost erect cock. And he smiled the moment Thomas moaned in the kiss, knowing he was feeling it again.
“Stop.” Thomas said, struggling to actually speak out loud. “I want someone else to come first.”
“Oh.” Simon exclaimed.
As both their heads turned to Lieke at the same time. Her eyes widened, as she had been focused on their kiss. And even though she was turned on, she hadn't expected this at all. She had expected Thomas to get his fair share of orgasms tonight. She expected he'd be getting his anger out on Simon however he wanted to.
But apparently he wanted to wait. And that fucked her up totally.
“I- uh,” she stuttered. “Are we sure?”
“Simon has to wait. That's all I'm saying. And I think after all the healing you tried to do today, even though you were supposed to be out having fun, I think you deserve it.”
“I'm fine.” she whispered, even though she felt her legs getting closer. Maybe it was the fact Thomas was talking so easily, while his erection was growing bigger and bigger right in front of them. She sighed weakly, as she stared at it.
“Okay, maybe I'm not.”
“Then I suggest you take of your pants and sit down on the couch, my love.”

She immediately did as he said, as he turned his attention back to Simon. He was still looking at Thomas, almost scared he was going to do something wrong.
“Don't be scared.” Thomas said, as he grabbed Simons chin in his hand. “You're not leaving. I'm not going to break up with you.”
Simon breathed out shakily.
“What I am gonna do, is give Lieke the time of her life. And then I'm gonna fuck the hell out of you.” he said in a hoarse voice, making Simon nod rapidly.
“And then, afterwards, we are gonna talk.” Thomas added.
“Are we okay?” Simon muttered.
“Look at me.” Thomas said, making Simon look up. “Would I have gone after you if we hadn't been?”
Simon smiled weakly, but shook his head.
“But we do have to talk. But right now I'm too horny for talking.”
He smirked at Simon, giving a kiss on the side of his lips, before turning around and going over to Lieke. She had sat down on the couch, just liked he asked.
He went down on his knees, totally unexpected for both boys.
“Simon, how about you be a good boy and sit down pretty for us. On your knees.” Thomas smiled sweetly to him. They both watched as he sat down in front on the TV, as he looked longingly at the both of them. She immediately noticed the bulge and she wanted to tell him to undress himself, but she didn't. She wanted Thomas to take the lead.
She felt his thumb pushing into her thighs, opening her legs roughly.
Her mouth hang open ajar, knowing he was probably rock hard by now and he was going down on her anyway.
He came closer, and Lieke sat back to let him have his way fully. Her hands gripped his curls immediately, because that's how she liked it best.
His tongue moved over her folds, making her sigh relieved. She hadn't expected anything of this to happen, the moment she left home a few hours back.
He laughed at her, looking up with a twinkle in his eyes. She pulled his hair back, to look at him better. And she realised he'd be fully compliant for her, the moment she told him to do something.
“Unbutton your blouse, honey. I want you naked.” he said in a low voice, making her whine as his finger moved over clit.
She did what he said, slightly shaking as she felt his lips move all over her. Sucking on her skin as she tried not to drown in her moans.
With some struggle she managed to throw away the blouse, leaving her in only her bra. Thomas his hand moved up, grabbing her breast, pushing her bra down. She gazed over to Simon, who was watching them silently. He was breathing slowly, but he was so patient. And still, after all that happened, so beautiful.
Thomas hands found her nipple and she groaned, pushing her body against his face. He chuckled against her skin, making her body turn on even more.
“God, I'm not sure how long I can take this.” she moaned softly.
Which, she regretted the moment Thomas sat up straight.
“Damn it, Thomas.” she whined, as he placed his arms on her knees and pushed himself up to kiss her. Her juices mixing in their mouths.
“Don't worry, Simon and I will finish you off together.” he smirked, making her moan immediately.
Thomas laughed, knowing what that would do to her. He stood up, removing his shirt and throwing it away. Lieke stared at the necklace, which bounced of his skin as he turned around.
He helped her up, making her legs weak. He chuckled and she giggled, as she held onto Thomas for a few seconds.
“I'm happy you put it back on again.” she whispered in his ear. And when he looked back, he smiled knowingly.
“Thank you.” she whispered, before she stood down and walked over to Simon.
He was still sitting perfectly still and Lieke looked down at him. His hand rested behind his back and she let her hand flow through his blonde locks.
“Simon..” Thomas said, as Lieke felt his body push against her, making her close her eyes. She realised he had been holding himself in for so long.
“Yes.” he said.
“No touching yet. Only with your mouth.”
Lieke noticed Simon was watching Thomas, which meant he was only centimetres away from her head. She looked sideways, as she felt his curls against her skin.
“What are you going to do?” she smiled cheekily.
“I'm going to touch.” he replied, his eyebrows lifting up cheekily.

He clashed his lips with hers, as she felt Simons lips immediately going to work. She realised within in seconds how far gone she was again. And she hoped she could keep standing up. Thomas hands were lazily laying on her hips as they kissed, but the moment her moans intensified, his arms moved around her waist, keeping her steady.
One hand found solace in Simons hair. The other one leaned on Thomas his thigh as she tried not to lose control over herself. But it was so difficult, with Simon working it all on her, only with his tongue and sometimes with his lips.
“Are you feeling good?” Thomas whispered in her ear, making goosebumps disappear over her skin.
“Y-yes.” she stuttered, as she saw Simons blue eyes looking up at her.
“How good?” Thomas asked cheekily.
“Really good.” she whined, as Simons face came closer to her body.
“You're going to feel even better.” he muttered, before one hand left her stomach.
He was still strong enough to hold her, which she needed in that moment. But her body tensed up as she felt his hand move over her ass, further down in between her thighs and eventually, just before her entrance. He tickled softly, making her moan loudly.
She felt Simons tongue going through her folds, and her eyes wandered down to his arms, who were still holding onto each other behind his back.
Her feet were shaking heavily and she tried to stand on her tiptoes to give both boys a better angle. But her body was so weak, the moment Thomas finger entered, her legs almost gave out on her.
She held herself steady, as she pushed Simon back for just a few seconds. He looked at her with big eyes, making her moan softly.
“You're so gorgeous.” she whined, almost annoyed at how easily these boys could make her moan.
She pushed him back, before he could answer. And he smiled quietly, as he continued licking her folds, sucking on her skin. And then she felt Thomas second finger sliding into her.
“God yes, right there.” she screamed, as she felt them both hit the right spot at the right time.
She felt Thomas speed up his fingers. Pushing them angrily in and out of her. And she knew her body was overtaking her, as she fell back against Thomas. He laughed in her ear, making her whine. And the moment he pumped into her full, with Simon licking fastly over her clit, her orgasm came over. She muttered some curse words, as she felt how weak her legs were and as Thomas was holding her, she watched as Thomas and Simon kissed each other. Their kiss was rough and openmouthed, as if they were fighting for dominance. But the fact Simon was full of her juices, made her body tingle again.
Thomas stopped the kiss and sucked his own fingers clean, before he let his clean hand rise to her breast and squeezed it. She moaned softly, as her nipple was still sensitive. She felt Simons bulged up pants rubbing against her waist and the moment she stood steady, her hand rubbed over it, making him close his eyes.
In that same moment, she felt Thomas length against her ass, making her look back at him.
“You're so fucking hard.” she said. “We gotta take care of that little problem of yours.”
He breathed out, his eyes darker than normally.
“I want Simon.” he breathed out, which made her grin.
“Then I suggest we move this to the bedroom.” she said.
He nodded, but his hand didn't leave her body before he let it grind over her breasts again, making him smirk at her.
“Go, you dumbass.” she laughed, following them quietly.

Simon was ready for what Thomas wanted, which made Lieke happier than expected. She was happy he was still able to get turned on. Even after this night.
She stood behind Thomas, as her hand grabbed his cock, moving her hand lazily as they watched Simon get undressed.
“Oh, keep going.” Thomas said cheekily, as he turned around slightly and kissed her.
“I wish I could, but I should get some lube.” she smiled sweetly, before her hand left his cock and he whined softly.
“I hate you.” he mumbled, as she grabbed the lube from the bathroom.
She came back and placed some on her fingers. She figured her fingers wouldn't do as much as Thomas. But Simon liked the pain every once in a while.
She sat down next to him, and she let her hand strike over his hardened cock.
“God.” he muttered. She moved one finger right into his ass.
Partly because she knew both boys were close already.
He groaned loudly.
“More.” he grumbled, making Lieke add another finger. She pumped in and out slowly and she saw his eyes open again after a few second.
“More.” he said again. He looked at her and he smiled slowly.
She added another finger, and he moaned in extasy.
“God, yes, I think I can go.” he sighed. “I want Thomas to fuck me.”
Thomas piped up and bit his lip by his words. Simon saying it like this, made his body shiver.
Lieke sat back and smiled at Thomas.
“Don't hold back.” Simon said, as Lieke wandered over to his eyes. He meant it.
And Thomas did as he said.

He entered Simons body quicker than ever. He started pumping into Simon so hard, she knew Simon was holding onto the pillow for dear life. He was moaning his name, with whines in between them.
Thomas was moaning loudly. And Lieke could see all his anger and stress leaving his body. His eyes were closed, his body hang back and his mouth hang open.
“Faster, Delaney. Don't fucking hold back.” Simon stuttered.
And once again, Thomas listened. His pumps got so incredibly sloppy, but he was determined to finish and make Simon feel it.
“God, yes, Thomas!” Simon whined. Lieke noticed he was not enjoying himself as much as Thomas. But she understood what he was doing, so she let him be.
Thomas moaned loudly, as he fell over Simon and orgasmed inside of him. Simon produced a gutteral moan, before he came all over the bed.
He shivered, as Thomas flacid cock moved out of him and he fell down.
Lieke noticed how tired he was, so she quickly moved over to massage his sculp.
“You okay?” she asked, and Simon nodded immediately.
“We should take a shower soon though.” she muttered. “And maybe sleep in the other bed.”
She looked over at Thomas, who was calming down. He smiled cheekily and nodded.
“I think so too.” he then said.
“How about you go prepare the shower, so I can talk to Simon for a little bit?” he asked, making Lieke nod. She wanted all to be okay, so she would agree with this fully.

The moment Lieke had left the room, Simon turned around and sat down as much as he could. His eyes closed for a second, before he nodded and opened them again. Thomas sat down in between his legs.
Their hands intertwined quietly.
“I'm sorry.” Simon said again. “I stand by all that I said. I made a mistake, a huge one and I am willing to do anything you ask me to make it up to you.”
Thomas smiled at him, as he let his hand strike over his cheek.
“You know, the reason I got so mad is because I felt like you were cheating on us.” he started, biting the pain away inside his mouth.
“And I felt like it happened all over again.”
He shook his head and took a deep breath.
“And it makes it harder that it wasn't only me you hurted. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for Lieke to see you there. I don't want her to hurt or to get hurt by someone who doesn't care about her.”
“I do care.” Simon interrupted him quickly.
“I know.” he said quietly. “And it was Lieke again who made me realise that. You had your reasons and I still stand by the fact you didn't handle it well. There are lots of other options and we would've helped you immediately if you told us.”
Simon looked down shamefully.
“I will forgive you though.”
Simon immediately looked up.
“You do?”
“Yes, I do. But this is the only time.”
Simon nodded immediately.
“Good.” Thomas smiled, embracing Simon in a hug. And Simon was so relieved, he started crying again.
“You have a lot of tears left.” Thomas mumbled against his neck, making Simon chuckle in his tears.
“I don't know where they keep coming from.” he answered.
Thomas cupped Simons face and looked at him for a few seconds. There were a thousand words spoken, without a single word said. And Thomas kissed him slowly, making Simon fall in love with him even more.
“Let's go join Lieke now.” Thomas said, as their foreheads touched.
“Yeah, I will try my best. You went hard.” Simon laughed.
Thomas snorted and smirked at him.
“I'm not sorry about that.” he laughed, as he stood up.
He helped Simon stand up and after a few seconds, he regained his strength. And he followed Thomas to the shower.

The moment Simon and Thomas cuddled into bed together, they were still talking about the fact Lieke had been acting like a mother after the shower the whole time. She had dried and dressed both her men. Simon mostly, because he still couldn't stand properly. And Thomas because he was too lazily to do it himself. Even though they were only wearing underwear.
She had tried to put on a shir t for herself, but Thomas kept pushing it back.
“I'm not going to sleep naked!” she had yelled at him, making him run away quickly. Laughing hard while doing so. She looked up at Simon, who laughed softly.
“Can I slap him?” she asked, making Simon chuckle.
“You have my permission to do that whenever you want.” he said.
He was leaning against the sink. And since Thomas wasn't coming back, she walked up to him and stood between his legs.
“You okay?” she asked, a bit more serious now.
She studied his face as he nodded.
“Yeah, he forgave me.” he said. “I think it's going to be a bit hard for me though. I still feel.. gross most of the time. And I feel like the worst boyfriend ever at the moment.”
“Did you enjoy what we did tonight?” she asked him quietly.
“I enjoyed how much you guys enjoyed it.”
Liekes eyes dropped and she smiled weakly at him.
“Next time it's all of us again, okay?” she spoke to him, striking a strand of hair out of his face.
“I will try.” he said, making her sigh.
“Just remember that we still love you. Everything will be okay.”
“Thomas too?”
She smiled, this time more confident than ever.
“Thomas too, honey, I'm sure.”
This seemed to calm him down a bit, and she quietly stood on her tiptoes to peck his lips.
“Let's get some rest. And tomorrow we will start finding other jobs, alright?”
“Thank you, again.”
Lieke grabbed his hand and intertwined his fingers with hers, before she shrugged.
“That's what I do for the people I love.”

She felt his smile all the way back to their bed. Thomas had changed the pillows and had layed down on the side he used to lay. Far before they started dating.
“Are you still wearing your shirt?” Thomas asked grumpy.
“First of all, it's not mine. It's yours. Second of all, yes I am.”
Thomas smirked.
“Then I suggest you give it back to me.” he smirked.
Simon had sat down on the other side of the bed as he watched them.
Thomas had opened his arms and beckoned for Simon to join him. He immediately cuddled up to him and Lieke watched Thomas his moves. Once Simon settled down on his chest, Thomas looked up at Lieke and winked at her. Making her heart beat faster.
This really, really meant he was okay. And that made her smile happily.
“I'm not going to give it back.” she murmured.
“Can I interest you in a deal?” he smirked. Simon looked up curiously.
“You sleep naked and I'll go down on you tomorrow morning.”
“You are the worst morning person ever.” she replied.
“And that's why you should be happy I am willing to do that.” he smirked.
She groaned, because after all she couldn't resist that pleasure. She pulled his shirt over her head and let it fell down.
“So much better.” he grinned.
Lieke jumped on the bed and slapped his chest, making him laugh out loud.

She kissed Simon goodnight, before she did Thomas and she turned her back to them once she was finished.
“You laying okay?” Thomas asked.
“Yeah, it's good like this.” she smiled.
He had put his arm around her, so he could let his hand rest on her arm. She kissed it, to make sure he knew she was okay.
She was about to close her eyes, when she felt his hand move up to her breasts and left it there.
She shook her head and laughed softly.
“You want to sleep like this all night, honey?”
“I really do.” Thomas admitted and she could actually hear the shyness in his voice.
“Alright.” she giggled, putting one arm under his and holding him close to her.
“Goodnight.” she whispered, already falling asleep.
“Goodnight.” Simon mumbled, just as sleepily.
“I love you guys.” Thomas said slowly. “Through thick and thin.”

And Lieke knew he meant it. She hoped Simon did too.

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  • Kjelaney

    She figured her fingers wouldn't do as much as Thomas.


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  • Kjelaney

    He breathed out, his eyes darker than normally.
    “I want Simon.” he breathed out, which made her grin.


    1 maand geleden
  • Kjelaney

    She muttered some curse words, as she felt how weak her legs were and as Thomas was holding her, she watched as Thomas and Simon kissed each other. Their kiss was rough and openmouthed, as if they were fighting for dominance. But the fact Simon was full of her juices, made her body tingle again.


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  • Kjelaney

    He looked at her with big eyes, making her moan softly.
    “You're so gorgeous.” she whined,


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  • Kjelaney

    He was still strong enough to hold her, which she needed in that moment. But her body tensed up as she felt his hand move over her ass, further down in between her thighs and eventually, just before her entrance. He tickled softly, making her moan loudly.
    She felt Simons tongue going through her folds, and her eyes wandered down to his arms, who were still holding onto each other behind his back.


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