"I just want you to know that
you make this happen."


The next morning came quick and Lieke opened her eyes, before she groaned softly. She stared at the clock on her wall and suddenly realised how lucky she was that she woke up at this time. She totally forgot to put an alarm. But she still had more than an hour to get ready. So she turned around and looked at Simons peaceful face. He was smiling fondly in his sleep, as his arm was still around her body. She moved closer to his warm body and was already feeling bad that she had to go to work.
With nerves in her body, she moved over him and pressed a featherlight kiss onto his forehead. He sighed as he turned closer to her and pulled her body against his. She smiled softly, looking at him tenderly.
She had always found him really beautiful. But sleeping peacefully, with strands of hair hiding his forehead, he looked like an angel. And Lieke couldn't believe he chose her.
“Goodmorning sweetheart.”
Simon spoke, before he opened his eyes, and butterflies immediately woke up in her body.
“Morning.” she said softly.
His eyes were so small and he was still way too sleepy.
“Go back to sleep. It's still early.” she muttered.
“Too early?” he mumbled.
His eyes traveled over to the clock and he groaned softly, making her laugh.
“When do you have to go?”
His voice was almost nothing but a whisper and it made him so cute.
“In about an hour.” she pouted.
“Not fun.” he said childishly, making her snicker.
“I know.” she sighed.
He suddenly pushed her on top of his body and locked her in his arms.
“Is this weird? Tell me if it's weird.” he immediately said, frowning slightly.
She bit her lip, before she let her fingers go through his beard.
“It's new. Not weird.” she smiled, tilting her head slightly.
She could see the twinkle in his eyes and she was trying to calm herself down. But he looked so sweet, so beautiful.
“It's definitely new.” he answered.
His breathing got slower as he watched her and slowly moved up to capture her lips. The kiss was incredibly slow and loving and Lieke felt her whole body burn up. It was like Simon wanted to live in every second he could get with her. It felt like a thousand butterflies were flying around like they wanted to escape. And he smiled tiredly, as he stopped the kiss slowly.
“It's new.” he repeated. “But I definitely like it.”
She laughed softly, shaking her head.
“Go back to sleep, dumbass.” she laughed, rolling of of him.
“No, I want to be with you until you go.” he admitted shyly.
“Okay,” she shrugged. “Then go be pretty in bed, while I put on some clothes.”
“I can do that.” he smiled cheekily.
He turned a bit to his side, as he watched Lieke stand up.
“Don't look at me like that, Simon.” she muttered shyly.
It wasn't that she disliked his eyes on her. But now, so early in the morning, she did feel a bit insecure.
“I won't then. But there's nothing to be insecure about.” he said sweetly.
Her cheeks burned a healthy amount of red, as she made her way over to her closet and grabbed the first set of lingerie she could get her hands on. She put her panties on, before she dared to turn around again.
There was a cheeky smile still plastered on Simons face and she groaned lightly.
She put on her bra before she finally relaxed a little more.
“Better?” he asked. She nodded shyly.
“It's not that I don't want to show my body to you. But it's morning and I'm..” she shrugged, not really knowing what she actually wanted to say.
He quickly sat up on the edge of the bed and she held her breath, fully realising how naked he still was.
“Come here.” he said in a serious voice.
A little nervous, she sat down on his lap. Her knees leaning on the bed. He rested his hands on her waist, as he smiled up at her.
“I don't care if you don't want to show everything off. I don't care if you're a little self concious, okay?” he whispered.
He kept looking into her eyes, to make sure she understood him. And when she nodded, he continued.
“I love your body. You look gorgeous.”
She smiled shyly.
“But if you don't feel good enough in the morning, or whenever, then I will respect that.”
She bit her lip, as her hands traveled to his chest. She made circles with her index finger.
“It will be hard.” he said cheekily. “But I can do that for you.”
Lieke laughed, as she rolled her eyes.
“Thank you.” she whispered then, looking into his eyes again.
“Don't thank me. I think that's a normal thing to do.” he smiled. “And besides, this look is also very good.”
She laughed, and he joined her as he fell back onto the bed with her in his arms.
“I really don't want you to go.” he admitted, pressing a kiss onto her forehead.
“I will be back before you know it.” she said. Her heart warming because of his words. “Especially if you go back to sleep when I leave.”
He nodded, sighing happily while he looked at her.
“What?” she laughed shyly.
“Nothing.” he chuckled, kissing the top of her nose.
“Now go get ready, otherwise you will blame me for being late.”
She slapped his chest, before she moved herself up.
“Because you would be the exact reason I'm late.” she answered, making him chuckle.

Lieke quickly made sure she was all dressed. She brushed her teeth, put her hair in a ponytail and grabbed her bag, which landed on her couch. Simon had put on his boxers and was watching her walk around lazily.
It was nice to know he was still there and he wasn't going anywhere. But it made it harder to leave for Lieke too.
She came walking back into her bedroom, ten minutes before she really had to leave.
“Do you have everything?” he smiled.
“I think I do.” she answered.
He stood up, as he pulled her into his arms. It was in those moments Lieke realised once again, how tall Simon really was.
She looked up into his eyes.
“I want to kiss you.” he muttered.
“I'm not stopping you.” Lieke answered, realising how out of breath she was.
Again and again she noticed how he took her breath away so easily. And she didn't even hate it.
She lifted herself onto her tippytoes, as their lips connected once more. Every kiss was different with Simon and that made her body shiver.
He held her so softly, as if she was so fragile. It made her feel important and most of all loved.
“Now I don't want to go either.” she laughed, letting her thumb go over his lip, as she stared at him.
“You will be back before you know it.” he repeated her words, making her chuckle.
“I hate you.” she laughed, before petting his chest.
“I know.” he answered, showing a bright smile.
“Now go.” he said, pushing her out of the bed room. His hand landed softly on her ass, making her squeal.
She looked back and squinted her eyes.
“I'll get you back for that later today.” she said, while pointing her finger.
“I can't wait.”
She groaned as she walked to the door. He followed her slightly, but stopped as he leaned against the wall that seperated the living room from the bedroom. He stood sideways, with his arms crossed in front of his chest. A smile on his face, as she opened the door sadly.
“I will be waiting for you.” he said, smiling comfortingly.
“Okay.” she sighed, really wanting to stay at home with Simon.
“Text me when you can.” he laughed sweetly, making her smile.
“You bet I will.”
Simons eyes sparkled, as he nodded.
And with regret in her body, Lieke closed the door and made her way to work.

Work had been alright. Apart from Emily talking her ears off and asking about how the hot guy (Simon) was doing.
She didn't tell her about what actually happened to her and Simon. Since Emily would ask even more question then.
She was happy when work was over for today and she could go back home. To where Simon was.
She drove home as quickly as she could, parking her car next to Simons, before she made her way to the door.
She heard music coming through the door, meaning he had found her LP player. One of her favorites songs was playing and she wondered if they actually had the same music taste.
She pushed the key into her door, before she opened it.
“Hey stranger.” she said happily, hearing him laugh immediately.
“Hey.” he said, before she walked into the living room.
She left her jacket on a kitchen chair, not being bothered to put it away, before she made her way over to Simon. He was looking at her from over his shoulder, a loving smile on his face. She wrapped her arms around his waist and sighed loudly as her face connected with his back. He was still only wearing his boxershorts, which she figured was more comfortable that his tuxedo. But it made her body burn up, just to see him like that.
“Busy day?” he asked, his hand softly touching hers.
“Not really. Just missed you.” she muttered.
He laughed quietly.
“I made sandwiches for you.” he said proudly.
“You're the best boy-”
Her eyes widened, as she let go of him. However, Simon started smiling.
“Boyfriend?” he asked cheekily.
“I'm gonna hide in my closet, okay?” she groaned.
“I don't mind being your boyfriend.” he pouted, making her weak. He was way too cute for such a tall, gorgeous man.
“Isn't that too fast?” she wondered out loud.
“I mean,” he shrugged, grabbing her hand and pulling her closer again. “We've know each other since we were kids. Is that long enough for you?”
“Simon.” she groaned, making him laugh wholeheardedly.
“I want to call you my girlfriend.” he said quietly.
“Okay.” she whispered shyly.
“Okay?” he smiled happily.
“Yes, I want to call you my boyfriend too.”
She bit her lip, as she looked up at him. His smile couldn't get any brighter and that made her so incredibly happy.
He squeezed her hands, before he pulled her closer for a hug.
“You're the best boyfriend.” she said, finally ending her sentence.
She burried her face in his chest, finally inhaling his scent. And as a burst of happy feelings erupted in her body, she felt him push a kiss onto her hair.
“How about we go eat lunch and then, if you want to, we can take a shower together?” he suggested.
She immediately looked up at him, as a smile moved over her face.
“Yes, that sounds very good to me.” she giggled shyly.
“God, it's freaking cute, Lieke.. but please don't be so shy around me.”
She bit her lip, her eyes lighting up.
“You are too, though.” she fired back at him, making him chuckle.
“Cool, alright. I see how it is.” he laughed. “But then we both gotta stop being shy.”
“Deal?” she smiled.
“Deal.” he laughed, before high fiving her.
She shook her head, before she turned around. And squealed, as his hand landed on her ass.
“Kjær, I swear!” she laughed, making him laugh happily.
“What are you going to do about it, huh?” he laughed, before they both sat down at the table.
He gave her her own plate and she gratefully started eating. She shrugged in the meantime.
“Maybe I'm not going to do anything about it. But you won't get anything either.” she smirked, making him gasp suprised.
“You're already throwing that card at me?!”
He took a bite of his sandwich and shook his head disappointingly.
“I never thought you'd be like that.” he grinned.
“I never said you could touch my ass, mister.”
She loved the banter between them. It made her feel like she was important and that he cared to listen to her.
“Can I touch your ass?” he asked cheekily, his eyes focused on her as he bend over to take another bite.
“Definitely.” she smirked, making him almost choke on his bite.
They laughed together and it felt so good to have such a good friendship besides being together. She had a good feeling it was going to work out just fine.

Lieke and Simon ate their lunch quietly. Lieke could've told him about work, but there was nothing much to tell. And the quiet glances they gave each other, was enough for them to know what would happen next.
The moment Lieke finished her plate, Simon had already stood up. And she could definitely see the bulge in his boxers.
She wondered how easily that went for him. But then again, she had been thinking about them in the shower and it didn't work in her favour as well.
She bit her lip, laying her head in her hands as he looked at him.
“Are you staring at my ass?” he wondered, putting the dishes in the washer, before he turned around.
“Not anymore, I am.” she smirked. “Your front is much better.”
He groaned as he muttered something under his breath and she stood up, her eyes focused on the hair that was peaking out of his underwear.
She immediately grabbed the hem of his boxers and pushed them over his cock, before she pushed them down fastly.
She stared at his erect cock.
“How is it so easy for you guys?” she laughed, placing her hand around his shaft. She heard him breathe in sharply and she looked up just as he closed his eyes.
“It's not..” he grumbled under her touch. “But I didn't really-”
He shook his head, with a smile on his face.
“I can't believe I'm actually explaining this. Especially with your hand around my dick. But-” he laughed, opening his eyes and looking down at her. She suddenly felt very small.
“I didn't have sex in a really long time.” he smiled, his cheeks burning red. Her free hand found his cheek, caressing it with the back of her hand. “And touching myself just doesn't do the same thing to me. And well, it's just the thought of having you and the thought of you naked and just.. you.”
Her eyes turned wide and she let go of his erection, as her hands found his neck.
“I actually don't get erect by any person I see.” he giggled, making her feel bad for asking about it.
“That's not what I implied.” she whispered, connecting their lips for a little while. His hands immediately found her waist, as he lazely leaned against the counter.
“I know, I just want you to know that you make this happen.” he whispered against her lips.
“That's good to know.” she breathed out heavily.
She stared into his eyes, as his serious face slowly turned into a smile.
“It's the same for me.” she whispered, still not being able to breathe properly.
“You want to take that shower now?” he asked her, as his hands moved up her shirt slowly.
“Please, yes.” she laughed, after she got out of her trance. She laughed softly with her forehead against his chest.
“What are you doing to me, Simon?” she groaned, making him laugh.
“Nothing more than I did before. Or so I thought.”
She hummed, before she felt him lift her up into his arms. She could feel his length pressing against her ass. And she didn't know how fast she could rid of her clothes. Because she really wanted to be fast.
They kissed sloppily, as Simon carried her to the bathroom. She found it immensely sexy that he carried her so easily. And she really didn't want to let go of him.
“Is your sink strong enough to sit on?” he muttered, moving his eye over to the stone sink. It wasn't big, but there was enough space for Lieke to sit.
“I think so.” she said, before he put her down slowly.
Her legs however didn't let go of him and only pulled him closer, trapping his erection between their bodies.
His eyes fluttered shut, as he got used to the pressure.
“You look very good.” she grinned, letting her thumb move over his lower lip.
“You too. But I prefer you naked.” he answered, making her wiggle her eyebrows.
“Then undress me.”
“With pleasure.” he said in a low voice.
His eyes wandered down to her breasts, as he started with her shirt. He was lucky she had only been wearing a shirt, where as normally she was definitely wearing something over it. She was always cold in the clinic.
Her shirt left her body and Simon immediately moved down to kiss breasts, as his hand caressed her waist.
She layed her head back, enjoying his touch. But she realised she wanted to watch him, so she looked down again and let her hand go through his gorgeous locks.
He was so into kissing her, that she decided to remove her bra for him. And he hummed happily and surprised, as he saw her bra fall down right underneath him.
He looked up with big eyes, his mouth open widely.
“You might not make it to the shower right now.” he muttered, before he connected his lips around her nipple. His hand found the other nipple. And a burst of pleasure flowed through her body.
Fuck me.” she groaned surprised, her hand pulling on his locks lightly.
“I'm planning on that, honey.”
His voice suddenly sounded so hoarse and the nickname made her shiver. His thumb rapidly moved over her nipple, making her moan softly. She couldn't believe it was so easy.
She whined as his finger left her body, but she groaned loudly, as his lips found her nipple again. His hand started working on her pants. There was nothing other than this being sexy and it made her so riled up.
“Lift yourself up.” he mumbled, and she immediately did as he said, as he pulled down her pants and she landed on the sink again.
Lieke had made the mistake of wearing white panties and Simon looked down amusingly.
“Now you know what you make happen to me.”
She bit her lip, as he watched her in wonder. His hand rubbed over her panties, making her want so much more. One hand moved around the fabric touching her folds.
“Get rid of it. I want you.” she growled, making him smile cheekily.
He erased it from her body the same way he did with her pants and to her surprise he kneeled down.
“What about you?” she immediately asked.
Luckily the sink wasn't that high and he was rather tall.
“I can wait. It's worth it.”
Lieke wasn't able to finish her sentence, as his tongue moved eagerly through her folds.
“My god. It's really worth it.” she groaned, changing her mind about helping him out first. He smirked and she couldn't believe he had been so hard all this time, but he cared about her more.
His arms moved around her body to her ass and pushed her closer slightly, so she was sitting on the edge. It gave him better access and Lieke decided to lean back, while one of her hands found his hair again.
She arched her body back, closing her eyes as Simon started moving through her folds. She moaned heavily, realising how much she had missed this. And he was simply so good.
He squeezed her ass, making her move up against his face.
He hummed approvingly, which made her come into action.
She leaned her legs on his back, her feet resting flat on it. He looked up and as she looked at him questionably, he nodded quickly. She moved her body up slightly, both her hands behind her back now. As she started grinding on his gorgeous, wettened face.
She knew she was close. The side of Simon getting burried in her heat almost already did enough for her. But the fact her let her do what she wanted, turned her on so much more.
His tongue didn't stop lapping and as Simon held her steady, her own finger found her clit. She moved rapidly, feeling her orgasm build up within seconds.
She stopped to push the hair out of his face and he looked up with darkened eyes.
“Fuck, you're so fucking pretty.” she groaned heavily. He smiled as he sped up his work with his tongue and as she was still riding his face, with her finger pleasuring herself too, she felt her orgasm come over her.
She let go of herself, as she gripped the sink and he didn't leave until she was through all her aftershocks.
She whined softly, as her orgasm had being pretty explosive and Simon finally moved up, leaning over her to kiss her.
She tasted herself against his lips and she moaned.
She let her hands go through his hair and held him as close as possible.
“Was that okay?” she whispered. He looked at her confused for a second, before he seemed to realise what she meant.
“You riding my face?” he asked, a cheeky grin appearing on his face. She nodded, her cheeks turning red.
“It was one of the best things I've ever done, please do it again sometimes.”
She laughed, before she reconnected their lips.
He lifted her up again, as he walked them both to the shower. He turned it on, making sure the temperature was right, before he walked in.

They both got used to the water, as she rested her head against his shoulder.
“Are you still with me?” Simon muttered, making her laugh.
“I am. Very much, yes.” she said, as she looked up and met his smile.
“I was getting ready to bury your cock inside of me.” she smirked.
“Oh-” he breathed out, making her chuckle.
“Unless you want something else.” she muttered, before kissing his lips passionately.
“No, I don't. I really don't.” he said quickly.
He turned her to the wall and she felt herself getting trapped between the wall and him. And she thought it felt quite good, as he lowered her onto his still erect cock. The water fell down on them both and she appreciated herself for getting the biggest showerhead she could find.
He groaned loudly and she realised he had to be a bit sensative by holding himself back for a while.
“Go wild on me.” she smirked, making him look up in disbelief.
“Seriously?” he asked.
“God, yes.” she whimpered, as he pushed into her a few times.
His right hand found the wall behind her and she hang onto his body, as he listened to her words. He wasn't holding back anymore. And it was felt good to be fucked. To be used like that.
He was leaning his head against her shoulder, totally going crazy over the feeling he was having.
His moans turned louder and louder and Lieke decided to help him out a bit, by pushing down on his cock, everytime he went up.
“I'm so fucking close already.” he whined, connecting their eyes again.
He looked desperate for his release. And Lieke wanted to give him that.
“Then you should release yourself, Kjær.”
His body moved quicker than she could ever imagine, as his lips sloppily moved onto hers. And within a few seconds, he moaned himself loudly over the edge.
She kept moving with him, until he was fully done and sighed once he was able to breathe a little again.
“You make make me so weak. I hate that.” he laughed.
His flacid cock moved out of her and she clenched her walls around nothing, making her body feel almost bad.
“I know for a fact, that you like it.” she smiled, kissing his temple.
“Yeah.” he grumbled. “It's amazing.”
She laughed wholeheardedly at him, as he held her steady against the wall. Her hands found his cheeks again and she sighed happily.
“What now?” she asked.
“How about we finish our shower, take a nap and then watch a movie or two before I go home.”
She didn't like the idea of him going home. But she figured that was just how it should be.
“I have to work tomorrow.” he smiled, once he noticed her face. He let his hand go through her hair, before he tilted his head to watch her.
“I know. Me too actually.”
He laughed softly, pecking her lips.
“How about I pick you up after. Spend the night at my home?” he suggested.
She nodded, maybe a little too fast. But she didn't care and he didn't either.
“Now that I say that. You're lucky, because I work at home that day. So you can stay if you want to.”
“You're lucky I am free that day then.” she giggled, pushing a kiss onto his nose.
“We are very lucky people.” he chuckled, looking at her lovingly.
“I figured that the moment you confessed your feelings to me.” she whispered.
He couldn't help but smile. And Lieke got lost in the way he looked at her. Like she was his whole world.
“Let's finish here, so we can get some rest.” he smiled, before he put her down.
She immediately moved into his arms again.
And she figured Simon had started washing her slowly eventually. But she didn't even realise it fully, as she was getting lost in her own feelings and thoughts.
Life felt great right now. And Simon was the sole reason for that.

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  • Kjelaney


    1 maand geleden
  • Kjelaney

    And she figured Simon had started washing her slowly eventually. But she didn't even realise it fully, as she was getting lost in her own feelings and thoughts.
    Life felt great right now. And Simon was the sole reason for that.

    HE REALLY IS. <3

    1 maand geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “I figured that the moment you confessed your feelings to me.” she whispered.
    He couldn't help but smile. And Lieke got lost in the way he looked at her. Like she was his whole world.


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  • Kjelaney

    “Now that I say that. You're lucky, because I work at home that day. So you can stay if you want to.”
    “You're lucky I am free that day then.” she giggled, pushing a kiss onto his nose.
    “We are very lucky people.” he chuckled, looking at her lovingly.

    Me knowing what's to come(wbw)

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  • Kjelaney

    “You make make me so weak. I hate that.” he laughed.
    His flacid cock moved out of her and she clenched her walls around nothing, making her body feel almost bad.
    “I know for a fact, that you like it.” she smiled, kissing his temple.
    “Yeah.” he grumbled. “It's amazing.”


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