Lieke and Thomas had decided to order two pizza's, which they could share the moment Simon would come home.
Lieke had already stole a slice and was eating it silently, as they watched a random thing on TV. Both Thomas and Lieke immediately looked up when the door opened. A big smile moving over their faces as Simon came walking in.
“Goodevening, you beautiful human being.” Lieke said excitingly, making Simon raise an eyebrow.
He laughed as he put down his bag and hang his jacket on the coat rack, before he walked over to the couch. He leaned over them, making him look even bigger than normal, and gave them both a kiss.
“I'm going to take a quick shower.” he said softly. He seemed to be in a good mood and that made Lieke smile.
She held up her slice and he took off a bite without questioning what it was.
“Oh, hm, good choice.” he laughed, before he stood up and walked away.
Both Lieke and Thomas watched as he left the room.
“Do you think he forgot?” Thomas asked, also stealing a bite.
She shook her head slowly. “If he did I will make him remember.”
Thomas laughed, making a tut sound at her.
She smiled sweetly, a little too sweetly to Thomas his liking.
“Hey, he didn't notice your outfit.” he noticed.
Liekes eyes widened.
“Okay, he either is used to it by now, or he just didn't notice. Let's see, maybe he can rip his own clothes off my body then.” she said, and she saw the smirk on Thomas face already appear.
“Let's take the pizza with us.” he said, as he grabbed the pizzabox and stood up.
“To where?” Lieke giggled.
“I'm gonna eat the pizza while I watch Simon take his shower.”
Lieke snorted, holding him back.
“You serious?” she laughed.
He wiggled his eyebrows, before he took her with him.

As expected, the door wasn't closed and the moment Thomas opened the door, Liekes breath was taken away. She had seen him shower enough times. But never this relaxed. He was standing with his hands in his hair, enjoying the water fall on his face and he definitely hadn't noticed that the door had opened. He was softly humming a song and Lieke looked at Thomas, who certainly felt the same as she did at that moment.
Thomas slowly grabbed another pizza slice and took a bite without saying anything, making her chuckle.
“Is the view nice?” Simon suddenly said, turning around with a smile on his face.
“You know the answer to that.” Thomas said, his mouth stuffed with pizza.
Lieke shook her head, with a laugh on her face.
“Hey!” Simon suddenly said, a smirk appearing on his face. “That's a very good look.”
Lieke smiled brightly.
“I went to the cinema like this, you like it?”
She had texted Simon that they were going there, because she didn't want to keep it a secret. And luckily he loved the idea.
“I do, you look sexy in my clothes.” he grinned.
He had turned around and Lieke her eyes focused on Thomas, who was shamelessly checking him out while taking another bite off the pizza.
“Thomas.” she said slowly.
“Hm..” he said, not really paying attention.
“Babe, you're staring. Like, way too much.”
He looked up at her and smiled heavenly.
“He's my man, why shouldn't I?” he smirked, pecking her lips, before he walked away.
When Lieke looked back to Simon, his smile was possibly the biggest she had ever seen. And she smiled softly at him.
He turned off the shower and Lieke grabbed a towel for him. She moved closer and without asking she started drying his hair.
“I haven't forgotten our deal, by the way.” he muttered, as his eyes appeared from under the towel.
She scrunched her nose, drowning in his gorgeous eyes.
“Only if you're not too tired.”
“I'm never too tired for you.” he smiled. “Especially not after seeing you like this.”
He looked her up and down, before he pulled her closer.
“Nooo, Simon!” she laughed, getting wet all over.
“As if you weren't going to be naked in like ten minutes.” he laughed, kissing her shortly.
“Guys, hurry up!” Thomas whined, from what sounded like the bed room.
Simon and Lieke laughed softly.
“Let's make a bet. He's now laying on the bed, the pizza box next to him, while he's eating it all by himself.” Lieke laughed.
It wasn't that funny, but the way Simon looked at her, like she just told the funniest joke, made her heart beat so fast that she held her breath.
“What if you win?” he mumbled, staring at her.
“Then, I get what I was already getting.” she winked, making him smile. “But let me see.”
He let go of her and quickly dried himself, while she walked over to the bed room.
She laughed as she saw Thomas in that exact position.
“Yep, I win.” she laughed, making Thomas look up.
“You know, me and Simon can also be alone tonight. You can go make out with your pizza.” she smirked.
“Oh, shut up.” Thomas laughed.
She wanted to turn around, but her body got claimed by Simons big hands and she gasped. She felt how his own cap got moved from her head and she looked around as he put it on himself. His hands found the hem of her shirt after, and Thomas watched with big eyes, as Simons pulled her shirt over her head from behind her.
“Keep going.” he said out of breath, putting away the pizza box and taking a big sip of water before he layed back down.
“What do you want to go first?” Simon asked cheekily to Thomas.
“Her bra.” he said, just as cheekily.
Lieke felt like she was being played with, but she didn't care much about it. She wasn't insecure about her body, especially not with them. So she let Simon do what he wanted to do. After all, she knew what she would get a few minutes later and she couldn't wait for that to happen.
Simon unclipped her bra and she shivered as a breeze went over her body. She watched as her bra fell down, but she hummed happily as Simons hands found her breasts and squeezed them.
“Have you told Simon what you did to me today in the cinema?” Thomas asked sweetly, making Lieke look up mischieviously.
“I did not, Thomas.” she answered, as she put her arms behind her back and pushed Simon closer. He moaned, as she felt his cock pressing against her back.
“Then you should tell me.” Simon whispered in her ear.
She really wanted to tell him, but the moment she opened her mouth, his middlefingers moved to her nipples and a loud moan escaped her mouth.
“Simon.” she whined. She stopped his hands, making him chuckle. His face was still close to her ear and it made her shiver.
“I can't tell you what I did, if you're making me moan the whole time.” she said.
She let go of his hands again, opening her pants a little. Thomas eyes wandered down, making her smile.
Simons hands still hadn't left her breasts, but he wasn't moving atleast.
“So, uh..” she started, as she finally felt his hands lower to her pants. “I wanted to watch this movie, right.”
“Hmhm.” Simon hummed sweetly, as she squatted down, making her step out of her pants.
“But of course he got horny again.” she continued, as she felt his hands move towards her stomach. She looked down but continued. “So, I gave him a little handjob.”
“Don't lie.” Thomas laughed.
A evil smirk moved over her face.
“She started with a handjob. But she fucking blowed me right there and then.” he laughed, still in disbelief.
She immediately felt Simons cock pressed against her body, and she sighed contently.
“You're a bad girl, aren't you?” he whispered into her, making her whine.
“I just like to please my men.” she answered, as she felt his hand slide down her panties.
“Oh my god-” she sighed, as she bit down on her lip. She raised her hands, pleasuring herself by touching her nipples. She hang back against Simons body, her head against his chest and with the moans escaping her mouth, she knew Thomas was looking at her more than ever now.
“That's-” Simon started.
“Hot.” Thomas ended his sentence. “I want to see her naked.”
Lieke smirked, opening her eyes and looking down at Thomas. He had moved a little, but he wasn't touching himself yet.
Simon lowered down again, to pull down her panties. She stood straight, but her hands didn't leave her body.
“Keep going.” Thomas muttered out of breath.
She immediately rubbed her nipples again, making herself go wet. It was so easy, it wasn't even a surprise anymore.
The satisfying smile on Thomas his face, as he layed back against the headboard and undid himself from his pants, made her head spin. And that turned even worse, when she felt Simons hand cup her again.
“You're so wet already.” he sighed content.
She whined softly, she desperately needed more. She had been waiting for this all day.
“Get on your knees for her.”
Simon looked up, and she watched him as his eyes locked with Thomas. She rubbed her thighs together, making Simon look at her again. She smiled innocently at him, but he knew better.
He kissed her passionately, leaving her out of breath, before he went down on his knees. She braced herself against the wall, even though she wished it was Thomas she was holding onto. But she didn't want to deny him watching like this. She knew he loved that.
She threw away Simons cap, so she could hold onto his locks if she needed to. But judging by how turned on she was, she knew she needed it.
He moved closer, the tip of his tongue touching her softly. Thomas looked at her, which made her feel even better.
“I think you need to hold her still, honey.” Thomas muttered, and not two seconds later, two big strong arms curled around her legs. Simon looked up, a grin on his face.
“I've been waiting for this all day.” he smiled, before he pushed his mouth onto her skin. She whined loudly, as her legs shuddered.
It was in that moment that Thomas had pulled his underwear down to his ankles and started touching himself freely.
“God you look hot.” she whined, making both boys look up. Her cheeks reddened.
“You both do.” she moaned.
She noticed with every touch of Simons lips, and every moan that left her mouth, Thomas started moving faster around his cock. And she knew he wouldn't be able to keep this up for long.
Her hand found solace in Simons wet locks and pulled him closer to her body. He hummed contently, making her moan again. He sucked on her clit, making her body feel like it was going to explode.
She whined softly, as his lips left. But his tongue stayed and licked through her folds.
“You taste like heaven, love.” Simon muttered, looking up from under his eyelashes and licking his lips clean.
“Simon, please.” she whined. “I want to come. I need it.”
“Oh,” he smirked slowly, his finger entering without any warning. “You need it.”
She nodded heavily, not even denying it anymore.
“And Thomas too.”
Simons eyes widened, as he looked back for a second, realising how far gone Thomas was in that moment.
“God, that is hot.” he groaned, before he went back to what he was doing.
Liekes hips buckled heavily. And she knew it would be any second now.
He added a second finger, pumping in and out of her fastly, as he licked over her clit rapidly.
“Oh-” she whined. “Oh yes.”
Before she could warn Simon, she released herself. And Thomas hadn't been wrong. The one arm that was still wrapped around her leg, made sure she kept standing straight. Her hands balanced on his shoulder as she cried out from pleasure. Simon kept his tongue going. And she looked up at Thomas, who just in that moment, released himself all over his own body. Her mouth watered, and she bit her lip as she looked at him.
“Let me clean that up for you.” she muttered out of breath.
Thomas, who had his curls plastered against his forehead, nodded slowly. Still lazily pumping his own cock.
Lieke sat down in front of Simon and kissed him deeply. His mouth was still covered in her juices and he was definitely out of breath, but the kiss was to die for. And she could never stop kissing him like this.
“You've been waiting so long, I think me and Thomas can help you out in a minute.”
Simon stared at her with puppy eyes, making her heart melt.
“Please.” he said softly, making her smile.
“I would love to.” she grinned, making him smile in return.
She kissed him again, before she went over to Thomas. She crawled onto the bed, over his legs and let her tongue clean up all his load on his stomach.

“Hell.” Thomas said surprised, grabbing her cheeks in his hands the moment she was done. “I thought you were just going to wipe it off with a towel or something. But this is a hundred times better.”
She smirked knowingly, as their lips connected. And as Lieke realised that she was tasting all kinds of different flavours, she moaned in their kiss.
“I think you need a second round.” Thomas whispered sultry.
Lieke nodded slowly, as she looked over at Simon.
“I think so too.” she moaned, making Thomas laugh cheekily.
She turned around onto her back and Simon, who had stood up in the meantime looked down at her.
Thomas had turned himself slightly and was sliding his fingers through her folds, licking himself clean every once in a while. She felt herself getting aroused again, or it just never really left. But seeing him use her like that and loving it, was really something else.
“I think she's ready for you again.” Thomas smirked at Simon.
And he didn't have to say that twice, as his body quickly moved over Lieke and kissed her.
“Really?” he mumbled, breathing slowly.
“Here's your proof.” Thomas giggled, showing his wettened fingers.
His eyes widened, as he took Thomas his fingers in his mouth and sucked them clean, making Lieke roll her eyes back.
“Fuck me all you want, honey.” Lieke said sweetly. “I will lay prettily for you.”
“You're a lucky man, Simon Kjær.” Thomas sighed, laying back down, not inches away from Lieke.
And Simon thought Thomas was definitely right.

He let his fingers go through her folds himself, making her moan softly. One finger pushed into her, but he knew well enough she didn't need that.
She raised her arms, so she could hang onto the headboard. Her muscles showed, making both Simon and Thomas stare at her.
“Can I touch her in the meantime.” Thomas muttered, making Simon smirk.
That was enough for Thomas to know. His hand moved to her stomach, circling over it. He waited for Simon to start, as he positioned himself, looking down over Liekes body as he did so. She breathed in slowly, as Simon pumped into her. She moaned freely, making Simon moan in too. Her fingers turned white holding onto the headboard and that only got worse the moment Thomas fingers roamed over to her nipple, pinching it softly.
She closed her eyes, overwhelmed by her feelings.
She felt Simon pumping into her rapidly, moaning shamelessly. He really had waited all day for this. She felt so good and she gazed over Simons face, who was enjoying himself a lot.
She smirked up at him, opening her mouth a little.
Her whole body moved with Simon, which made her whine in pleasure.
Thomas lips found her neck, making her moan loudly.
She looked into Simons eyes, seeing a familiar look. Almost evil, as he came closer. He didn't stop moving, but grabbed Thomas chin, cutting off his sucking. Lieke looked at Simon, who was holding onto his body with only one hand on the bed. The muscles showing in his arms, making her mouth water. She focused on her boys, who started making out furiously. It was such a sexy kiss and Lieke felt herself getting closer and closer.
She moved closer to Simon, her lips pushing onto his ear.
“I want you to come while you're kissing Thomas, can you do that for me?” she whispered into his ear, making him stop the kiss for a second.
“Whatever you want.” he smirked, before getting back into the kiss.
He started moving sloppier, but she figured he was close now. Kissing Thomas while being inside of Lieke did things to him, and Lieke knew that.
It took him only a few seconds, before a gutteral moan left his mouth right into Thomas his mouth. And he came, shuddering softly.
She looked up, getting ready to stop. But she noticed Simon hadn't stopped moving and she was so close now.
Thomas hand wandered of to her clit, he started rubbing it fastly. And the feeling of them both being all over her, made her whine loudly.
“Almost.” she whispered out of breath, making Simon pick up speed. Which surprised her, knowing he wasn't hard anymore. But it did his work and with Thomas hand adding up to his speed, she slowly released herself. An almost unaudible moan leaving her mouth, but nonetheless sexy for both men. They watched her, as she opened her eyes fully again and smiled at them. Simon moved closer to kiss her, before he moved out of her.
She let go of the headboard and watched as Simon layed down on top of her stomach. She smiled lovingly, as her hands found his blonde locks and stroked them. Thomas added his hand to the bunch and Simon smiled up, twinkles showing in his eyes.
Thomas head was next to hers and she calmed down by his slow breathing.
“Hey guys.” she mumbled tiredly.
“Yes, sweetheart.” Simon immediately said, his blue eyes looking up. He with his chin on her stomach now, his arms curled around her waist.
She checked if Thomas wasn't asleep before she started to talk again.
“I found a hotel a few days ago.” she started, making them peak their interest.
“Where we can be open and happy together.”
Simons eyes widened. Maybe it meant the most to him, since in the end he was still their secret.
“Tell us more, love.” Thomas murmured, his hand going over Simons cheek as he did so.
“Well, it's in America. And it's a hotel for couples like us. I found it online and it looks really good.”
Her cheeks had reddened. She was a bit afraid they wouldn't like it, but as she looked at Simon, she realised it was the opposite.
“And if we can arrange it. If you guys want to, of course. I was thinking to go in about a month. It's getting colder here, but it's summer there.”
She turned her head to look at Thomas, who was just looking at her with a smile on his face.
“Can we afford it?” Simon asked softly.
They both turned back to him and Lieke nodded slowly.
“I think we can. I have saved some money atleast.” she said softly. “And if you guys can't afford it, I can put some more in.”
She shrugged shyly.
“This would be the best thing for us. So I don't mind spending some more money.”
“Okay.” Simon murmured.
“You sure?” Thomas asked, brushing through Simons hair with his hand. Lieke hands had lowered to his cheeks and he smiled.
“Yeah, I'd love that.” he smiled. “But I do want to pay too. I hope I can.”
Lieke noticed the sadness appear in his eyes.
“Of course you can. Whatever you can. You will get your first paycheck soon enough.” she winked.
She opened her arms and he climbed higher up her body. She pecked his lips, as she looked into his big eyes.
“It's not about the money, Simon.” Thomas added.
Simon looked over to Thomas.
“It's about our love. And there we can be together freely.”
Lieke nodded.
“And so we can show you off.” she joked, making him chuckle.
“Alright, okay. I'm in.”
Lieke smiled happily, as she looked at Thomas.
“Me too, of course.” Thomas smiled brightly, kissing her jaw.
“Good, that makes me really happy. Hopefully our bosses will be okay with it too.” she smiled, as she kissed the top of Simons head. He had layed down on her chest now. And eventhough Lieke felt like she was being crushed, she couldn't bare to let him leave.
“He's falling asleep.” Thomas giggled, the most loving smile ever one his face.
“I'm not.” Simon protested.
“Yes you are. But you have the best pillow ever. I would too.” Thomas grinned, making Lieke roll her eyes.
“Get your horny thoughts away from me, Delaney.” she laughed, making him giggle even more.
He grabbed the covers and put it over their bodies. Thomas placed his head in the crook of her neck and sighed relieved.
“Lieke, you know you're the best right.” he then said quietly
“Well,” she laughed. “You guys have said it a couple of times.”
Thomas chuckled, placing a little kiss in her neck.
“Are you gonna fall asleep too, sunshine?” she asked quietly.
“I'm afraid so.” he murmured, yawning.
“It's okay.” she smiled.
“You will survive with Simon on top of you?”
“Hey!” Simon protested, even though he couldn't even open his eyes for it.
“You've done it before too. So, don't worry. I will be okay.”
She placed her hand in Simons hair, before she layed her head back.
“Sleep well, my little sunshines.” she whispered.
“Big sunshines.” Thomas mumbled half sleep, making her giggle.
“Alright.” she whispered, kisses his head softly.
“Goodnight big sunshines.”

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  • Kjelaney


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  • Kjelaney

    She placed her hand in Simons hair, before she layed her head back.
    “Sleep well, my little sunshines.” she whispered.
    “Big sunshines.” Thomas mumbled half sleep, making her giggle.
    “Alright.” she whispered, kisses his head softly.
    “Goodnight big sunshines.”


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  • Kjelaney

    “You will survive with Simon on top of you?”


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  • Kjelaney

    Thomas chuckled, placing a little kiss in her neck.
    “Are you gonna fall asleep too, sunshine?” she asked quietly.


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  • Kjelaney

    “Yes you are. But you have the best pillow ever. I would too.” Thomas grinned, making Lieke roll her eyes.
    “Get your horny thoughts away from me, Delaney.” she laughed, making him giggle even more.


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