Thomas looked down at Lieke, as the back of his knees pushed against the edge of the bed. He smirked, feeling her lips moving over to his neck. The hickeys had almost disappeared, but Lieke could still see them. She pressed kisses on them, pushing Thomas on to the bed.
“Do you know when Simon is coming back?” Lieke asked out of breath, connecting her lips with Thomas every few seconds. They were really riled up and if it was up to Thomas, he had already turned her on her back. But he kept her on his body for a few minutes, enjoying her lips.
“I hope soon.” he said, letting his hands flow through her hair. “You want to wait?”
She licked her lips, making him groan instantly.
“If he doesn't take too long.” she muttered, moving lower on his body. He looked at her, as she kissed his chest. Her fingers traced a line down his body and he held his breath as he watched her.
He felt his body react to her immediately and sometimes he hated how simple that was for him. But it just was, with her and Simon around. If they had hated it, he knew he would eventually have been able to stop himself. But they didn't, and he loved them for it.
“Let's get you naked first.” he said softly, making her look up surprised. He smiled a little smile, before she sat down on his lap. He sat up and looked up, leaning against the fabric of Simons hoodie, his chin resting against her chest.
“I like you in this hoodie. Don't get me wrong,” he laughed, his arms wrapping around her hips.
“But?” she asked, cupping his face.
“I like you better without it.” he smiled.
She chuckled, pecking his lips. Before she grabbed the hem of the hoodie and pulled it over her head.
She immediately felt herself getting pulled even closer, as he started kissing her belly. She threw the hoodie on the ground, making Thomas finally look up.
“Oh- That's a pleasant surprise. You've been all naked underneath it the whole time.”
“I'm surprised you didn't feel it. Normally you're all over my boobs.”
“I feel like you're calling me out on it.” he smirked, making her laugh. She rested her arms around his neck, as she gazed over his sweet face.
“Not at all, actually.” she muttered, feeling her breathing getting stronger as Thomas hands traveled up her body.
Once they reached her chest and Thomas started playing with her nipples, she whined loudly. His eyes widened surprised.
“How far gone are you exactly?” he sighed, totally in love with her arousal.
“You should find that out for yourself.” she said, and Thomas noticed her eyes had darkened, making his cock react to her fully.
One hand wondered down in between her legs. He let his finger move of her panties, making him raise an eyebrow.
He hadn't stopped playing with her nipple, and Lieke had trouble not to moan the whole time.
“We gotta get rid of all that fabric.” he said. “Stand up on the bed.”
She smirked, doing immediately as he said. He looked up, his mouth watering. She was standing confidently, her hand resting in his curls as she looked down at him.
“Hurry up a little will you?” she whined softly, making him grin.
He tippled over her thighs, before he pulled down her panties. He let his indexfinger slide through her folds, realising she was really, really wet already. He moved his hand a little, to get the right angle, and pushed into her.
Her knees buckled, making him smirk.
“I don't know if we can wait on Simon, dear.”
She whined, as she lowered herself onto his lap again. His cock had become fully erect and she really want to get her release. She stared at his rock hard length, before she looked up at him. Her lip between her teeth.
He cleaned his finger, sucking on it slowly.
“Tell you what.” he said once he was done. “How about you come sit nice and pretty on my dick.”
Her eyes twinkled and he moved his hands over to her hips.
“But you ain't going to come until Simon comes back.”
She groaned, and Thomas knew it was going to be hard for her. But he also knew she couldn't resist it.
She sat up higher, so they had some space. Thomas' cock had been resting against her stomach, making him feel some type of way. But now, with his hand around his cock, positioning him underneath Lieke, he didn't know how he could've taken his time with this. His free hand gripped into the sheets as he sat back a little.
She moved down on him, making him moan loudly. She tried to not to make any sound, but he could hear her struggle. He sat back, leaning with both his hands on the bed. And watched as Lieke started grinding on his cock. He never got used to such a pretty sight.
One of her hands found his shoulder, as the other started moving on her breast.
“Don't rile yourself up too much, honey. What if he stays away another hour.” Thomas said slowly, making her look up.
He smirked, making her whine.
“What are feeling so good for, huh?” she groaned.
“I'm just building up to a real good orgasm right now.” he answered.
She quicked her pace, and Thomas watched her breasts bounce with every move she made. Her hand gripped into his shoulder, giving him some kind of pleasure.
He decided to make it a little more difficult for her. His hand moved up slowly and Lieke watched him with intent.
She closed her eyes, as his thumb touched her clit, making her moan so loud, Thomas couldn't believe his ears. He was surprised she stayed up on her knees.
He didn't stop moving his thumb, as Lieke kept pumping up and down on his cock. And he knew she was getting close to her edge.

He smiled knowingly, when he heard the key in the door. The door opened and closed quickly. And within seconds, Thomas could look into Simons gorgeous blue eyes.
“I heard you in the hallway.” he groaned to Lieke, making her peek up.
“Does that mean I can have my orgasm now?” she cried, not paying attention to Simon at all.
“No, you wait just a little longer.” Thomas answered.
“Thomas!” she whined, making him smirk, before he looked back at Simon.
“You heard her scream too?” he asked, as he moved his hips up to annoy Lieke a little more.
She moaned softly, moving her other hand onto his shoulders too.
Thomas watched as Simon put down a little package and he realised his phone was still somewhere on the kitchen table.
He hoped everything went well, but judging by Simons wink, he did great. Thomas trusted him with that anyway.
Simon came closer, immediately getting rid of clothes.
He sat down behind Lieke, his knees moving next to hers, as his hands cupped her breasts from behind.
“Is Thomas treating you so good, that you can't keep quiet?” he wondered out loud, his lips touching her earlobe.
“Y-yes.” she stuttered, as he massaged her breasts.
“But I don't- I can't wait much longer.” she whined, laying her head against his shoulder.
She was still furiously moving on Thomas his dick and he wondered how long he could keep it going for himself. He felt himself getting closer with the second. But seeing Lieke struggle like this, made it worth the wait. And Simon helping him make it worse for her, couldn't be any better.
“But I think Thomas gave you a task you can't fail, didn't he?”
She nodded, biting her lip.
“But he told me to wait until you got here, so it's not-” she moaned softly. “It's not fair.”
Thomas' eyes wondered up to Simon and they smirked at each other.
“You can come on one condition.” Thomas said, knowing he was close himself. Liekes was hitting the right spots and it was difficult not to moan.
“You need to give Simon the same perfect ride on his dick.” he said.
Simon pulled her closer against his body, as he breathed out against her ear.
“Y-yeah.” she moaned. “Yeah, okay.”
“Simon, you want to help her out a little?” Thomas said sweetly, making Lieke groan.
He placed a kiss on her shoulder, before his hand moved over to her clit slowly. He stopped right in front and moved his lips against her ear again.
“I can't wait to see you ride my cock, you're going to look, hm..” he said, thinking a little, as his finger found her clit.
“You're going to look like a Goddess, making me feel on top of the world.”
She cried out loud, as her orgasm finally came over her. His words made Thomas moan, and the moment Lieke cried out, he reached his edge too.
They both came loudly, out of breath and Simon tried to keep Lieke up as she kept pumping Thomas his cock until he was finally all emptied inside of her.
“You really know your way with words.” Thomas sighed, laying back on the back.
Lieke was still not fully back to earth and Simon lifted her up slightly, so Thomas' flacid cock fell out of her.
“That was really worth the wait.” she muttered, as she turned around slightly and started kissing Simon roughly.
His hands found her breasts again and Thomas saw that Simon really needed his release too. His hands didn't slow down around her roundings, making Lieke moan softly.
She moved her lips over to his jaw and he closed his eyes to contain himself.
“Come lay down, beautiful.” Thomas said, moving over to the headboard and making space for Simon.
“Can I lay on your lap?” Simon asked, totally out of the mood. Making Thomas smile.
“Whatever you want, my love.” he smiled. He opened his legs for Simon and Lieke let go of him so he could come lay in between Thomas.
His head landed on his belly, and Thomas his hands immediately discovered his body.
Simon looked up at Thomas, as Thomas carresed his cheek.
“Ready for round two?” Thomas asked Lieke, who definitely seemed ready to give Simon the time of his life.
He always loved how much they would do for each other.
She nodded, as her thumb moved over his tip. Simon moaned, pushing himself against Thomas.
She moved over him, making them both watch her as Simons cock filled her up.
She arched her body back, getting into the right angle.
“Kiss each other.” she ordered, and Thomas immediately bowed down to kiss Simon. Their mouths opened, tongues playing a dirty game. And Lieke absolutely loved her view, as she started moving on Simons cock.

Lieke herself, didn't feel much, even though she could get into it if she wanted to. But she wanted Simon to feel good now, so as her hands found his abs. She slowly moved her body up and down. Moving incredibly slow, making Simon moan in their kiss. Thomas looked up, as his hands wondered off to Simons nipples and pinched them.
“Please go faster.” he whined, making Lieke give in.
She quicked her speed, as she felt his cock twitch inside of her. She knew he was close.
She stopped, making Simon look up immediately. She moved up, his cock leaving her body.
“What are you doing?” he whispered, almost sad. She grabbed his dick, pumping it a few times with her hand. He bit his lip as he watched her slowly move back down. And for some reason, the pressure made his orgasm overflow him.
She moved through his orgasm, making the overstimulation amazing. And Thomas stroked his blonde locks, as Simons smile layed on his face. His eyes closed and relaxed.
“You okay?” Lieke asked, moving over his body, closer to his chest. Simon opened his eyes, nodding immediately.
“I'm perfect.” he grinned, making her chuckle.
She connected her lips with his, for a sweet loving kiss, before she did the same with Thomas.
“Come lay next to me.” Simon smiled happily, making Thomas laugh. “If it fits.”
“Everything fits.” Thomas said confident, making Lieke smile happily at him. She pecked his lips, before she joined Simon. He moved his arm around her body, pulling her closer. She put her leg over his body and kissed his temple.
“I want to go minigolfing today.” Lieke said, making Simon chuckle.
“You do?” he asked, making her nod.
She relaxed when she felt Thomas' hand massaging her scalp and she noticed he was doing the same to Simon.
“I'd like that too.” Thomas added, making Simon smile.
“Sure, but first breakfast and a little something else.” he said softly.
“A little something else?” she asked.
Simon nodded, pecking her lips.
“How about you go take a shower, which I bet you want to do.”
Simon wasn't wrong, she had been thinking about it already.
“And when you're back I will show you what it is. And we can eat the croissants I brought home.”
“You got croissants!” Thomas said, already getting hungry.
“And strawberries.” Simon said, looking up at Thomas.
Thomas rolled his eyes back in ectasy and Lieke laughed.
“I think it's time to get married. I think I'm ready.” Thomas joked, making Liekes heart warm. She looked at Simon and she noticed he felt the same.
“The best man on this entire earth.” Thomas still muttered.
Lieke giggled.
“You both are.” she said, before she grabbed Simons hand and looked at the ring, which he still wore every day. Just like Thomas.
“And you're the best woman and girlfriend we could wish for.” Simon added shyly, making her smile softly.
“We are too sweet for each other sometimes.” she sighed, kissing his lips anyway. She really loved when Simon got so sweet and shy around them.

Lieke eventually let go of them, as she sat down at the edge of the bed, trying to give herself some mood to take that shower.
“So, shower, breakfast and then we go out, right?” she asked, turning her head back. Simon was still laying against Thomas, who seemed to absolutely love it.
“Yes.” Simon said happily.
Lieke stood up, kissing Thomas on his lips, before she pressed a kissed onto Simons forehead.

“Make sure you're ready when I come back, I won't take long.” she smirked, making Thomas laugh.
“No, that's only when we join.” he noticed, making Lieke turn around and roll her eyes. They laughed, as Lieke made her way to the bath room. Both boys being absolutely quiet, until the door locked and they were together.
“She's something else entirely.” Thomas sighed.
Simon hummed in agreement before he turned his body halfway so he could look at Thomas.
“I got something she will love.” he said.
Thomas listened to Simon with a heart full of love, as he explained it to him. Simon really did get the most thoughtful present for her and he couldn't believe he managed to find it here. Representing all three of them.
“Do you think she will like it?” Simon asked. He looked nervous, so Thomas immediately nodded.
“You are a genius, Siem.” he said softly.
“I'm not. I'm just-”
Thomas put his finger against Simons lips, making him chuckle.
“Shut up, you.” he giggled, before he pulled him closer to kiss him.

Once Lieke was done showering, the table was already set. The croissants were divided between the three of them and the present was standing in the middle of the table. Simon also got some fresh orange juice and sat down the glasses next to their plates.
Lieke quickly made sure to put some clothes on, noticing Simon and Thomas did too, before she joined them at the table. She was really curious what the little something, Simon was talking about, was. It looked like it was a present for someone and it made her all nervous. Even if it wasn't for her, it still made her heart flutter that Simon brought something back for one of them.
They ate their breakfast in silence, enjoying each others company. Lieke sipped on her drink, as she watched the slightly nervous look on Simons face. Thomas was leaning against him and she noticed he was calming him down a little, making her frown. He himself looked rather excited and she wondered if he already saw what Simon had come home with. Or if they had planned this together.
“What is wrong?” she asked curiously, making Thomas look up at her.
“Nothing.” he said immediately. “Can't I be close with my boyfriend.”
Lieke raised an eyebrow, making him laugh.
“I meant with Simon.” she said, looking at him sweetly.
“Don't worry. You will understand soon enough.” Thomas stated softly, making her sigh.
“Is the little something for me?” she dared to ask, making Simon nod. He still had a nervous smile on his face.
Her cheeks burned red, making Thomas giggle.
“Oh, Siem, you don't have to be nervous. No matter what you got I will like it.” she said immediately grabbing his hand.
“It's something from us to you.” Simon said, kissing Thomas' curls.
She smiled happily, although nerves were taking over in her body.
“Both of you.” she muttered.
“It was Simons idea.” Thomas admitted, making Simon roll his eyes.
“But he agreed with it fully.” Simon grumbled, making Lieke laugh.
“I love you guys, I really want to know what it is.”
Simon and Thomas locked eyes, before they smiled at her.
“You can open it.” Thomas said, making her move over to the the giftbag. She held her breath as she opened it. She figured it would be some kind of jewelry, which would be a good match with her presents for them. She tilted the bag and let the gift fall into her hand.
She gasped, once she realised what she was looking at. Simon (and Thomas) had bought a bracelet for her. And it wasn't just a simple bracelet. It had three charms hanging of of it, and Lieke was definitely already holding back her tears.
“I don't know what to say. You found the perfect gift.” she whispered.
She looked at the charms again. One was the sun, the other the moon and the third one was she herself; a little golden star.
She looked up again, tears rolling down her cheek.
“I'm sorry.” she giggled through her tears.
Thomas and Simon both stood up immediately. They cuddled up to her from behind and she let herself be embraced.
“Don't be sorry.” Simon muttered, kissing her temple. She looked up at him, smiling brightly through her tears.
“This is amazing guys. You didn't have to do this.” She lifted her free hand to lean it against Thomas his cheek. She looked at him and he smiled at her comfortingly.
“We did. You did it for us too.” Thomas smiled.
“And besides that, you deserve to be treated every once in a while. You're making our lives so much better.” Simon added, making her shake her head.
“No, that's not..” her voice died down, as she stared at the bracelet again. Simon kneeled down next to her. She gave him the bracelet and he opened it, as he wrapped it around her wrist. She watched him, as he locked it carefully.
She bit her lip, holding back more tears.
“Thank you.” she whispered, cupping Simons face and kissing him deeply. She felt Thomas hold onto her and she didn't know how much longer she could handle her emotions.
She never expected to be treated this way by someone she loved. She figured she would be the one to do it for them. But with them.. with them it was all so different. And sometimes she didn't realise how different.
The fact Simon remembered their little inside thing once again, made her heart beat ten times faster.
“Did you know he got this?” she asked Thomas.
“He showed me when you were in the shower. I immediately told him he's a genius.”
Thomas smiled down brightly at Simon, who laughed shyly.
“He really is.”
“I wanted to go with him,” Thomas said. “But we figured you would think that's too suspicious. And we decided I would distract you.”
She laughed softly, realising that she was the one who had done just that in the end.
“If Thomas hadn't liked it, I would have gone back with it. I wanted something we both liked for you.” Simon said, standing up.
“But as you know, he's always comes back with good stuff.” Thomas muttered, not wanting to take the spotlight away from Simons genius idea. Thomas held out his hand and once Lieke layed hers in it, he pulled her up.
He pulled her closer and kissed her slowly. She felt his hand behind her ears, tangling into her hair, taking her all in.
She smiled, once she felt Simons lips on her jaw. Her hand immediately lifted, holding onto Simons cheek.
She kept smiling like a little child, while Thomas kissed her softly.
“Let's go minigolfing.” he muttered against her lips, making her nod out of breath. It didn't make it easier, as Simon kept sucking on her skin.
“Simon..” she chuckled, trying to not think too much about his lips on her skin.
“Ah yes, minigolf.” he sighed, making her shiver.
He stood straight again and she once again realised how tall he was.
Thomas wiped away the tears she had left on her cheeks, and she smiled gratefully at him.
“Thank you guys, really. This may be the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. And the meaning behind it made me really emotional.” she said, giggling shyly.
“It's okay. That makes it worth it for us.” Simon said.
“Seeing me cry?” she joked, interwining their fingers.
“You know what I mean.” he laughed. She pulled him closer as she rested her head against his shoulder.
“Of course I do.” she smiled, before she lifted herself up to kiss him.

The minigolf ranch was outside and Lieke couldn't wait to go and play another game together. Maybe she would ask for a little help from the boys, just for the fun of it. She didn't really need it, but they didn't need to know that.
Thomas got the sticks and the balls and Simon and Lieke were talking quietly, waiting at the first course.
“Who wants to start?” he smiled.
“I will go first.” Simon said. He didn't seem too excited, but Lieke wouldn't be surprised if he was actually really good at it. Thomas came to stand next to her, his arm around her waist. She leaned into him, her arms crossed in front of her chest, as they watched Simon.
“Of course.” Thomas sighed, making Lieke laugh immediately. “He's good at it.”
“It isn't really a surprise anymore..” Lieke laughed, looking up at Thomas.
Simon finished in two tries, making Lieke groan.
“Let's see if you will do better.” Thomas laughed.
She didn't, but she wasn't worse either. And that made her smile.

They quickly realised they were going pretty even, even though Lieke had more luck than wisdom. She decided at the tenth course, that she really needed some help. She pouted at Simon, who had been watching her with a smile on his face.
“Come help me, please?” she asked sweetly. He looked at Thomas, who just shook his head with a smile on his face.
He walked over to her, moving his body behind her.
“Do you really need my help?” he whispered into her ear, making goosebumps appear on her body. He bend over her, as his hands moved over hers.
“Maybe I don't. But I like it anyway.” she answered, as she heard him laugh softly into her ear.
She moved her body closer to him and he squealed softly, making her laugh cheekily.
“Focus on that damn stick.” Simon laughed.
“Which one, because I thought I was..” she answered, a smirk on her face as she looked at him.
“The one you're holding.” he laughed loudly, making Thomas laugh too. He had probably heard most of the conversation.
“I swear if you manage to put the ball in now from this distance, I'm done with this game.” Thomas laughed, making Lieke smile cheekily.
“Alright.” Simon said, actually focusing on the ball. She did too and with a pretty good shot, they watched as the ball rolled agonising slowly into the hole.
She immediately looked up at Thomas, who threw his board on the ground and walked away. Lieke started laughing so hard, she couldn't stand properly anymore and she felt Simon laugh behind her.
“Go get him..” Simon laughed, making Lieke struggle as she went after him. He was waiting just a few metres away, but Lieke couldn't stop laughing as she saw the look on his face.
“You're really the worst.” he chuckled, as she grabbed his hands and went back with him.
“This will look good at the end of the game. Maybe I can still win.” she smirked, making him roll his eyes.
Thomas himself wasn't doing so well, and whenever that happened, he got a bit stubborn.
“Let's make a deal.” she said, once they were back with Simon.
“The person who wins, gets to decide what happens in bed today.”
Thomas eyes widened as he pouted.
“We still have eight holes to go, you can still win.” Lieke said, wiggling her eyebrows.
“Not with you two doing things like this.” he groaned.
Lieke laughed.
“Then Simon should help you too.” she shrugged, making Simons twinkle appear in his eyes.
Thomas looked at him curiously and smiled once he saw his face lighten up.
“Sure. He can help me. And I want to make the deal too.” Thomas said, nodding quickly.
Lieke stood back, giving them the space they needed and watched as Simon repeated his ritual. He whispered something in Thomas ear, making him smile brightly. She watched as they stared at each other and she couldn't help but feel her heart warm up.
They nodded, as they got ready.
And to Liekes great surprise, they sweeped a hole-in-one.
“What the hell!” she laughed, making Thomas look up just as surprised.
“This is going to be interesting after all.” Simon laughed, realising he made a little mistake by helping them out.
“How did you even do that..” Lieke snickered.
“The power of love.” Simon grinned, making her laugh.

They finished the rest of the holes rather quickly and Lieke was a bit nervous to know who actually won. She had suggested this deal, because she had plans for Thomas. But if Thomas won after all, that wouldn't really work out.
She hoped she won, or atleast Simon.
Thomas and Lieke watched Simon count the score. Their fingers were intertwined and Thomas was sipping from his coke as he stroked her hand with his thumb.
“You nervous?” he laughed, making her shrug.
“Are you?”
“A little.” he admitted, to her surprise.
She smirked at him, making him squint his eyes.
“I wonder what you'd do to me if you win.” he smiled.
“I guess we are going to find out soon, sunshine.” Simon suddenly said.
They both immediately looked at Simon, who seemed surprised.
“Lieke won.” he laughed, a little dumbfounded.
“I really thought I had it in my pocket. It's a two point distance.” he said.
“Are you kidding me?!” she laughed surprised.
“No, you really won.”
She flexed her arms, showing her muscles. And both boys started to laugh proudly.
“Thomas wasn't far apart either. You're only four points behind me.” Simon smiled, pecking Thomas his lips.
“Not good enough.” he sighed, making Simon stroke his curls.
“I'm very curious what Lieke has in mind now.” Simon laughed, making them both look back at her.
She smirked, squeezing Thomas his hand.
“Wouldn't you both like to know..”

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  • Kjelaney

    She moved her body closer to him and he squealed softly, making her laugh cheekily.
    “Focus on that damn stick.” Simon laughed.
    “Which one, because I thought I was..” she answered, a smirk on her face as she looked at him.


    2 maanden geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “Of course.” Thomas sighed, making Lieke laugh immediately. “He's good at it.”


    2 maanden geleden
  • Kjelaney

    The minigolf ranch was outside and Lieke couldn't wait to go and play another game together. Maybe she would ask for a little help from the boys, just for the fun of it. She didn't really need it, but they didn't need to know that.


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  • Kjelaney

    “It's okay. That makes it worth it for us.” Simon said.
    “Seeing me cry?” she joked, interwining their fingers.
    “You know what I mean.” he laughed. She pulled him closer as she rested her head against his shoulder.
    “Of course I do.” she smiled, before she lifted herself up to kiss him.


    2 maanden geleden
  • Kjelaney

    He stood straight again and she once again realised how tall he was.


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