On the 7th of June, Stephen Randall is walking on the streets towards Motorshop Rust & Co. He wants to buy a scooter. He walks into the store and immediately sees a red motorcycle. He looks closely at it.
‘You want to buy this one?’ Asks Elio Rust, the owner of the shop. He has grey hair and looks very scary.
‘No, I’m not even allowed to drive on this. I’m looking around.’
‘As you wish.’ Says Elio while walking to the reception desk.
Stephen is walking around to shop when he hears the voice of a girl, the voice of the girl sounded like she’s scared. Stephan looks the way the voice came from, from the door behind Elio.
Elio looks attentively towards Stephen, hoping he didn’t heard the voice of the girl. After some hesitation, Elio opens the and walks into the backroom.
A young 16-year-old girl is tied up on a chair. The girls has black hair, brown eyes and looks very scared, she has a scarf into her mouth. Jordan Rust, the son of Elio Rust is standing in front of her. Jordan looks startles when the door opens.
Elio walks towards Jordan and the tied up girl.
‘Be quiet, I have a customer.’ Says Elio.
‘I’m sorry dad.’
Jordan looks confused over Elio’s shoulder. ‘Is that your customer?’
Stephan Randall is standing in the door opening, looking at the scared girl. The girl starts screaming, trying to scream help.
Jordan grabs a pocketknife and Stephen runs away quickly but is quickly captured by Jordan. Jordan pushes Stephen on the ground and holds the knife into his back.
‘You go home and you tell everybody you didn’t see what happened here. If you do, I’ll come after you and I will kill you.’ Says Jordan.
Jordan lets Stephen go and Stephen quickly runs out of the store. Elio walks over to Jordan.
‘You think he’s really not going to the cops? They can’t interfere with what we’re doing.’ Says Elio.
‘I think he’s too scared. We couldn’t kill him.’
Elio walks over to the door of the store and puts a closed sign on it.
At Flint’s house, Flint is examining the amulet that Thomas has found. Drake and Noah are standing behind him.
‘Greediness will kill everything…’ Whispers Flint.
‘What did you just say?’ Asks Drake.
‘Greediness will kill everything. What does it mean?’
‘That you love glory more than your loved ones.’ Says Drake.
Flint turns around to Drake. ‘Who exactly are you?’
‘Drake.’ Says Drake seriously.
Flint throws the amulet in Drake’s hands. ‘Maybe it’s cursed.’ Says Flint.
Drake turns to Noah. ‘I’m sorry I’m bothering you with all of this.’
‘We found Miles’ body, we’ll help you finding this treasure Drake.’ Says Noah.
Sasha Cox’s gang is already hanging around on the playground on this morning. All of them are smoking cigarettes, including Charlie and Sasha.
One of Sasha’s gang is handing over a bag of weed to Sasha.
Sasha puts some tobacco in a paper and then puts some weed in, he immediately gives the joint to Charlie. Charlie takes it without hesitation.
That night on Noah’s house a man is breaking open a window with a knife. The man opens it and crawls through it inside the house. He walks upstairs to Noah’s bedroom and puts a camera on the wardrobe.
The man smiles angrily to the sleeping Noah. It’s the same man that tried to kill Drake in Alaska.
The next morning on the 8th of June. Ruben is holding a camera while walking towards Noah’s bedroom. He opens the door abruptly and Noah wakes up looking scared.
Ruben throws the camera hard against Noah’s body.
‘I found this in my bedroom! You wanted to see us fuck? You filthy animal!’
Ruben slaps Noah on his face with his bare hand. Shortly after that, Noah kicks Ruben in the stomach. Ruben looks like he hardly felt it.
Ruben walks closer to Noah and grabs him by his throat when Noah’s mother, Casey runs in and tries to push Ruben away from Noah.
Ruben lets go of Noah’s throat and looks to Casey. Noah swiftly runs out his bedroom. Ruben turns towards Casey.
‘What the hell was that?’
‘I can ask you the same thing.’ Says Casey.
‘That little pervert was watching us.’
‘Or it was you. You have to say sorry to him’ Says Casey.
‘HE is the one putting cameras in our room!’
‘Say sorry to Noah, or else…’
Ruben walks closer to Casey. ‘Or else what?’
‘Or else I will divorce you!’ Yells Casey with tears in her eyes.
‘Okay, I’ll say sorry.’ Says Ruben, and then he walks away.
Stephen Randall is walking on the street of Greenwich towards Greenwich Police Station. He walks in the building over to the desk where on the guys that investigates the body of Miles Drake is sitting.
‘Can I help you?’ Asks Patrick Smith.
‘I saw someone being held hostage.’
‘Motor Shop Rust and Co.’
‘Okay, I’m gonna put you through to out chief. Me and my colleague will go there.’
Stephan Randall walks further into the building towards the interrogating rooms. He walks in there and sits down. Shortly after that, Oliver Jones walks in.
‘Tell me, what exactly did you see?’ Asks Oliver.
‘I was looking for bike, then I heard a scream and I saw a girl.’
Elio Rust is standing in his motor shop when he sees a cop car stopping in front of the shop.
‘Shit.’ Says Elio.
Elio runs to the back of the shop and the girl is still tied up on a chair, Jordan stands in front of her.
‘The cops are here, take her with you Jordan, I’ll distract the cops.’
Jordan cuts the ropes that connects the girl to the chair and grabs her. He runs with the girl in his arms through the backdoor. Elio runs back into the shop and immediately sees Patrick and Tom Smith.
‘Hello sir, we’re looking for someone.’
Elio walks closer to the cops.
‘Oh, I would be happy to help you.’
And out of nowhere, Elio runs towards Patrick and takes him down on the ground. Tom quickly grabs his handcuffs and cuffs Elio’s hands.
‘Go to the back of the shop!’ Yells Patrick.
Tom runs to the warehouse behind the shop and sees the chair where the girl was being held hostage on. He then hears a car engine and sees that the backdoor is open. Tom quickly runs outside and sees a white Mercedes van driving fast away.
Tom runs to Patrick Smith, who’s holding Elio Rust.
‘Get him to the station.’
Later, in Greenwich Police Station, Elio Rust is sitting in the interrogating room in front of Oliver Jones.
‘Nothing in your records. You’re angel Mr. Rust.’ Says Oliver Jones.
Elio Rust stays quiet for a while, then he speaks.
‘Yes, I kidnaped a girl.’
Noah Morrison is sitting his room, looking annoyed at his wall. Suddenly Ruben knocks on the door. Noah sees the door opening and doesn’t say anything to Ruben.
‘Noah, can I speak with you?’
Noah stands up hastily. ‘Why?’
‘I know that I’m not your real father and I’m sorry for what I did.’
Ruben goes to Noah and hugs him. He whispers in Noah’s ear.
‘But I still hate you so much.’
Ruben smiles at Noah and walks away, leaving Noah looking angry.
That evening, Jordan Rust is with his car at a gas station, filling the car with gasoline. A police car stops also by the gas station, Jordan looks attentively to the police car. Tom Smith steps out the vehicle and walks into the shop to buy some snacks.
Jordan looks very stressed to Tom Smith, who’s in the shop, standing at the register. Tom looks outside while handing over a five dollar bill to the cashier when he sees Jordan Rust looking at him.
Tom drops the snacks and runs hastily out the shop towards Jordan Rust’s car. Jordan quickly drop the gas pump wire and jumps into his car, driving away with smoking tires.
Tom jumps into his police car and follows Jordan Rust, also with smoking tires. Tom quickly puts on his siren.
Tom’s police car is in pursuit behind Jordan Rust’s car, they’re driving to the traffic in London, right pas The Big Ben. There is a stoplight, the light is green.
Jordan Rust is putting his foot hard on the gas pedal but the green light immediately jumps to red, Jordan doesn’t break and keeps on pushing the gas pedal. Jordan Rust drives straight through the red light, avoiding all the cars coming from left and right.
Tom Smith thinks he also can make it through traffic but when he drives through the red light with his siren on, another car drives into his police car.
After a few minutes, Tom Smith opens his eyes, the ambulance is already on his way, Tom’s face is bloody with scratches and he looks very worried because he lost Jordan Rust.
The next day on the 9th of June, a plane is leaving The United Kingdom, on that plane, Jordan Rust is sitting with the girl who was kidnaped beside him, sleeping.
To Be Continued…

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