Thomas and Gabriëla had hosted another one of their famous parties. One they usually gave when everybody was back in Denmark. It became sort of a tradition to invite the boys and Lieke over. And now that they qualified for the Worldcup too, there was even more to celebrate.
Thomas and Gabriëla had been dating for three years now, after they met at one of Thomas his games, and had moved in together pretty quickly in Germany. A year later they bought a house together in Denmark and that's where Gabriëla stayed when Thomas had his games in Denmark again.

It became a tradition to come to their house. Whether it was the whole crew or just a few boys. And this time the latter would be the case. Jens, Joakim, Jannik, Andreas, Kasper and Simon had all accepted to come. Lieke, Gabriëla's best friend, would be coming too and that was the whole point of this evening.
Lieke had been crushing on Simon for a while now. And Thomas and Gabriëla were the only ones who knew. Thomas, as cheeky as he was, had been teasing her a lot. And Gabriëla had told her to make her move multiple times.
She was sure Simon was crushing on Lieke too, but they were both just to shy to make a move. But Lieke never believed her, even after Thomas told her Simon asked about her on different times and different days. It just didn't make much sense to Lieke and you never made a move because of it.
They had decided together, that they'd make sure she and Simon got together tonight. No matter what it took.
They had planned to make it a lazy evening. With some drinks, a movie and maybe a game of spin the bottle. It sounded childish, but with a little alcohol in thier bodies, Gabriëla was always surprised to see what would happen between those guys. Or, for that matter, her.
She loved how jealous Thomas could get over a short kiss with a teammate. As if he didn't kiss somebody else just right after. She knew he would take it out on her later in the evening. And she didn't mind that a single second.
She loved the relationship she had build with him and she wished Lieke the same, preferably with the blonde God she was crushing on.

“Everything ready?” Thomas smiled, taking Gabriëla in his arms. She nodded, smiling excitingly.
“I think the first car is coming through.” she said.
“I wonder if Lieke is coming alone tonight..” Thomas laughed.
“If she is, she can leave her car here and leave with someone else.” Gabriëla wiggled her eyebrows, making Thomas laugh.
“If they don't atleast kiss properly tonight I will confess their feelings for them.” he rolled his eyes, making Gabriëla laugh out loud.
The doorbell rang, just as Thomas pecked her lips and let her go. She stayed where she was, hanging against the kitchencounter. The living room was open and they had a cooking island, which also seemed a bit like a bar. They loved to hang out there, before they would go over to the couch to relax.
She watched the door, that divided the living room from the entrance and her mouth basically dropped when she saw Lieke walking in right after Simon.
“Goodevening.” she smiled, eyeing Lieke, who had a visible blush on her cheeks. She frowned confused at Lieke, as she hugged Simon. She then embraced her best friend.
“Did you come together with him, or did you time it right?” she whispered.
She noticed Simon and Thomas had moved over to the couch already. Thomas had grabbed a beer for them and they were excitingly talking about something Gabriëla couldn't really understand.
“Uh, so..” Lieke laughed shyly. She regained her focus immediately. “He texted me if he needed to come pick me up. He wasn't planning on drinking much, so he could drive me home if I didn't want to drive myself.”
Her smile got bigger and yet more shy with the second and she couldn't even look Gabriëla in the eyes.
“And you still haven't told him about your feelings?” she whispered.
Lieke shook her head, as she gazed over at the blonde man. He had turned around and looked at her for a second, a smile lighting up his face.
“Real tragic love story this.” Gabriëla chuckled, as she heard a knock on the door.
Meaning Jens had arrived, because that man didn't know how a doorbell worked apparently.
“Grab something for yourself, whatever you want okay.”
Lieke nodded, feeling like home in this house anyway.
Gabriëla walked up to the door, greeting Jens and watched as Jannik and Kasper arrived too. It had been cold these days and she was glad she didn't have to go to a match today. She went to every game she could go too.
“You're pretty fast today.” Gabriëla noticed, making Kasper laugh.
“It's always AC and Joakim who are late, though.” Jannick commented, giving her a hug.
He had a point there.

Twenty minutes later they had all arrived. They had moved back to the kitchen. Simon, Kasper, Jannik and Joakim had sat down on the barstools. Gabriëla was standing in between Thomas his arms, while his hands leaned against the counter, leaning over her a bit. She had a beer in her hand, which they shared. Gabriëla wasn't much of a drinker, which was good after a big party and lots to clean up.
Jens was standing next to them, talking to Andreas who was listening to him intently.
Lieke had settled herself between Simon and Kasper. She was leaning with her arm on Kaspers shoulder.
She and Kasper had always felt a bit like brother and sister. He was always there for Lieke, something she was very grateful for. But she didn't even tell him about her feelings. She was too afraid something would happen. And kind of regretted telling Thomas lately too.
The groups got divided into a conversation. Mostly about the game they had played, the qualifier they won and celebrated loudly. It had been an amazing night, so it was logical.
But as Thomas was laughing loudly with Joakim on his left, Gabriëla focused her eyes once again on Lieke and Simon. They both seemed a bit quiet today. Her eyes locked with Simon and she smiled.
“You okay?” she asked, making Lieke perk up behind him.
“Yeah.” he laughed.
“Been some tiring days. The press, the interviews.”
“Being a captain is a hard job, isn't it?” she joked, making him roll his eyes.
“You know what I mean, dumbass.” he laughed.
“Hey, keep your mouth shut about my girlfriend.” Thomas suddenly said.
“Thomas, please.” she laughed, pushing him back a little.
She shook her head with a smile on her face and watched as Kasper got Simons attention. Which meant Lieke got into the conversation as well.

Lieke felt her feet getting heavier with the minute. She didn't mind to stand for a little while, but she had worked the whole day and now she was feeling it in her legs. She kept moving around and Simon had definitely noticed.
He was listening to Kasper, but his eyes wondered off to Lieke a few times.
Her heart started beating faster, as his hand landed on her waist and he pulled her closer.
“What?” she asked nervously.
“Come sit down.” he smiled.
“Where?” she asked confused.
He patted his lap, making her smile shyly.
She pushed herself up, feeling his hand carry her a little and tried to hide her face the moment she sat down. She didn't know where to look. She definitely didn't want to focus on Thomas right now. So she looked back at Kasper, trying to remain calm. He smiled comfortingly, which made her calm down a bit. She felt Simons arm wrap around her waist as he sipped from his water. She put her arm around his shoulder to get some grip. But she didn't know what to do. Simon had never been so close and she liked it a lot, but she was also trying not to freak out.
“I've gotta go take a wee now. Watch my beer for me, please.” Kasper said, making Lieke laugh.
“You think Jannik is gonna drug you or something?” she chuckled.
“You never know.” he smirked, making her laugh softly.
Once he left and the rest of the room was busy in conversation, Lieke turned to Simon slightly. She looked into his eyes, just for a second, before she looked away again.
“Thank you for letting me sit down.” she smiled.
“I figured you had a long day.” he chuckled, making her nod slowly.
“Just tell me if I need to bring you home, okay?” he suddenly said, making her heart warm. The fact he wanted to leave at any second, if she wanted to, made her feel amazing.
“Sure, but I'm good.”
His smile grew wider.
“Then I'm good too.”
She wasn't sure what to say to that, so she didn't say anything. Her eyes had been gazing at his and she could feel her cheeks burn up.
She got saved by Thomas who started yelling and she groaned as she heard the words slip over his lips.
“Let's play spin the bottle.”
Simon laughed softly, resting his forehead on her shoulder.
“Every single time I hope to come here and get over this game. Every single time, we just do it again.”
Lieke giggled, stroking his back. He was right and unfortunately, her bottle never landed on him.
“So you know how every team member kisses now.” she smirked, making him laugh.
“I haven't kissed Thomas yet.” he shrugged.
“I think Gabriëla will kill you.”
“Well, sadly for her, there are no exceptions made.”
Lieke laughed wholeheardedly, before she turned around to face the table. It was one thing to play spin the bottle, but it was worse sitting on Simons lap, as his arms wrapped around her waist and his chin landed on her shoulder.
“So if it lands here, it's just going to be you every time.” he said, a little too close to her ear.
She shivered, trying to control her thoughts. She felt him caress her softly, as he probably thought she was cold. But she wasn't, she was burning up.
“Okay, who wants to go first.” Gabriëla said, she had moved next to Thomas to make the game a little more exciting. Lieke and Simon had decided that if the bottle leaned to the left she would be chosen and the right would be his side.
“I will go.” Jens said, moving over the counter, spinning the bottle. It landed. And his eyes locked with Joakim.
Sometimes the boys loved to make a joke out of it. Jumping into each others arms as they kissed, being way too overdramatic or, getting into it way too much. Jens was one of those guys. But with the bit more laid-back and shy Joakim, he didn't want to do that.
He walked over to Joakim, cupped his face and kissed him softly. Lieke watched them, actually being impressed with how much they loved it. Her eyes locked with Gabriëla, who wiggled her eyebrows.
“Someone stop them, they will go on forever.” Jannik laughed, making Joakim groan, before Jens stopped the kiss.
“I'm an exceptional good kisser, Jannik. And you should know that.” Jens smirked, as they had kissed a few times before.
Joakim blushed, as he shook his head.
Gabriëla quickly grabbed the bottle, trying to get the attention away from Joakim and it started spinning again. She never realised this could turn out so incredibly bad. But it did, as the bottle landed right on Lieke and Simon. But just, a bit more to their right. She closed her eyes for a second, partly because she saw the look on Liekes face. But also because she felt Thomas grip tighten around her waist.
“I will come to you.” Simon said slowly.
“No exceptions, huh.” Lieke muttered to Simon. She smiled, even though her body didn't smile with her.
She sat down on the chair, feeling cold already.
Simon moved over to Gabriëla.
“You sure?” he whispered. She nodded shortly. His thumb and indexfinger found her chin, as he softly kissed her. The kiss was short, but sweet and Gabriëla hated it. She knew it meant nothing for the both of them, but how could she tell Lieke that. Or Thomas, for that matter.
She turned to Thomas, as Simon made his way back, pushing him closer. He looked at her with a smile on his face, but she noticed his eyes had darkened a little.
Simon stood back, behind Lieke. His hands landed on his shoulders and she knew he was standing close by. She just didn't dare to look at him right now.
“Okay, next up?” Thomas asked. His eyes focused on Lieke.
She realised that once she had her turn, the chance she would get picked again would be slim. So she decided to go for it, grabbing the bottle and spinning it around. It landed, slowly but surely, right in front of Andreas.
He was rather cute and if Lieke hadn't been falling for Simon, she could've definitely made a move on that man. And maybe that made it worse for a second. She felt Simons grip tighten, making her look up confused.
He made way for her, acting innocent, and she walked over to Andreas. He was so tall, especially next to her. And even when she stood on her tippytoes, she had trouble reaching him. She realised this would basically mean the same if she would kiss Simon.
She kissed him, longer than expected. And he was a pretty good kisser, she liked his lips. Maybe it was a bit weird she was imagining Simon the whole time. And maybe that's why she didn't stop so quickly. Once she did stop, Gabriëla looked at her nervously. And Lieke didn't know how to tell her, that it wasn't because of her that it went on for so long. That she didn't do anything wrong. She smiled, but noticed the look on Simons face too. She walked back slowly and sat back. His hands didn't move back to her shoulders and she sighed. She asked Thomas for another beer, while Jannick spun the bottle.
Her eyes widened, as it landed on her. Realising her plan wasn't really all that good.
She looked at Simon for a second and her heart broke a little. He seemed annoyed and she hated that.
But she couldn't back down now, so she made her way to Jannik and kissed him. A short, meaningless kiss. She couldn't bare kissing just another man. And she was planning on giving Simon the turn if it landed on them again. But when she looked back, he had left the room. She immediately looked at Gabriëla and Lieke knew her tears were close by now.
“I'll go take a look.” Gabriëla said quickly. She had noticed Thomas had been scanning her.
“Don't be so jealous.” she whispered into his ear, making him look up. “Or.. be jealous, I know how that works out for me later in the night.”
He followed her with his eyes, his twinkles appearing. She pressed a kiss on his cheek, before she went after Simon.
She found him in one of the guestrooms. He had slept there a few times. And it had basically become his and Kaspers. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and Gabriëla quietly closed the door, before she sat down next to him.
“What the hell happened to you..” she muttered. He looked up, a weak smile on his face.
“Can I take a guess?” she said, after he didn't answer.
“Try.” he mumbled.
“My guess is..” she said, placing her hand on his thigh, patting it softly. “That you have feelings for a certain woman that isn't me. And you saw her kiss two guys and now you feel jealous and you don't know how to handle it.”
He sniffed.
“Is it really that obvious?” he groaned, looking sideways at her. He had his hands in his hair, which made Gabriëla smile weakly.
“It kinda is, sweetheart.” she chuckled.
“What do I do?” he asked. “I mean- I asked her if I could pick her up and she said yes. And she isn't saying no to anything I propose to her. But I mean, she would do the same with Kasper or Jens right? Or anyone from the group.”
Gabriëla raised an eyebrow.
“Are you sure about that?” she asked.
He shrugged, biting his lip.
“Okay, she's going to kill me for this. But I promised Thomas to make this work today. So here we go..”
Simon looked at her confused and she smiled.
“Listen, you like her right?”
He nodded slowly.
“And you don't find it weird how she starts blushing the moment you ask her to come sit on your lap. Which by the way, was a very bold move of you.”
He snorted, pushing her away.
“Anyway, Simon, I think- No, I know, she has the same feelings for you. And I don't know what has been keeping you two from not telling each other. But it's been there for so long.”
“Did she tell you she likes me?” he whispered, making her heart warm up. He sounded so cute and surprised.
“She did, yes. A while back. After one of your games.”
She showed him a sweet smile.
“So you're saying that all this time we felt the same..” he muttered, almost laughing at himself for being so dumb.
“I believe so.” she laughed, embracing him in her arms for a few seconds.
“I will get her for you, so you can get some time alone. After you come back I will make sure we can go watch the movie, alright?”
“Yeah-” he said, his voice suddenly a lot higher. “Oh my god.” he groaned.
Gabriëla laughed, ruffling his hair, before she walked away. She opened the door, rounded the corner and immediately felt the whole group staring at her.
She raised her eyebrows and they all turned away again, making her snort.
“You are the dumbest people I've ever met.” she said, as she walked up to Lieke.
“You okay?” she asked, as she noticed the boys had gone back into their conversations. Only Thomas was watching her. “Yes, I think so. Is he okay?” Lieke asked curiously.
“I think you should go talk to him.” Gabriëla muttered softly.
“What did you do?” Lieke said, squinting her eyes at her.
“Don't kill me, you will be happy when you know. Just go to him, he's waiting for you.”
Lieke took a deep breath, almost sure about what was going to happen. Gabriëla squeezed her hand and she felt both Thomas and her eyes on her back, as she walked to the room Simon was waiting in.
When she opened the door, he immediately smiled at her, making her body burn up.
“Hey.” she smiled, closing the door behind her.
“Hey.” he said, almost shy. She sat down next to him, as they turned their bodies to each other.
“Gab asked me to come to you. So here I am.” she giggled nervously.
Simon opened his hands and she looked at them, before she connect them with hers.
“I've been stupid.” he smiled weakly.
“Why?” she muttered.
“I was a bit jealous. A bit much.” he laughed nervously. “I hated seeing you kiss Andreas and Jannik. I hated seeing you kiss every teammate you've kissed every time we did this game. I didn't care about my own kisses, I doesn't do much to me. But I hate seeing you kiss another man. And I hate that my bottle never landed on you.”
Lieke felt her cheeks burn so red, she felt like a tomato. But she kept looking into his blue, piercing eyes.
“I like you. A lot.” he finally said. And he was glad it was out in the open now. “My feelings have been growing stronger and I was too shy to admit it. But then Gab pointed some things out to me.”
He shook his head, making her laugh softly.
“I still didn't believe her.” he admitted.
“I never do either.” she admitted to him, making him laugh.
“But then she told me you actually told her about your feelings. And then I couldn't really go back anymore, could I?”
He smiled nervously at her and she smiled back at him.
“Don't go back. I like it like this.” she whispered.
He breathed out relieved, before he cupped her face. She looked at him, so many thoughts and feelings going through her body. He looked at her, as he slowly locked their lips. He kissed her softly, nervously. And she giggled against his lips, before she kissed him back. He immediately became more confident. Her hands had found his thighs and she pushed herself up a little to get a better angle.
They kissed, until they couldn't anymore, and looked at each other as they calmed down.
“You look gorgeous tonight.” he mumbled, caressing her cheek with one hand.
She bit her lip, trying not to smile too widely.
“Thank you. You're not so bad yourself either.”
He chuckled, pulling her into a hug. And for the first time in a long while, she really breathed out. A long, relieved breath left her body and she felt Simon hold onto her stronger.
“Why did we never say anything?” she asked.
He looked back at her, their faces only inches apart.
“I didn't want to ruin what we had. And I just thought you didn't like me like I liked you.” he said, shrugging.
“Yeah, me too.” she smiled.
“But did Thomas never ask about me?” she asked, now curious.
“He did. A lot. And I got annoyed, because it became so difficult not to smile brightly whenever I heard your name. Wait-”
His eyes widened and she started laughing.
“I told Gabriëla about my feelings and well, whenever you tell her something, you automatically tell Thomas, right?”
He nodded, rolling his eyes.
“Thing is, he has been teasing me about it for so long. And I wondered if he ever tried to make you confess.”
“Oh, he tried. But I am a stubborn man and he knows that too.”
She nodded, knowingly, and let her hand wander over his stubble.
“Luckily he can't tease you anymore now. That is, if you would want to go on a date with me anytime soon.” he said.
“It's going to be difficult, but I'm not saying no to that.” she smiled.
“We will find a way.” he said quietly.
“Hmhm.” she hummed, before she wandered over to his lips again.
Kissing Simon, knowing he liked her back, felt like the best thing in the world. And him kissing her back, felt like life couldn't get any better.
“I'm going on a date with Denmarks most sexy football captain.”
She wiggled her eyebrows and Simon laughed wholeheardedly.
“You're crazy.” he chuckled.
“I'm just stating the facts.” she giggled.

They sat there for a while, reminiscing some stupid moments they had together. Never realising the feelings they had been hiding had been always been there.
Simon eventually figured Gabriëla would be ready for the movie now. And a knock on the bedroom door told him so too. The door opened slowly and her head rounded the corner.
“You ready?” she smiled.
Simon looked at Lieke who nodded.
“You guys got the big one seat sofa. The best one, you know. I kind of told the guys about what happened, so it wouldn't be awkward for you two.” she laughed. “I do feel like I'm being a bit childish on that part. But-” she sighed.
“I'm just happy you finally told each other.”
Lieke laughed softly, leaning her chin on Simons shoulder.
“So, when you're ready, please join us. Oh and-” she said, her face changing into a disgusting one.
“Please save me. I'm literally crunched inbetween three guys on one damn couch.”
Simon started laughing.
“No, don't laugh!” she snorted. “You know what the worst part is?”
“You tell me?” Simon laughed, making Lieke chuckle.
“I'm not even sitting on my mans lap or anything. No, no!” she said, opening the door wider now. “No, because for some reason he and Joakim decided to be a couple tonight.”
Lieke started to laugh loudly, making Gabriëla laugh too.
“I really hate them. I really do.” she laughed. “You, mister Captain, should make sure your guys behave normal around my boyfriend.”
“That's sadly not in my job description.” he pouted, making her groan.
“I'll see you guys in a bit.” she smiled, before she disappeared.
Simon turned around to look at Lieke again and sighed.
“I guess she's very happy for us.” he laughed, taking in the storm of words she had blurted out.
“Yeah, but I knew she would be.” Lieke said happily, as a loving gaze moved over her body. She felt right and good, and she didn't want to let go of Simon.
“Let's go join them again.” he smiled.
She nodded, before they stood up. Simon grabbed a plaid, which had been layed over the sheets and took it with him.
“I think Thomas is out for revenge after you kissed Gab tonight.” Lieke laughed, holding onto his hand as they walked towards the living room again.
“But knowing him, that only means Gab will have a good time tonight.” he laughed, as they both knew how Thomas could be.
She laughed, as she rested her head against his arms. And that's how they walked in, him squeezing her hand as she felt her blush appear again.
Jannik immediately turned around and smiled brightly.
“Come join us. We just started it.” he said happily, as if nothing had ever happened.
She thanked Gabriëla in her heart, for making sure it wasn't weird when they came back. And she thanked Jannik for being such a good friend.
She followed Simon to the one seat and once he sat down, she sat down on his lap. She turned sideways, so her legs could curl up. She rested her head against his chest, and she could just see the TV. He moved the plaid over their body and moved his arms around her waist.
He kissed her crown, making her smile up at him.
“Are you good?” he whispered. She nodded immediately.
Their fingers intertwined again underneath the plaid and butterflies erupted in her body.
“You?” she whispered.
“Better than ever.” he smiled, pecking her lips.
She sighed, as she settled herself and watched the movie.

A few hours into the night, Lieke decided it was time to head home. She was free the next day, but she didn't want to stay. As basically everybody had decided to sleep over. She hoped, or dared to think, that Simon would ask her to come home with him. She figured it could be too soon, but then again, they had known each other for so long. It wasn't as new as it normally would be.
Lieke had already grabbed her hoodie, which she had taken off when she came in earlier that night. Simon was still talking to Thomas and Kasper, as the others funnily enough had fallen asleep already. Joakim had been laying with his head on Jens his lap, ever since the movie was finished and Thomas had come back to loving Gabriëla again. He had fallen asleep rather quickly and Jens had followed. Jannik and Andreas had done the same and Lieke had figured it really had been a few busy days for them.
Gabriëla was standing next to her, wrapping her arm around Liekes shoulder and pulled her closer.
“I'm happy for you.” she said quietly, as she looked over at the three men.
“Thank you.” she smiled. “He wants to take me on a date soon.”
“That's what I like to hear.” Gabriëla smiled happily.
Lieke knew Simon had to back to Italy soon and she kind of wondered how Gabriëla had done that in the beginning, when she didn't live with Thomas yet.
“We facetimed a lot.” Gabriëla answered, when she asked it out loud. “And eventually he had asked me to come over for a week, to see how it felt to be there. It felt really good to see him again and I quickly realised that I wanted to stay with him.”
“So quickly?” Lieke asked, as Thomas came over, pushing a kiss onto Gabriëla's temple.
“Yeah, I think you will feel the same way with Simon.”
Lieke knew it had been easy for Gabriëla to leave everything behind and start new life in Germany. She basically was doing the same now in Spain and she loved that.
“I hope so,” Lieke smiled.
She looked at Thomas, who smiled at her sweetly.
“He's a good guy, you know. Don't worry about the ifs, just enjoy your time. It will all come eventually.”
Lieke nodded gratefully, as Thomas gave a her a hug.
“Okay, time to go home.” Simon said, joining the three. He smiled happily, and held out his hand for Lieke. She shyly grabbed it, still not being entirely used to the intimate touches.
He hugged Gabriëla and Thomas sideways, as they said their goodbyes, before they left the house.

Once they sat down in the car, it took Simon a little while to actually start it.
“Can I ask you something?” he muttered. She looked at him curiously, but a smile appeared on her face.
“I really want you to stay over tonight.” he started. “We don't have much time in Denmark anymore and I want to be with you now that I can.”
Lieke nodded, making him smile relieved.
“I'd love to.” she admitted.
“Really?” he laughed.
“Yeah, I feel the same way.”
He nodded excitingly, before he started the car.
“And I'm free tomorrow, so you're lucky.”
Simon laughed, as his hand connected with her cheek, caressing it softly with his thumb.
“I believe I already am now, no matter what.”
Liekes cheeks burned the whole way to Simons house. He had his hand on her leg, caressing it softly. She had put her hand on his, making them both a bit giggly. She felt like a teenager with him, overly happy and excited for what was to come. And she didn't care one single bit about it.

The moment Lieke stepped inside, she remembered his house. She had been here one time before, the day before a match together with Thomas and Gabriëla. She loved it here. It wasn't so big and it was definitely cosy.
Once Simon had locked the door, he pulled her closer and kissed her. His hands around her waist, while she rested hers on his chest. Her fists holding onto his shirt. They kissed long and passionately, as if they had to let all that waiting go now.
“I have wanted to do that the whole evening.” he mumbled, making her laugh.
“Please keep doing it forever.”
He smiled, as he kissed her forehead.
“You look tired. You want to go to sleep?” he then asked.
“We could lay in bed for a little while, before we go to sleep.” she suggested, and he seemed to like that idea.
She followed him upstairs, his hand in hers, as they made their way.
Lieke sat down nervously on the edge of his bed.
“Can I borrow some clothes?” she asked shyly.
He immediately turned to his closet, making her heart fill with love. He was a really sweet guy and she knew that, but sometimes she didn't really realise it fully.
“An oversized hoodie is fine by me, by the way. I mean, it will cover everything.” she joked, making him laugh.
He turned around with a Denmark hoodie in his hands and she quickly took it from him, as she made her way to the bathroom. She undressed herself and put it on. Only leaving her underwear underneath it, as her bra landed on the pile of clothes. She smelled his aftershave coming off the hoodie, making her head dizzy.
She quickly made her way back and she sighed, as she saw Simon sitting in only his grey sweatpants on the edge of his bed.
He laughed over her reaction, and she chuckled. Simon without his shirt, was still a beautiful sight to see. His tattoos all over his arms, his toned abs.
She shyly made her way to the other side of the room and placed her clothes on a chair. Simon had already made his way underneath the sheets and Lieke joined him quickly.
Her heartbeat was raising, as she felt him pull her closer. Her head landed on his chest, as she listened to his quickened heartbeat. His hand rested on her hips, slightly underneath her hoodie. And she smiled to herself in disbelieve.
“I'm glad you wanted to come with me. I would have hated to come home alone, knowing you're alone too.”
A shy smile once again covered her face and she was glad Simon couldn't see her.
“Me too.” she said slowly, as she looked up.
She stared into his beautiful eyes, and drowned in the smile on his face.
“I hate to go back to Italy now.” he admitted, making her chuckle.
“Gab told me a lot of facetiming will help.” she said jokingly.
“If you don't facetime me once a day, I will come get you myself anyway.” he grinned, making her heart flutter.
“Oh will you now?”
He nodded rapidly, making her laugh.
“But in all seriousness, we should. And then maybe next time I'm back we could do that date. Or maybe, if you want to fly over some day. When you're free.”
She wanted to say she didn't have the money to do that, but it felt like he knew she was going to say that.
“I will pay, don't worry.” he laughed softly.
“You would do that for me, already?” she asked curiously.
“Of course. I mean, we've known each other for a while already. It's not like I can't trust you. You're one of my best friends too.” he smiled, embracing her in his arms.
She was over the moon and that was saying it lightly.
“You're amazing, you know that right?”
She pecked his lips, as she layed down onto his chest again. He pulled the sheets closer, so that she was all warmed up. Which she would have been without it anyway. But that didn't matter.
“I'm just finally free without any secrets. I think that makes it a little easier.” he muttered against her hair.
“I agree.” she whispered, making him chuckle.
“You want to sleep?” he asked softly, feeling how she got more and more quiet.
“No.” she laughed. “But my eyes keep falling shut.”
“Then we should sleep.” he chuckled, kissing her head softly.
“You're a really good pillow.” she muttered, making them both laugh out loud.
She was okay with being a little nervous, she was happy Simon could laugh about it too.
“You really made my night, thank you.” she admitted shyly, caressing his chest with her thumb.
“You kinda made my year, so don't worry about it.” he answered, squeezing her softly.
She breathed out a relieved, shaky breath, before she closed her eyes.
“Goodnight, Simon.” she whispered tiredly, giving herself into her sleep.
“Goodnight, sweetheart.” he whispered back, before she dozed off into one of the best night of sleep she ever had.

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  • Kjelaney


    3 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “Goodnight, Simon.” she whispered tiredly, giving herself into her sleep.
    “Goodnight, sweetheart.” he whispered back, before she dozed off into one of the best night of sleep she ever had.


    3 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “You really made my night, thank you.” she admitted shyly, caressing his chest with her thumb.
    “You kinda made my year, so don't worry about it.” he answered, squeezing her softly.


    3 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “You're a really good pillow.” she muttered, making them both laugh out loud.
    She was okay with being a little nervous, she was happy Simon could laugh about it too.


    3 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “You're amazing, you know that right?”
    She pecked his lips, as she layed down onto his chest again. He pulled the sheets closer, so that she was all warmed up.


    3 weken geleden

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