The next morning Lieke woke up with an angry feeling in her stomach. Her eyes opened slowly, getting used to the sunlight, before she realised what was actually going on. She gasped, as she pushed her hand in front of her mouth.
She immediately felt a moan coming up, but she had to be quiet.
Simon was still asleep next to her.
He had come closer in his sleep, since Thomas wasn't there anymore. His forehead was resting against her shoulder.
And she would have found it cute, if it wasn't for Thomas being in between her legs right now.
She slowly shook her head, as Thomas looked up. He was his usual cheeky self and if it didn't feel so good, she would have pushed him off the bed immediately.
She immediately realised how wet she was and she wondered how long Thomas had been going down on her. One thing was for sure, he wasn't one to give up on his deals. But she hadn't expected to wake up like this either.
He placed a finger in front of his mouth, making sure she stayed quiet. And she rolled her eyes.
There was something very exciting about staying quiet with Simon next to her.
She placed her head back against her pillow and carressed over Simons ribs with her free hand. He sighed softly, making her smile.

Thomas lowered down again, and she looked at him as much as she could. But as his tongue, his mouth and his fingers did their work, it was very difficult to focus on him and not moan out loud.
She looked up at the ceiling as she felt Thomas speeding up. His lips sucking on her skin more than ever before. He was doing it on purpose and she hated how much pleasure he got out of it.
She placed her hand on her mouth again, and her moan turned into a squeel.
“God, Thomas.” she whispered. “This ain't funny.”
He looked up and stared at her. His fingers pumped into her without looking away and she bit her lip.
Thomas came up to her. He kissed her slowly, and her body froze as his thumb connected with her clit, while his fingers were still moving in and out of her.
“I can't hold it much longer.” she whispered against his lips. She looked down at Simon, who was luckily still asleep.
“Kiss me and let go.” Thomas muttered against her lips.
His thumb started working harder. He circled around her clit, rubbing it rapidly.
Her body froze not a few seconds later, she moaned into Thomas mouth and let herself go. Thomas held her close and he kissed her through her orgasm.
And she smiled against his lips, once her body relaxed again.

“Goodmorning.” she whispered, making him laugh cheekily.
“You're awfully awake for this time.” she said softly.
“It's actually already eleven and I have to be at work around twelve. So I will clean myself up and then I'm off.”
She pouted, making him smile lovingly.
“I'll be back at seven, alright?” he said. “You're free today right?”
She nodded.
“Gotta do some work with this one here.” she smiled, looking down at Simon again.
“Ah yes, good. Well, I hope time goes fast, because I'd love to be home with you guys today.”
She kissed his lips, trying to hold onto him a little longer and make him a little happier.
“Time will go fast, trust me.” she said quietly.
“I hope so.” he said in all honesty.
“Just call me when you need a break, okay?”
He nodded, kissing her lovingly, before he stood up. He smiled sadly, making her heart drop a little.
“We need to change the sheets too today.” Thomas noticed, as he looked over at the other bed.
Lieke giggled, letting her hand go through Simons blonde locks.
“Yes, we do. We will take care of it, don't worry.”
Thomas gazed over Simon for a second, before he nodded and grabbed his stuff.
“I love you, Thomas.”
He turned around before he left the room. A smile so beautiful appeared on his face and her heart fluttered again.
“I love you too, Lieke.” he whispered.
She watched as he disappeared and sighed. It was never fun to see one of her boys go to work, but she really had to get used to it. It wouldn't change anytime soon.

She turned around, feeling Simons strong arms moving around her. She squeeled, realising he wasn't awake, but was holding onto her really closely. His head moved to her breasts and she quietly looked down at him.
He sighed happily, as he continued his sleep.
Her hand stroked through his hair still, and she loved how care free he was in that moment.

She noticed time had gone by quickly. And as much as she wanted to let Simon sleep, she realised it was already almost one o'clock and they needed to begin the job search. Lieke herself hadn't slept anymore. Her body was still experiencing the arousal she had missed waking up.
But it was okay to lay with Simon in her arms. Having him close and safe next to her really felt good right now.
She didn't want him to go back to that place ever. And she was sure he wouldn't.
She kissed the top of his hair, before he looked up and opened his eyes slowly. He looked really tired, and Lieke suddenly wondered how his ass was feeling right now.
“Morning, beautiful.” she smiled.
He smiled up tiredly and pouted his lips, something she was used to with Thomas. But not with Simon. And that made her smile. She pecked his lips, as her thumb grazed his cheek.
“How did you sleep?” she asked quietly.
She watched as he moved himself up a little, so they were laying eye to eye. His leg curled around hers and he lrested his hand rest on her waist.
“Good.” he mumbled sleepily.
His eyes were barely open, but he was staring into Liekes eyes with all he had in him. She felt goosebumps going over her body. As she wasn't used to this much attention from Simon. Of course did they have their intimate times and they were really close. But it was the way he looked at her right now, that made her nervous. Like she was being with a crush she had been in love with for forever. And well, maybe she was. But she knew Simon and she loved Simon. So this nervousness made her heart beat faster.
“How is your body?” she asked slowly, to distract herself from his eyes. She looked down, circling with her finger over his chest.
He wiggled a little, before he laughed.
“Okay, I think.”
She giggled, making him smile brightly.
“And your mind?” she asked then, looking back into his eyes.
“It's okay. It's easier with you than with Thomas. Atleast right now.” he admitted. “I need to get over that feeling that you dislike me. Because it's holding me back.”
She noticed his mood had changed within seconds and she quickly pulled him in for a hug.
“You shouldn't hold back.” she muttered in his hair.
“I feel gross.” he whispered.
“Honey, you aren't. You aren't gross.” she whispered weakly.
“I feel like I messed everything up anyway.” he cried softly.
Lieke layed back down and grabbed his cheeks in between her hands.
“I love you, Simon. And I will do anything I can do to make you understand that again, alright.”
He smiled weakly, as she wiped away his tears.
“So first..” she smiled. “We are going to take a shower. Second, I am gonna change the sheets of the bed.”
Her heart warmed when he smiled.
“And then we are gonna search for the perfect job for you.”
Simon answered by locking his lips on hers and kissing her softly. She felt he was holding back a little, so she pushed him closer. Their bodies touching now. He stopped their kiss for a second, as he looked at her.
“Kiss me, honey.” she smiled, and he did.
Their kiss roughened and Lieke was glad he could still lose himself in their kisses when he was encouraged to.

About twenty minutes later, Lieke was heating up the shower. She was walking around, grabbing clothes for Simon and her and some other things they needed. Simon was still in bed, waking up properly.
Lieke noticed his phone on the kitchen table and it lit up the moment she walked by it.
She noticed it was Thomas name on the screen. And she could read the three words he had send Simon.
“Hey Simon.” she said happily, as she grabbed his phone and walked back to the bedroom.
“Yeah?” he said, looking up at her curiously.
“You got a text.” she said excited.
She walked over to Thomas his closet and grabbed her favorite shampoo. Which of course was his.
When she turned around she saw Simons smile widening, tears appearing in his eyes.
“Did you ask him to send me this?” Simon asked.
She quickly shook her head.
“No, I would never ask him something like that. He did this himself, love.” she said.
She looked at the words again. I love you.
It was a simple text, but so important for Simon right now. And without realising Lieke had started crying too.
“We love you, Simon. We really do.” she stuttered.
He stared at the screen and smiled through his tears.
“I don't deserve this.” he said quietly.
“You do. You do, Simon.” Lieke said quickly.
He put away his phone and burried his arms around Liekes body. Holding her close, as they cried softly.
“We need you.” Lieke whispered, her face burried in his neck.
“I need you too.” he replied quietly.
“Then let's do this together, please Simon.”
He looked up, into her teary eyes and nodded.
“Okay.” he said, smiling through his tears. “Together.”

Lieke quickly took Simon to the shower. She had helped him out of his underwear, since he was still more in pain than they thought. It made them laugh as he leaned against the wall and let the water fall over him. He let his hands go over his face, wiping away all the tears.
“Do you want Thomas or your own shampoo?” Lieke asked, as she held up both bottles.
“My shampoo, his bodywash.” he suggested.
Luckily for him, Thomas his body wash was still in the bathroom. So she grabbed it from the sink and opened it.
“I was wondering. You studied law right?” she asked, as she started rubbing his skin. She started at his chest, to work her way down. But she wasn't exactly hurrying up.
“Yes. I really want to be an lawyer. But I couldn't find a job..”
“Maybe that has changed now.” she smiled. “That'd be amazing.”
Her hands lowered down to his hips. And she felt his fingers move up her chin. She looked up at him, her mouth open, as he stared at her.
“I'm sorry.” he laughed freely.
He locked some strands of hair behind her ear and bit his lip.
“Sorry for what?” she said softly.
“I just needed to look at you for a second.”
She smiled shyly, shaking her head.
“Can't I look at you?” he laughed, making her body burn up.
“You can always look at me, honey.” she smiled, as she squatted down to wash his legs.
She knew he was looking at her and she tried not to think about it too much. But it was very difficult with a man looking this pretty right in front of her.
“I just think you're very pretty.” he continued.
“Simon!” she laughed, as she moved up again.
He was smiling so heavenly, that she couldn't help but kiss him. His hands moved down to her ass, as he pulled her closer.
“You are though.” Simon muttered against her lips. She rolled her eyes.
“Stop it.” she said, her cheeks burning up a little.
“Let's do your hair before you make me feel like a teenage girl in love all over again.”
He chuckled, as he kissed her again.

Lieke washed Simons hair silently. He was still holding onto her waist, while he was pushing kisses onto her shoulder.
It was good to be in each others presence. So when they did the same routine with Lieke after she finished with Simon. They couldn't stop holding each other.
Even when Lieke tried to dry Simon, he still had his arms around her. Which didn't work at all. He was already much longer, but with her hanging off his body, she could barely reach most of the places. But he didn't seem to mind, so Lieke didn't either.
It only took them way too long. So when they started searching for jobs, it was already around five.
She had put on Simons favorite hoodie, and he himself was only wearing sweatpants. His hair was still a bit wet, and he liked to shake his head every once in a while. Making Lieke groan at him.
Lieke had changed the bedsheets and the covers as Simon watched. A little grin on his face. Knowing it was all his doing.
Eventually she had sat down at the kitchentable. And once Simon joined, she had sat down against his chest. He had put his arm around her immediately. And it was resting on her stomach as they scrolled through multiple sites.
They wrote down some emails, which they would mail later. And found some other jobs he could expand to if there was really nothing else possible.

Simon and Lieke were both satisfied with what they had found. Especially one lawyers office very close by. That'd definitely be Simons dream place.
She noticed his mood had lightened, as he was humming a song softly and stroking over her stomach with his hand. She closed her eyes for a bit, just listening to him. And butterflies woke up in her body the moment she felt his lips putting a kiss on her head.
“Are you feeling better now?” she asked, clearly showing that she cared too.
“Yes.” he muttered, his lips still touching her skin.
“Me too.” she smiled.
She tilted her head up. And once she connected with Simons eyes, she kissed his lips.
“Gotta admit, babe.” she smiled cheekily. “If this all works out, you're going to be one sexy lawyer.”
She heard him chuckle softly.
“Which made me realise I never saw you in a suit.” she realised. “And Thomas neither.”
She felt his body shake against hers and she knew he was laughing.
“Yeah, we should change that.” she giggled, grabbing his hand and kissing it.
“First I just want the job.” he laughed softly.
“I want that for you too. That's the most important thing right now...”
“But?” Simon laughed.
“But second is definitely you in a suit.” she giggled.
She smiled safely, as she felt Simon pull her closer to him. And she turned as much sideways as she could, as she lay against his chest.
His left hand had found the laptop and he was scrolling through a site that was still opened. Lieke closed her eyes and focused on his calm heartbeat. His hand was still carressing her stomach and her waist. And she felt his lips place a kiss on her every once in a while.
“Don't fall asleep, sweetheart. Thomas will be home soon.” Simon muttered softly.
“I know, but you make me feel so calm.” she admitted.
Luckily Simon couldn't see the blush on her cheeks the moment she had said that.
“I'm glad.” he replied. “But if you're so tired, maybe we should go to sleep early tonight.”
Lieke chuckled tiredly and nodded against his chest.
“Yeah, maybe we do.”

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  • Kjelaney


    5 dagen geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “I'm glad.” he replied. “But if you're so tired, maybe we should go to sleep early tonight.”
    Lieke chuckled tiredly and nodded against his chest.
    “Yeah, maybe we do.”


    5 dagen geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “Don't fall asleep, sweetheart. Thomas will be home soon.” Simon muttered softly.
    “I know, but you make me feel so calm.” she admitted.


    5 dagen geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “But second is definitely you in a suit.” she giggled.
    She smiled safely, as she felt Simon pull her closer to him. And she turned as much sideways as she could, as she lay against his chest.


    5 dagen geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “Which made me realise I never saw you in a suit.” she realised. “And Thomas neither.”


    5 dagen geleden

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