The days went faster as imagined, and before Lieke knew it, their last evening arrived. They had decided to visit the bar one last time. And secretly she hoped Andreas would be there. She wanted to know how Thomas would react to seeing him again. Knowing Andreas his confession had done Thomas so well.
Lieke had decided on wearing a dress for the last evening. She wanted to end it in a festive matter and she wanted to make her boys feel good too.
She had gone for a dark blue sparkling dress that ended on her thighs. She knew Simon, but especially Thomas would have trouble seeing her in it. It was very tight fitting, just how he liked it best. He had seen her in it before, and even though they hadn't been dating back then, he had commented on how beautiful was.
She noticed Simon and Thomas had both gone for a simple outfit including shorts and a plain shirt. They looked handsome no matter what. But it made her dress all the more better.
“Lieke, are you almost done?” Thomas asked.
She heard him mumble something to Simon. She looked at herself in the mirror and fixed her hair before she stood straight.
“Impatient man you are!” she answered, as she opened the door of the bathroom.
Both men immediately looked up. Simons eyes widened immediately.
He had been leaning on the chair with Thomas in between his legs. Thomas had turned around and was resting against his body now, lightly leaning on his lap.
“Holy shit.” Thomas brought out.
“Thomas, honey, you're hurting my hands right now.” Simon laughed, as he looked at Lieke too.
Thomas hand been holding Simons hands, but as Lieke already predicted, he was totally gone for that look she pulled off.
“She's hot.”
“Oh, that she definitely is.” Simon smiled.
She loved how Simon made sure he agreed, but in a slightly quieter way. The smile on his face, made her heart warm.
“I didn't know you brought that dress with you.” he breathed out.
“That was the whole point.” Lieke smiled.
Thomas quietly stood up. He gazed her up and down, before his eyes focused on hers.
“You can't go out like this.” he laughed in disbelief.
“Why?” she chuckled. His hands found hers as they were hanging next to her body.
“Because you're too hot and everybody would want to steal you.”
She heard Simon laugh softly behind Thomas.
“You don't have to worry about that. I only have eyes for two pretty men anyway.” she smiled.
Thomas sighed, still not believing the sight he was seeing.
He let go of her hands and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer.
“I remember the first time seeing you in this.” he muttered. “The thoughts that went through my head that day were insane.”
“And you had to keep yourself in. That must have been hard.” Lieke said, playing with him a little.
He breathed in, before he nodded. His hands wandering off to her ass.
“And now I can say anything I want to.” he smirked, making her raise her eyebrows.
“I think you look very beautiful.” Simon spoke up. He had come closer and was resting his chin on Thomas his shoulder.
“Thank you, Simon.” she smiled, letting her hand go through his hair.
“But, I do too.” Thomas grinned. “But I also want to fuck you against a wall right now.”
Lieke snorted, while Simon just closed his eyes and started laughing.
“You do realise we are still going out, right?” she giggled.
He nodded, as if there wasn't anything wrong with him. But she could see he had trouble holding himself in.
“Let's go, before Thomas doesn't make it out of this room.” Lieke chuckled.
She turned around in Thomas his arms, making him let go. She grabbed Simons hand, before she grabbed Thomas his hand. And they followed her out of the room.
“Stop staring at my ass, Delaney.” she muttered, looking around.
Thomas just smirked at her.
“Simon is staring too.” he answered.
“Then he's definitely better at hiding it.” Lieke laughed.

They entered the bar and Lieke noticed it wasn't as busy as it normally was. She smiled once she noticed Andreas behind the bar. And his smile got bigger too, which meant he remembered them.
“Oh, is this why you dressed up..” Thomas whispered into her ear.
She looked back at him, laughing softly.
“What are you guys talking about?” Simon asked curiously.
“Just the hot bartender we met last time at the party.” Thomas said, but Lieke noticed the look in Simons eyes. And she knew it was some kind of sadness. She was still holding onto his hand, so she pulled him closer.
“Go order some drinks for us, sunshine.”
Thomas kissed her cheek and Simons lips before he walked over the bar.
“He's nothing to us, you know that right?” Lieke immediately said to Simon, once Thomas couldn't hear them.
Simon nodded, but his gaze stayed on Andreas.
“Hey.” Lieke said, pushing his face to her by holding his chin.
“Are you afraid Thomas is gonna be done with you or anything?” she asked curiously.
She was happy the people around her were only focused on themselves. She could stand here with him and nobody cared. Thomas was happily talking to Andreas. And Lieke knew Andreas was acting normal. She just realised Thomas could be very flirty without realising himself.
“No, I guess.” Simon said. But his lips remained a thin line.
“Then what are you afraid of?” she muttered, standing on her tiptoes to reach his face better.
“That I eventually won't be enough for you anymore.”
Liekes eyes widened.
“That's not- I-” she shook her head. “Put your arms around my body and listen to me clearly.”
Simon started to laugh, as he held her close.
“That thought never, ever, crossed my mind. Ever.” she over exaggerated , making Simon smile shyly.
“And I'm sure as hell Thomas feels the same way.”
“How come he's so flirty with that man?” he wondered.
“I think he doesn't notice he's flirting. That's just how Thomas is sometimes.” she shrugged. “And I may have caused the extra cheekiness in him.”
Simon frowned, looking over to Thomas before he looked back at her.
“I asked AC, Andreas. The bartender..” she groaned, while she struggled explaining herself. “I asked him who he liked more..”
“And he said Thomas.” Simon filled in, smiling softly.
“Yeah and I told Thomas, when you were back in the room.”
“So he's on a bit of a high?” Simon asked.
Lieke nodded, as they both watched Thomas talk to Andreas happily. Thomas had been looking back to them a few times, but he seemed fine.
“The bartender is hot. I get Thomas feels flattered. It's sweet.”
Lieke hummed, before she looked back at him.
“But you're way hotter.” she smirked.
She kissed him sweetly, and luckily she felt him relax a little more.
“If he keeps being too flirty, we can always punish him for it.”
Simons eyes widened just for a second, before a smirk appeared on his face.
“That sounds very good.”
Lieke knew there was a way to turn this into something good. She knew he wasn't entirely jealous, he just needed to get used to different attention.
“Now let's join our flirt.”
Simon smiled and he didn't let go of her hand as they walked to Thomas.
“I want to sit on your lap, if that's okay with you.” Lieke said, looking up at Simon.
“If you behave.” Simon raised an eyebrow.
Lieke laughed softly and nodded.
“Yes, I will. I just want you close.”
“Okay.” he mumbled, a bit taken aback by her sweet words.

Simon sat down next to Thomas and the younger man immediately looked up and smiled brightly.
“Hey, are you guys okay?” he asked. He leaned forward to kiss Simon and Lieke was happy he did so.
Simon squeezed Liekes hand and she realised he was enjoying it. Maybe a little too much already.
“Yes, we are.” Simon smiled. Lieke pushed herself sideways onto Simons lap. Her arm wrapping around his shoulder as she leaned into him. She rested her head on his left shoulder, but in a way that she could still look at Thomas. His arms wrapped around her waist and held her close.
“AC is making that lemon cocktail you so rudely left last time.” Thomas smiled at Simon.
Simons eyes wondered off to Andreas, who showed him a little smile.
Simon smiled back at him. And he could definitely understand what made them attract to Andreas. He seemed sweet and he was definitely not ugly. But there was still an ill feeling in his stomach. And as much as he wanted to push it away, it kept coming back.
He hadn't noticed his grip around Lieke had tightened, until he felt her laugh softly against his neck.
“Calm down, honey.” she whispered, making him relax again. She stared up at him worriedly.
“Don't tell Thomas I feel this way.” he whispered.
She nodded slowly. She understood why he said it. Because Thomas really seemed to enjoy himself and Simon didn't want to take that away from him. But Lieke felt like they should share everything. Maybe she eventually would tell him, but not now.
“It will flow away, don't worry.” she answered quietly.
He sighed and nodded.
Andreas gave Simon his cocktail and Lieke a beer, before he sat down on the barstool he had been sitting on while talking with Thomas.
Lieke watched Simon, as Simon watched Thomas. Lieke knew how much Simon loved him. Or her for that matter. So it was as if Thomas felt that, before he took his ring off and showed it to Andreas.
Liekes heart grew and she chuckled as Thomas happily explained how the ring worked. Andreas looked at it curiously and his eyes widened happily as he probably saw the picture of them.
“That's such a sweet idea.” Andreas laughed.
“Hmhm!” Thomas said excitingly. His eyes gazing over to Lieke.
“And this necklace I got from Simon.” he admitted. And Lieke noted he even got a bit shy about it.
“I wish I had such a lovely partner.” Andreas said, being really impressed.
She kissed Simons cheek, before she sat up a little.
“I bet you will find someone eventually.” Thomas said securingly.
Simon was still watching him curiously.
“I mean, you have the looks and the talks.”
Andreas cheeks burned up and Simons grip tightened again. She pushed herself closer onto his lap. Moving her body against his weak spot. He looked down at her immediately, his eyes widening.
“Stop being so jealous, Kjær. I swear.” she whispered, making Thomas look at them curiously.
“You're lucky with a man like Simon. And a woman like Lieke.” Andreas suddenly spoke.
Thomas had rested his hand under his head as he stared at them.
“I really am.” he muttered, making Andreas smile.
“You three really have an amazing dynamic over you. You can see that from miles away.” Andreas continued, making Lieke smile shyly.
“And they really care about you. I can see that.” Andreas said to Thomas.
“Oh yes, we definitely do.” Lieke nodded.
“Sometimes he's a bit of a dumbass though.” Simon said jokingly, making Lieke nod along with him.
“Hey!” Thomas laughed.
“It's true, Thomas.” Lieke nodded.
“Fuck you.” he laughed, making Lieke smirk.

Thomas and Andreas chatted almost the whole evening through. But Simon felt better about it and he had been focused on Lieke, while they talked about packing and their flight back home. Lieke was happy he felt better and she definitely wasn't going to deny him anything he wanted to do when they were back in their room.
She had been moving her thighs over his thighs a little too often and she could tell Simon was a bit hissed up now.
Thomas, who was oblivious to it all, had become a little tipsy. But he was far from drunk and she noticed he was stalling himself. Meaning he didn't want to lose himself in the alcohol.
Andreas had become closer to them that evening. And he could be a great friend in the future. She didn't know if that would ever work out. But she was happy he accepted them for who they were.
Simon had been playing with Liekes neck lazily, while they watched Thomas talk non stop. Lieke always loved to listen to Thomas, but Simons lips in her neck and his right hand moving up her dress, made it difficult to focus.
She bit her lip, as his fingers moved closer and closer to her panties. And a fire burned inside her body, realising he wasn't going to stop.
“Right now?” she whispered. The cheeky smirk he gave her, made her feel so good.
“I think we will do one last drink before we head back to our room.” Thomas said with a satisfied smile on his face. He gazed over to Lieke happily.
“Right?” Thomas asked her, making her nod.
But just as she was about to answer, she felt Simon swoop her panties to the side, as his thumb pushed down on her clit.
“Y-yeah sure.” she shivered, making Thomas stare at her curiously. It was then his eyes lowered and he saw Simon hand. Simon looked up at him, winking quickly.
Thomas opened his mouth, but regained himself and moved back to Andreas.
“One more round indeed.” he smiled, but Lieke could see this had been too much. And she absolutely loved the feeling of Thomas crumbling in front of her.
She leaned her head closer to Simons ear, and held her breath as she felt his finger go through her folds. One finger entered her slowly, making her gasp quietly.
“Are you punishing me now?” she whispered into his ear.
“No,” he immediately said. “Just wanted to check how wet you were.”
“You have your answer.” she sighed desperately.
Simon moved his finger slowly and Lieke thought she could handle herself for now.
“Oh, Andreas!” she moved over to the left. “I'd love a cocktail too.”
She leaned over the bar and what she hoped Simon would do, he actually did. In one quick move, her panties left her ass and were now hanging onto her thighs.
She was definite that Thomas saw what Simon did, as he gasped softly behind her.
“I'd love one with some tropical flavours. Can you do that?” she asked.
“I sure can.” Andreas smiled, not noticing what was happening right in front of him.
“You're a peach.” she said happily, before she sat down again.
Simons hand left her and she noticed the firm look on Thomas his face. He was softly shaking his head.
She bit her lip, trying to held back her laugh.
He felt so left out right now, it almost made him mad. Which made it even better for her and Simon to continue.
Simons fingers pushed down her panties and held them in his hand, before they disappeared into his jeans pocket.
Lieke smiled down at him, giving him a quick kiss.
“Now I'm really naked underneath this dress.” she whispered against his lips, making him groan. Luckily her lips numbed the sound.
He came back to the same spot and roughly pushed two fingers into her. Almost making her moan out loud.
His thumb stroked her wet folds, as his fingers curled inside of her.
Andreas put the cocktail down in front of her and she smiled at him. Afraid that if she would speak, she wouldn't be able to produce full sentences.
“I heard you liked Thomas better than me?” Simon suddenly said. And Liekes eyes widened, realising he was talking to Andreas now. Thomas cheeks turned incredibly red and so did Andreas.
“I- well..” he shrugged. “He's more my type.”
“Don't worry.” Simon said, as he circled his thumb on Liekes clit slowly. “He's my type too. I get it.”
Lieke placed the straw between her lips and started drinking her cocktail. She wasn't sure how to empty it, as waves of pleasure kept going through her body.
She knew she wouldn't come her. Simon wouldn't do that to her. But she also knew they would be doing enough once they were back in private. Simon was just building up to it.

And so Simon kept fingering her for the next ten minutes. Way too slow for Lieke to actually come over the edge. But nonetheless very, very pleasuring for her. No one could see them except for Thomas. And Lieke was sure his bulge was immense in his pants. But he was hiding it, making her want to moan even more.
The moment Lieke finally finished her drink, Thomas nodded.
“It's time to go back. It was nice to see you again.” he said to Andreas, who smiled brightly.
“It was! I'd love to see you all back here some day.”
“I think that will definitely happen. It's really nice here.” Thomas nodded, with a light smile on his face.
Simon had finally removed his fingers and as Lieke stood up she felt her knees wobble.
She steadied herself and was happy to realise she could walk again. But she was definitely feeling way too much.
She felt Thomas his arm around her waist and she was happy he was still doing that for her. Even though he must have been feeling pent up himself too.

They didn't talk to the way back to the hotelroom. Simon was silently watching them and Lieke was just shaking her head at him. Thomas opened the door and once they were inside, Simon threw her panties on the bed.
“You guys are insane!” Thomas brought out, closing the door behind him. His breathed out heavily.
“You just kept going and going and going..” he muttered, almost whining as he thought back about it.
“And she was so naked too.” Simon sighed contently, making Lieke smile.
Simon moved closer and Lieke squealed as he picked her up. Thomas groaned, as her ass appeared underneath her dress. His fists clenching against the door.
“I think you should watch for a little while first. Until we both finally get our orgasms.” Simon said to Thomas, while he layed Lieke down in the middle of the bed.
“And then?” Thomas breathed out.
“If you can hold yourself. Then it's fully up to you.” Simon said, letting his hand go over Lieke clothed breasts. She felt her nipples harden against the fabric.
“Can I be naked?” he asked.
Simon looked at Lieke, who nodded. He had already suffered a lot in the bar.
“You can. And you can come sit here against the headboard so you can watch us properly.”
Simon was hanging over Lieke, his face facing hers. But she had another idea. She pulled him closer and told her her plan, as Thomas undressed himself quickly.
Simon immediately agreed and straightened himself. Lieke watched him intently. She loved it when Simon was a bit more dominant. It made him look like a whole different person.
He told Thomas to come closer, and the younger man did as he said. Their lips connected for a little while and Lieke was sure the sheets wouldn't survive how wet she was.
“You can touch and make sounds.” Simon said, as Thomas moved onto the bed. “But you don't get to come.”
Thomas nodded.
“I know. I can wait for what I want to do next.” he smiled, making Lieke moan.
He looked down at her and she hoped she got kiss him soon. His lips looked very kissable. Just like his cock.
She hoped she could touch him soon, but she wouldn't care if Thomas chose Simon for what he was planning. She would love to watch as well.
His feet were almost next to her head, since Thomas was laying rightly and she was laying sideways.
Her hand moved over his leg and he smiled sweetly at her.
Her eyes wandered of to Simon, who was slowly undoing himself from his pants. He was staring down at her and she realised her dress wasn't hiding anything really.
His underwear contained a huge bulge. And she almost regretted her own idea. She would have loved to have his cock fill her up. But she knew what she had in mind would drive her crazy anyway.
She looked back at Thomas who was silently touching himself. His eyes switching between her and Simon.
His cock looked pretty worked up already and she wondered how turned on he had been the whole time.
Simon got rid of his shirt and underwear, leaving him completely naked. Lieke watched as he walked to the side of the bed, behind her head. And she smiled as he leaned down to kiss her lips.
“You sure you want to do this?”
“Fuck yes.” she grinned, making Simon laugh surprised.
His hands moved next to her legs, as he hang over her almost fully. Thomas his eyes widened, as he realised what they were planning. He gasped softly, squeezing his cock to hold himself back.
Simon pushed her dress up and Lieke decided to make it a bit more difficult for Thomas, by pulling down the top of her dress too. Leaving everything naked apart from her stomach.
“Did I do something wrong?” Thomas groaned. He was fully okay with what was happening, but he was sure he was getting punished for something.
“You're a little flirt.” Simon muttered.
Lieke smiled, as she looked up to Simons cock. It had been hanging above her mouth. Fully erect already.
Her hand wrapped around it, rubbing and playing with it. Simon moaned.
“A flirt?” Thomas asked, as Lieke looked at him. He seemed genuinely confused and Lieke already expected that.
“Yes, you are.” she said, rubbing her thumb over Simons tip. She licked her lips.
“With Andreas.” she added.
“I didn't... flirt.” he said confused. “Did I flirt?”
“As I said, you're a flirt. And now you're getting a little punishment.”
“That's really fucking unfair.” Thomas brought out. “But you look sexy as hell like this, so give it to me.”
Lieke laughed softly, as she let her tongue move over Simons cock, making him moan surprised.
“Be sure to wait, sunshine.” she said, before she pulled Simon closer by his hips and engulfed his cock.
She wondered how long he would be able to keep standing like this. Since his legs were still standing on the ground. But her thoughts quickly left her mind, as his mouth found her folds. He started licking her rapidly, sucking on her skin and with his cock in her mouth, she knew she would have some trouble keeping still.
She closed her eyes, as her hand and lips gave into his length. She twirled her hand around his cock, moved it up and done, as she sucked on his tip.
She heard Thomas groan, while Simon made her body burn up. He was so, so good down there. And she wasn't sure how long she could handle these feelings. His fingers had done so much already and now that his lips and tongue were finishing her off, she was sure stars would appear behind her eyes soon.
One of her hands moved over to his ass, squeezing it cheekily. She sucked on his cock, making him whine out of pleasure. She felt him move down, noticing how he almost fell but kept himself up. He moved himself onto his elbows. His hand resting underneath her thighs.
She moaned loudly, hearing the sounds of his lips sucking her wet skin. Lapping through her folds.
“God, you're good.” she whined, before she moved him closer again and started working on his cock harder and faster than before. She felt his hips stuttering above her and she got a good grip on him so he could keep standing up.
“Fuck, fuck-” Simon moaned, starting to move with her moves. She tried not to choke, but the moment Simon dived down again and started lapping over her clit, she felt herself struggle underneath his touch.
She whined, sucking on Simons hardened skin.
Her hips buckled up and she felt her stomach grip together.
She stopped moving her mouth, even though Simon didn't stop. And her moans vibrated onto his cock as she orgasmed totally unexpectedly.
Simon hummed, sucking on her lips, making sure she got through all her aftershocks. Lieke, who was still not really over it, gripped Simons cock and squeezed it. Her teeth scraped over his shaft and she smiled happily, as Simon fully emptied himself inside her mouth. She swallowed it, as her eyes fell on Thomas again.
He was watching them intently and while Lieke played with Simons cock a little while longer, she wondered what Thomas was planning on.
“Are you doing good, beautiful?” Simon asked Thomas, making him nodded slowly. Liekes body peered up as Simons fingers went through her folds again.
“Come here, sunshine. You want a taste?”
Thomas whined softly, and moved closer on his ass. Simons fingers entered his mouth and he closed his eyes happily, as he sucked on his long wettened fingers.
Lieke groaned as it went so easily for them. Simon was still hanging over her and Thomas was tasting her.
“God damn.” she groaned, making Thomas open his eyes again.
Finally, after all those minutes, he smirked. And she breathed out heavily.
Simon stood up straight and she was just in time to grab his face in her hands. He stared at her, hanging above her head. He moved down to kiss her slowly. She felt Thomas his strong grip moving over her thighs. And she was almost getting back to feeling aroused.
She quickly ended the kiss, before she looked up at Thomas.
“What do you want, sunshine?” she asked.
“I want Simons lips on me too.”
Simon looked up from under his eyebrows and Lieke looked up with a big smile.
“Are they that good?” he asked cheekily, making both Lieke and Thomas nod at the same time.
He laughed, placing a kiss on top of Liekes nose, before he stood straight.
“Go lay back then, honey.” he said.
Lieke finally started moving again and stood up. She watched Simon take her place and he moved inside Thomas his legs. Lieke lazily got rid of her dress and grabbed a shirt from Thomas his bag. Thomas watched her happily, as she put it on and moved back next to him.
She was tired from all the arousal building up. And tonight she really wanted to fall asleep in between both her men. But first she wanted Simon to pleasure the hell out of Thomas.
Simon smiled up at them and Liekes hand found Thomas his curls.
“Lay back and enjoy, honey.” she smiled at Thomas, who sighed happily.
Simon moved down and let his mouth connect with Thomas his cock. He moaned, as he was already very close.
Lieke started massaging his scalp and her other hand found Simons locks. She felt Thomas hand join her and she smiled, realising how small her hand was underneath his.
“C'mon Simon, work your magic on this needy, flirty man.” she giggled and she felt Thomas move his hand down, almost making Simon choke. He moved his arm around her shoulder and held onto her arm.
Simon moved up his speed and whines left Thomas his mouth. He had been a good boy, but now he really wanted to have his orgasm too. And both Simon and Lieke weren't planning on denying him that.
Lieke moved up and started kissing his jaw.
“Simon, you gotta go faster. I'm so close.” Thomas whined out loud.
Simon hummed approvingly, as he started swirling his tongue around his cock and bobbed up and down heavily.
“Isn't he so good with his mouth?” Lieke giggled into Thomas his ear.
He nodded desperately.
“So fucking go-”
He couldn't even finish his sentence as his orgasm came over him and he emptied himself. Simon managed to get most of it and breathed out heavily as he swallowed Thomas his cum.
He fell down on Thomas his stomach and groaned.
“Now I'm tired.” he smiled sleepily.
“I think we all are.” Thomas laughed, as he pulled Lieke closer. “This was a good way to end our vacation.”
Lieke nodded, as she felt him place a kiss on her head.
“Yeah, I hate to go back. But I'm glad we did this.” she said quietly.
“Me too.” Simon smiled, to which Thomas nodded.
“We should come back next year if we can.”
Simons eyes sparkled and he immediately nodded. She figured he had felt really good here.
But that was no surprise because she did too.
“We definitely can try.” Thomas smiled, as he let his hand go through Simons locks.
“But now let's get some sleep.”
Lieke smiled up at him, and she noticed he could barely keep his eyes open.
“We can pack tomorrow.” Lieke muttered.
“Simon..” she then mumbled.
“Yes, little star.”
Liekes heart bloomed up and she bit her lip not to get emotional. There was something about that nickname, that made her feel very loved.
“Can I lay in the middle tonight?” she asked.
Simon looked at Thomas, who smiled down at him.
“Ofcourse you can.” he said, before he moved up.
Thomas and Lieke moved under the sheets and moved down a little altogether. Simon tucked them in, before he put out the lights and layed down next to Lieke.
He immediately cuddled up to her, making her feel incredibly loved. Thomas did the same, and both their legs moved over her. She smiled, as she rested her head against Thomas his chest. She felt Simon move closer, so he could share a kiss with Thomas. Her body warmed, knowing they were happy together and she was resting in between their bodies.
“Goodnight little star.” they said in unison, making Lieke giggle wholeheardedly.
“Goodnight my sun and moon.” she answered.
She kissed Thomas chest, before she felt both Simon and Thomas kiss her hair softly.
“I love you. Thank you for this amazing vacation together.”
“No place we would rather be..” Thomas whispered, as Liekes eyes fell shut. She moved her arms around his waist and held him close as she fell asleep.

That night she dreamed only of good things. And even when the morning arrived, that feeling never went away. She was a lucky woman, surrounded by two lovely men. And she couldn't wait for the happy, cosy winter days to come.

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  • Kjelaney


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  • Kjelaney

    That night she dreamed only of good things. And even when the morning arrived, that feeling never went away. She was a lucky woman, surrounded by two lovely men. And she couldn't wait for the happy, cosy winter days to come.


    1 maand geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “I love you. Thank you for this amazing vacation together.”
    “No place we would rather be..” Thomas whispered, as Liekes eyes fell shut. She moved her arms around his waist and held him close as she fell asleep.


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  • Kjelaney

    Thomas and Lieke moved under the sheets and moved down a little altogether. Simon tucked them in, before he put out the lights and layed down next to Lieke.
    He immediately cuddled up to her, making her feel incredibly loved. Thomas did the same, and both their legs moved over her. She smiled, as she rested her head against Thomas his chest. She felt Simon move closer, so he could share a kiss with Thomas. Her body warmed, knowing they were happy together and she was resting in between their bodies.


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  • Kjelaney

    Simons eyes sparkled and he immediately nodded. She figured he had felt really good here.
    But that was no surprise because she did too.


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