Lieke woke up by the mumbling noises next to her. She slowly opened her eyes, not wanting to wake up already. But the moment she did, she immediately felt a hand caressing her hair. On instinct she moved closer again, feeling a kiss on her head and she smiled, looking into Simons ocean, blue eyes. She pushed the covers closer to her chin, as she listened to Thomas his raspy voice. She realised he and Simon must have been awake for a while.
She looked up at their curly haired man and saw he was resting his chin on his arms as he talked to Simon. The latter was still laying in the same position, while he basically agreed with everything Thomas said. Simons hand was still roaming through his curls and Lieke could see how much Thomas liked that. He was so relaxed, it made her relaxed too.
“Do you have any ideas what we could do today?” Simon asked him.
“I believe it's going to be a hot day. So I was thinking to go to the beach. And if we want to stay inside, we could check out the gamehall.”
“Gamehall?” Simon said surprised.
“Yes.” Thomas chuckled. “I saw it yesterday on a flyer when I went back to my room.”
“Oh, that's cool. We could do both. We have all day.” Simon said and Lieke could hear the happiness in his voice.
“Are you in for it too?” Simon asked Lieke, making Thomas look down at her.
“Hey, goodmorning beautiful.” Thomas said, not realising she already had been awake.
“Goodmorning, sunshine.” she smiled, letting her hand go over his cheek for a second. “And, yes I'm in.”
Thomas smiled, happy how they agreed with his plans.
“But I do need a shower first.” Lieke yawned, wanting to get up. But Simon held her close, his arm curling around her body.
“I want to lay a little longer.” he pouted, making her smile brightly.
“We can.” she muttered, before she kissed him.
She felt a pair of hazel brown eyes looking at her, so she heatened the kiss a little, making him groan softly.
She felt Simon smile against her lips, knowing exactly what she was playing at. She felt Thomas move closer to her and his hand pushed away her lips from Simon, as he fell over her and pulled her on top of him. She squeeled, as his lips found hers. She giggled against his lips, as she kissed him back playfully.
“Aren't you a jealous little man..” she whispered.
“Maybe I am. I won't deny it.” he smirked, making Simon laugh next to them.
They both looked over, realising they had stolen all the covers from him, so he was laying naked on the bed now. His right leg was curled up, so you could basically see everything that was happening between his legs.
One hand was laying on his stomach, as the other was underneath his head. His muscles showing off beautifully on his tattoed skin.
She felt Thomas mumble something against her neck, as he started kissing her. She bit her lip, not taking her eyes of of Simon.
Simon had been staring at her too, a smirk on his face and an eyebrow pulled up as he looked at her. She was so shamelessly staring, it surprised her he hadn't covered himself just yet.
Thomas had stopped moving, making her look down again. That's when she noticed the hickeys in his neck. Around six different spots where to be seen and Lieke her eyes widened. She didn't expect to love it so much. To claim her man in this way.
“You look gorgeous with those hickeys all over you.” she said, touching one of them curiously.
He groaned, his head falling back onto the bed.
“How many are there?” he mumbled, shaking his head.
Lieke snorted.
“Six.” she said quickly, making him look up surprised.
“Fuck.” he muttered.
“What?” Simon spoke up. “They look gorgeous on you.”
“Most of them are hidden underneath your curls anyway.” Lieke promised him, making him look at her a bit more relieved.
She kissed them one by one and he closed his eyes, enjoying her touch.
“Alright. I think I like it anyway.” he giggled, as he opened his eyes again.
Lieke raised her eyebrows confused.
“Means I'm yours and yours only.” he chuckled, looking over to Simon.
“That you really are.” Lieke agreed.
Thomas hummed contently, as he pecked her lips.
“You wanted to shower right?” Thomas asked.
“You want to join me?” she asked.
He nodded. He smiled as his hands roamed over to her ass and pulled her closer to his body. She took a deep breath, as she felt his arousal against her body.
“I would love to join.” he smirked.
“Also if we're just going to shower?” she joked.
“Hm,” he pouted. “Yeah.”
Lieke laughed, shaking her head.
“How about you, babe?”
She looked over to Simon again, who nodded.
“Yeah, sure. I could use a shower.” he smiled.
Thomas let go of her, as she stood up. She helped him up, before she walked to the other side and bend over to kiss Simon slowly. He reacted eagerly and Lieke had to hold herself up, otherwise he would pull her down again.
“Can I tell you something?” she muttered against his lips.
He nodded, breathing heavily. He sat up straight and looked at her.
She watched as Thomas moved to the bathroom, before she locked her eyes with Simon again.
“I don't know if you want to hear it, but I think you should.” she smiled, sitting on top of his lap. She noticed his cock was getting interested, which was definitely a good thing.
“Tell me?” he smiled back.
“You look really beautiful.” she said slowly. “And I feel like you've been gaining a lot of confidence these last days with us. Not getting ashamed when I comment on it and little things like that. And that makes me really happy.”
“Thank you.” he said quietly. “I've been working on it.”
“I know, I can definitely see that.” she said happily, stroking his cheeks.
“Can I have a hug from you?” he asked softly, kissing her nose.
She moved closer, a little too fast, as Simon lost his balance and they fell down on the bed together.
He laughed against her shoulder, making her laugh too.
“I'm still so happy you helped me out.” he said softly, making her cheeks burn red.
“I wouldn't want anything else.” she smiled.

“Hey lovebirds! Or you still gonna join me or what?” Thomas yelled from the bathroom.
Simon laughed loudly, as he sat up with Lieke still on top of him. He pushed himself of the bed, holding Lieke up easily. She laughed, as she realised what he was doing and held onto his neck for safety.
He carried her to the bathroom and it was the first time Lieke really had a good look at it. She had been in there quickly, but she realised only now how big it was. It contained a shower and a bathtub and Thomas had been making the bathtub ready to go. In her opinion he definitely made the right choice. She needed some relaxing, even though she knew both Thomas and Simon wanted something else.
The mirror that was on the opposite of the room, was huge and Lieke couldn't help but think about the naughty things they could do in front of it.
“We are here.” Simon said sweetly, making Thomas roll his eyes.
He sat down in the bathtub, his legs wide and Simon moved closer to him. He hold out his arms for Lieke, making them laugh.
“I feel like a baby.” she snickered.
“Our baby.” Simon joked as they lowered her against Thomas his body.
She immediately relaxed as the warm water touched her skin. She moved closer against Thomas his chest and rested her head against his collarbone. His hands found her waist and she smiled to herself.
She watched as Simon joined them. His long legs manouvring their way underneath Thomas his legs.
The moment he relaxed, both Thomas and Liekes body tensed up.
He had his eyes closed, but he knew what was happening. He knew he looked good.
“Every single time.” he muttered, making Thomas laugh.
“I'm sorry, sweetheart.” Lieke laughed.
Simon laughed sweetly at her, as he opened his eyes again and moved forward. He placed his hands on her knees and they stared at each other for a little while.
“It's okay, I was joking.” he told her, his thumbs caressing her knees silently.

Eventually Thomas hands had moved up over her shoulder, as he was holding them together in front of her chest. Lieke had been laying with her eyes closed against his chest and it surprised her she hadn't fallen asleep again.
Thomas was humming a song, resting his chin on top of her head, as he watched Simon wash his own hair.
“Thomas?” Lieke asked slowly. He hummed, making sure he was listening.
“What exactly made you turn on like this?”
She chuckled, as she opened her eyes and looked sideways at him.
“Nothing.” he giggled, his cheeks slightly turning red. “I'm not turned on.”
Lieke laughed wholeheardedly and kissed his jaw.
“Then it definitely feels like it.”
She felt his hand open up in front of her, as they found her breasts easily. She gazed at him, knowing fully well what he was doing to her.
She moved up eagerly, as she kissed him sloppily. His touch unlocked something inside of her and she hated it.
She really had wanted to contain herself. But she couldn't.
His fingers grazed over nipples and she moaned in their kiss. Her lips stuttering against his.
“I think Simon needs your help.” he whispered against her lips, as his eyes gazed over to Simon.
She followed his eyes and gasped at her sight. Her hands clasped around Thomas his neck as she moved up against him.
Simon had his big hand curled around his shaft and was touching himself. His cock was leaking pre-cum already as it moved up just above the water. He had arched his body back, his mouth was open as he looked at them.
“What about you?” Lieke kissed his temple.
“If you suck him off, I'd have the perfect view.” he smiled evilish. “I might come all over your back.”
Lieke groaned, as she let go of him and moved over on her knees, closer to Simon.
Simon had been listening to their conversation and his eyes hard turned a darker shade of blue the moment Liekes hand joined his around his cock. They moved together, as her thumb moved over his tip. He moaned loudly, meaning he was already building up to his orgasm.
“Let me do the work.” she smiled lovingly, as he looked down at her. He nodded, licking his lips.
She moved down immediately. Her face just above the water, as he moved up for her. He pulled his legs up so he could hold himself standing. She immediately moved down, his cock filling her mouth. He grumbled underneath her touch. One of her hands was leaning on his knee and the other was moving up and down rapidly.
She moved up surprised, almost choking, as she felt Thomas his cock going through her folds. He moved his cock against her ass, making her whine around Simons dick.
“Faster.” Simon groaned, making her look up. He looked really tense and he had trouble staying up. His hips buckled up a few times, but Lieke pushed him back down slowly. Her tongue worked a way around his shaft, as her hand speed up.
The moment she heard Thomas' gutteral moan and felt his cock twitch against her back, she moaned loudly. His cum landed on her back and she moved her back against his flacid cock, making him moan again.
All the sounds and Lieke bobbing up and down on Simons cock, made him whine so badly, as he emptied inside Liekes mouth. She choked, trying to swallow everything, but she felt his cum dripping down her chin. His thumb whiped it away, as he moved his thumb into her mouth. She sucked on it happily, as she felt Thomas his hands pulling her back onto him.
She pouted at Simon, making him laugh.
“We should really go and do something..” Lieke laughed softly.
“That sounds like a plan.” Simon laughed, as he stood up and left the bath.
“Don't you need to release?” Thomas whispered into her ear. She turned around, seeing the red blush on his cheek.
“You're sweet, but no. I'm okay, honey.”
He nodded at her, his eyes a little bigger than normal.
“But I would love another kiss.”
Thomas immediately granted her wish, as he softly pushed his lips onto her. They shared a slow passionate kiss, as Liekes hand rested underneath his chin.
Once they were out of breath, Lieke stood up. She noticed Simon had already dried himself, as a towel was hanging around his hips. He held out his hands for her to hold onto, as she got out of the bathtub too.
He wrapped her in another towel, and watched him do the same with Thomas.
They quickly dried themselves and changed into other clothes, before they left to go to the gamehall.

Thomas had been excited to go the hall. He loved to play games. He always had been competitive and Lieke and Simon knew that. He loved to show off his skills to them, when he got the chance.
He entered the hall, before Lieke and Simon could get in. They were holding hands as they watched Thomas walk up to one of the games.
“We definitely have to try the basketball court!” he said happily. “Simon is very good!”
“Oh really?” Lieke said surprised, looking up at Simon. He smiled bashfully, making her beam.
“His hidden secret.” Thomas laughed, as he walked over to a pinball slot.
He grabbed some money and started playing, all his problems leaving his mind as he did so. She felt the two others joining him as they watched. They were humming impressed sounds as he showed of his skills, making him feel good.
“If you keep going like this, we will leave with one of those huge stuffed animals.” Lieke laughed, making him chuckle.

It took him about ten minutes to end his round, which was incredibly long for getting three balls. Simon kissed him proudly, making Thomas beam even more. It was cute to see him being so happy, Lieke thought.
“Now it's time for Simon to shine.” he said, pushing the taller man towards the basketballcourt.
“Don't put so much pressure on it.” Simon groaned, as he took some money from Thomas. The court started beaming lights and Simon got ready.
Thomas put his arm around Liekes shoulder, as she focused on the blonde man. He started of slowly, to get into it. To her great surprise, he was actually good. Not missing one ball, as he started to go faster and faster.
“Okay wow.” she laughed, looking up at Thomas.
He smiled proudly.
“Told you he's good.” he said, squeezing her arm.
“Shut up.” Simon chuckled, as he continued quickly.

Lieke was counting the tickets in her hand, once Simon was done. And Thomas gazed at her focused look. His hand blindly found Simons, who had been standing rather close to him.
“Is there anything you are good at?” Simon asked Lieke.
She shrugged.
“I would love to do that dancefloor game.” she giggled, pointing behind her. “But not alone.”
Thomas laughed lovingly at her, as he checked for Simon who shook his head quickly.
“I will join you. But you know I'm not the best dancer.” Thomas then said.
Lieke raised an eyebrow.
“Okay, not the best in this kind of choreographed dances then.” he corrected himself.
“Me neither, but it's fun to do.”
He heard Simon chuckle, as Thomas pulled him with him.
He really felt like a little kid, which made him feel good. They were all having fun and that's what was what made this so enjoyable. And for Lieke he would do this too.
They stood on the platform and looked at each other. Thomas shook his head, laughing at her.
“Ready?” he asked.
“Born ready.” Lieke laughed.
It was too funny to look at and Thomas was sure Simon thought so too. He couldn't hold his laughter. And he knew they probably were messing it up totally, but Thomas kept going.
He would love to get atleast a little reward out of this.
And he was sure Lieke was actually doing better than him.
“Go Lieke!” Simon yelled at her, making Thomas snort.
“And Thomas, but he's a lost cause.” he added, making Thomas laugh even harder.
“You want to take my place?” Thomas asked, making Simon shut up.

They finished and together they had a good amount of tickets in the end. Meaning they actually didn't do that bad.
Thomas and Simon spend a little more time doing their favorite things as Lieke watched.
And her heart beamed when they came back with a medium sized stuffed animal.
“We could get a big one, but we knew we couldn't take it back home.” Thomas laughed, giving it to her.
It was a little bear, with a heart in his hands.
“You two are way too cute.” she smiled, giving them both a kiss.
“What did you do with the rest of the tickets?” she asked curiously, as they started walking back.
“Simon wanted some gum.” Thomas laughed, as Simon just threw it in his mouth. “And the rest I saved for when I'm bored.”
“Bored? With us?” she said, fake hurted by his words.
Thomas laughed, chasing her down the halls, with Simon following them with a smile on his face.

Lieke had put the bear on the left nightstand, before they left for the beach. Simon and Thomas hadn't even bothered to put a shirt on. While she was wearing one of Simons shirt, which hid her bikini well enough for now. Her hair was in a loose bun and Simon put his cap on backwards making her drool over him once again.
Once they entered the beach, it was busier than expected. Luckily it wasn't so big and there were still three chairs available. Lieke layed down in the middle, having both guys next to her. She immediately grabbed her sunscream and her towel. The second one, she layed down chair, before she ordered Simon to turn around. She sat down on his ass, making him squeel. Thomas laughed, putting his sunglasses on his head as he crossed his legs.
Lieke stared at his tattoos. She could do it all day and it wouldn't get boring. But as Simon pushed his body up to let her focus, she quickly started rubbing the sunscream over his back and his shoulder.

“Thomas, you should turn around already. I'll do you next.”
Thomas nodded, as he turned around on his chair. He put his sunglasses next to him as he yawned, making her smile softly.
“Don't fall asleep just yet.” she said quickly, making him giggle.
“I will try.” he answered.
She turned her focus back to Simon, who wiggled underneath her.
“Stay still for a minute.” she laughed making him turn around.
“Or what?” he smirked.
“Or you'll get punished.” she joked, making him wiggle even more.
She slapped his back, making him laugh out loud, before she stood up.
“Where are you going?” he pouted.
“Your back is done, so I'll do Thomas now.” she explained.
“And what about my front.” he grinned.
“You can do that yourself. You can do my back when I'm done, though?” she offered, making him nod.
“Of course.”
Lieke turned to Thomas and sat down on him.
“Oh hey, honey.” he laughed, as he felt her come closer, rubbing the suncream over his back too.
“Are you going to sleep, sunshine?” she asked, massaging his shoulders a little.
“I'm tempted, but I want to be with you.” he said shyly.
She bit her lip, biting back her smile.
“I can lay with you for a little while, I think Simon will take a nap too after he's done with my back.
“Oh, really? You'd do that for me?” he smiled happily.
“Of course,” she laughed. “Don't act surprised.”
“I want to go swimming after.” he said.
“Okay.” she smiled, moving closer to press a kiss on his cheek.
“I'm done with you too. I will be back soon, okay. Don't fall asleep yet.”
He laughed, a beautiful laugh, before Lieke stood up and layed down on her own chair. Simon, who she thought had fallen asleep already, was with her within seconds.
She giggled, as he sat down on her legs, and she sighed as she felt his hands on her body.
“Where's the suncream, babe?” he asked, before she held it up.
He quickly put some on his hands, before he started rubbing her back. She closed her eyes, enjoying his strong hands on her skin.
“Was this your job in another lifetime? You have to do this more often.” she muttered.
She heard him laugh, but he didn't answer.
“You're really good.” she kept going.
“Well, thank you.” he chuckled, kissing her neck softly.
She smiled happily.

It didn't take long for them all to be fully protected from the sun. Simon had moved over to Liekes chair, so he could be a bit closer. He didn't mind Thomas laying with Lieke. He was planning on sleeping too.
Lieke cuddled up to Thomas and felt his head rest in her neck. She had grabbed her book, which she was planning to read and opened it, before she started caressing Thomas his curls. He hummed approvingly, making her beam.
She placed a kiss into his curls, before she slowly but surely felt his breathing get slower.
She grabbed Thomas his sunglasses, which she had forgotten herself and put them on. Simon who was still awake, laughed softly at her.
“You should keep them.” he smiled.
“Yeah, do they look good on me?” she asked.
“Perfect.” he smiled.
Lieke shook her head, her head full of good thoughts. But most of all, full of love for both him and Thomas.
“Don't flex your muscles too much though, Siem. Otherwise I have to fight all the ladies and men who thirst for your body.”
He snorted, making her whole body shake in return.
“I will try.” he giggled.
“You know what, don't. You're sexy like this. I might just stare at you myself while you sleep.”
“That's creepy.” he laughed.
“It is, isn't it?” she laughed, holding out her hand for him to grab it. He placed a kiss on it, before he layed back and pulled his cap over his head.
“I hope you get some rest.” Lieke said lovingly.
“I'm sure I will.” he answered, giving her a air kiss.
She smiled, her heart bursting of love as she tried to focus on her book.
But really, all she could think about was the love she had been receiving since she had been together with them. And there was nothing else in this world she would rather want than to be with them. And to show them how much she loved them.
She was sure they knew, as her mind went back to the bear on her nightstand. And she quickly placed another kiss on Thomas his curls before she sighed.
“I love you guys.” she muttered.
She knew they couldn't hear them anymore. But it was good to let it out. She meant it, and that wouldn't stop any time soon.

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  • Kjelaney

    But really, all she could think about was the love she had been receiving since she had been together with them. And there was nothing else in this world she would rather want than to be with them. And to show them how much she loved them.
    She was sure they knew, as her mind went back to the bear on her nightstand. And she quickly placed another kiss on Thomas his curls before she sighed.
    “I love you guys.” she muttered.
    She knew they couldn't hear them anymore. But it was good to let it out. She meant it, and that wouldn't stop any time soon.


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  • Kjelaney

    e placed a kiss on it, before he layed back and pulled his cap over his head.
    “I hope you get some rest.” Lieke said lovingly.
    “I'm sure I will.” he answered, giving her a air kiss.


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  • Kjelaney

    “Don't flex your muscles too much though, Siem. Otherwise I have to fight all the ladies and men who thirst for your body.”
    He snorted, making her whole body shake in return.
    “I will try.” he giggled.
    “You know what, don't. You're sexy like this. I might just stare at you myself while you sleep.”
    “That's creepy.” he laughed.


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  • Kjelaney

    “You should keep them.” he smiled.
    “Yeah, do they look good on me?” she asked.
    “Perfect.” he smiled.


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