"She had been alone for so long,
she needed that love.
That amazing feeling. "


The following morning Lieke woke up in bed. And for a second she wasn't sure where she was, until she saw Simon laying beside her. He was sprayed out, almost taking over the whole kingsize bed. And it made her realise how long this man was again.
She smiled and covered herself under the sheets. It was then she realised she definitely hadn't fallen asleep here. She had fallen asleep on the couch and Simon must have carried her to bed. She noticed he had changed her into a shirt of his. And she smiled.
He was so careful with her and as she looked at his carefree smile on his face, her heart melted.
She let her eyes wander down the room and she gasped as she saw the photoalbum standing on his nightstand. She quickly made her way over there and her smile got brighter with the second. She couldn't believe he put it there. And she couldn't believe she didn't notice it yesterday.
She turned around, realising Simon had woken up and she bit her lip, trying to hold back her smile. Her arms hugged her waist as she looked at him. He looked very, very sleepy. But still very, very handsome. And her body immediately reacted to it.
“Goodmorning.” she said, her voice a lot shyer than she intended.
She quickly made her way back to the bed and Simon opened the covers for her.
“How did you sleep?” he asked softly, his voice still a bit hoarse.
“Good, really good.” she smiled.
His smile couldn't get any brighter, even though he was still struggling to keep his eyes open.
His hand found her cheek and caressed it softly.
“We fell asleep on the couch and I eventually woke up because Tommy was licking my face.”
Lieke laughed wholeheardedly.
“So I carried you to bed. I didn't want to wake you up.” he said shyly.
“You're an angel, thank you.”
She leaned over him to peck his lips and he lingered a little longer. Sighing, before he fell down on his pillow again.
“When do you need to start work?” she asked.
She was incredibly happy he didn't have to leave and if she could she would be staring at him work the whole day through.
“In an hour.” Simon noted, as he looked at the clock. “Why are you asking?”
He had moved his arm protectively around her shoulder and she was staring up at him silently.
“Just wondering.” she muttered, making circles on his stomach.
“I have to start at eleven and then work until about five.”
“Do you want me to walk Tommy in the meantime?” she asked, smiling brightly.
“That'd be very sweet, yes.” he said. She could see he really meant that and she was glad she was able to help him. “But for now I wanna stay here with you.”
“I'm not going anywhere.”
Simon hummed and Lieke noticed his breathing labered a little. His eyes were focused on her touch and she let her palm fall down on his stomach, stroking it softly. She knew what he wanted, she was just waiting for him to actually admit it. The sheets ended right above the waistband of his underwear. She wanted to pull it down and make sure she wasn't wrong. But when she looked up, his cheeks had became even more red than they already were.
“Do you want to take a shower?” Lieke said slowly.
Simons eyes wondered off to her face and she saw the struggle clearly on his face.
“Or do you want to take it after we had sex.” she smirked, making Simon groan.
She figured he wasn't going to admit it, which was actually very cute. And she decided to it for him.
“I thought you were never going to say it.” he whispered.
“I wanted you to say it,” she laughed. “But I figured you weren't going to.”
“I didn't want to make you uncomfortable.” he shrugged.
She smiled and nodded knowingly.
“And that's very sweet of you..” she replied.
Simon held his breath as her hand wandered off into his underwear.
“But I think you really need it.” she continued, making him look at her desperately.
She let her fingers roam through his little hairs and he bit his lip trying to hold himself in.
She moved up to peck his lips, before she layed down next to him.
“I'm ready.” she giggled, making him laugh softly.
He moved himself on top of Lieke and she stared at him quietly. He started kissing her slowly and he explored her mouth, as she felt her stomach build up to arousal.
His lips left her mouth and she made a sad sound before he attached his lips to her neck. She moaned softly and she realised he was going to do this the whole way down to her legs.
She moved up so Simon could get rid of her shirt. He stared at her bra and smiled up at her.
He kissed the valley of her breasts as he opened her bra. She felt the cold immediately against her skin. She was happy Simon had held onto the sheets a little. But it didn't really help.
She held his head in her hands lightly as he moved his lips over her breasts, making her groan softly.
“Hurry up, sweetheart. I want you to feel good.” she whispered, making look up.
He blinked a few times, before he smiled softly. He let go of her body and she smiled comfortingly.
“Don't you want to feel good too?” he asked, as he pulled down his underwear confusingly.
She groaned, seeing his erect length stand up right.
“I feel really good, Simon.” she chuckled.
“You do?” he asked again.
She raised an eyebrow at him, making him giggle softly.
“I'm sorry.” he smiled. “I just want to make sure.”
“I will tell you if I don't feel good, okay?”
He nodded, as she moved up to kiss him softly. He lost himself in the kiss immediately, forgetting all his worries. With some struggle he got rid of his underwear fully and let his hands wander over to her legs to help her out of her panties.
Lieke instantly remembered the last time they had sex and his lips on her body still made her shiver. She lifted her arms over her head and lifted her legs so he could get rid of her panties as well. He lifted her right leg up and she gasped as he put it over his shoulder.
He leaned his face to the left and started kissing her thigh, sucking on her skin. Making her feel incredibly sensitive.
Luckily the headboard was easy to hold onto, as she wrapped her hands around the rods and stretched her body.
All her tiredness had left her body. And she was happy Simon hadn't held back, because she really needed it too.
She looked down at his body. His gorgeous toned body and she groaned loudly, making Simon look up again.
“I need you.” she brought out slowly. And in that moment she wondered if she took over Simons arousal.
His mouth hang open ajar and he stared at her body.
He brought his hand to his shaft and pumped it slowly, making her Lieke bite her lip. Pre-cum started leaking out of it and she was happy she was taking the pill. She wanted to enjoy him to the fullest. And she dared to take that risk right now.
He started leaving a trail of kisses on her stomach, and the moment he reached her breasts, she felt him fill her up.
She moaned loudly and she knew he was staring at her silently. She looked down with a smirk on her face. And he smiled, as he started moving slowly.
She tried to keep her leg as steady as possible on his shoulder and let one hand wander off to his blonde locks. He was sucking on her nipples, making Liekes senses go wild.
“I didn't say-” she moaned. “I wanted you to feel good.”
She could barely speak and that made her body shudder. She felt really, really good. And Simon was able to do that to her.
“I feel really good.” he spoke up, as he picked up a faster pace, making her moan surprised.
She smiled brightly, as Simon moved closer to her. Their lips connected and Lieke moaned into his mouth, making Simon groan.
Her hands explored his back as her leg moved to his side to get a better angle. She pushed him closer with that same leg, as her hands didn't stop moving. She really wanted to feel him.
His hands landed next to her head, as he started moving so fast, Lieke wasn't sure how to catch her breath.
She rested her hands in his neck and rested her forehead against his. She looked into his blue eyes and he smiled down at her.
A mischievous smirk moved over his face, as his hand lowered to her stomach. She breathed out heavily, holding onto his locks. A whine left her mouth, as his finger connected with her clit.
“Please, Simon..” she groaned.
She threw her head back and immediately felt his lips move into her neck.
She could feel her orgasm building up inside her body.
“Don't wait for me.” she muttered, feeling Simons body stir against hers. “I wanna see you come.”
She moved her face up to him again and he looked at her as he moved so sloppily into her, Lieke knew it would only be a matter of seconds.
“Come on, beautiful. Show me what you got.” she grinned. She let her thumb move over his lip, holding it down a little. She connected her lips for one last time, sucking on his lip, making him go crazy. He moaned loudly, and not a second later his load filled her up.
“You look beautiful.” she whispered, kissing him happily. She noticed the blush on his face and she wondered why he was so flustered. He shook his head, making her laugh.
“So do you.” he said softly, making her feel on top of the world.
His flacid cock moved out of her and she groaned, not wanting to feel so empty.
She watched as he lowered himself in between her legs and she bit her lip, knowing exactly what was to come.
He didn't wait a second for her, as his face disappeared in between her legs, making fireworks go off in her body.
Fuck.” Lieke breathed out heavily. Her hands automatically went back to the headboard and she closed her eyes as all her feelings went wild in her body. She felt his hand move up her body and he softly started massaging her breast. Her body arched up and she whined desperately.
Simons lips moved over her clit and the moment he sucked on her skin, she was done for. She moaned loudly as she came over the edge.
Her body slowly, but surely, moved back onto the bed. And she breathed out heavily as Simon came closer again.
“You didn't have to do that.” she whispered.
He layed down on top of her, but leaned his elbows next to her so she wasn't fully underneath his weight. His hands found her hair and held her close.
“I always felt like when you're in a relationship together, you both have to enjoy it.” he explained sweetly, making her heart melt. She let the back of her hand go over his cheek and shook her head in disbelief.
“I don't know who send you from heaven, because you're an angel. And I can't believe you out of all people are the person I've been waiting for all my life.”
He blushed heavily and she kissed him to make him feel better.
“I wish we realised that faster.”
“I think deep inside we always knew.” Lieke muttered, pulling him into a hug.
He hummed into her neck and she smiled, kissing his head.
“Now let's take a shower. And then I'll go walking with Tommy so you can work properly.”
He chuckled and she felt it vibrate through her whole body.
“It's going to be difficult knowing you're here the whole time.” he replied.
“You gotta have to get used to it.” she giggled, kissing the top of his nose.

The two took a well deserved shower. They made sure they were fresh and clean, even though they spend way longer underneath the shower than needed.
Once Simon had no choice but to get ready to get to work, they had gone out of the shower. Lieke had stolen a hoodie from Simon, and she wasn't sure why she brought her own stuff over while she kept wearing his clothes.
She had made a simple breakfast for Simon, which he could eat behind his laptop. And she made two sandwiches to eat when she came back from walking Tommy.
The little man was very ready to go outside. He was wagging his tail in front of the door, making Lieke laugh. She kneeled down and let the puppy into her arms.
“Are you okay with me walking you, little man?” she asked, receiving a lick in return.
“I thought so.” she laughed.
She had made sure she was fully clothed and grabbed her coat from the coatreck.
“Siem, I'm back in a few okay?” she yelled.
“Yes, sweetheart.” he answered.
She smiled to herself and she knew he was smiling too.

Lieke took a long walk with Tommy. He had been excited to go out and Lieke really needed to calm down a bit. She loved staying with Simon. And it was growing on her way too quickly. She really dreaded the moment she had to go home again. And she didn't want to feel attached immediately, but since she had known Simon for so long. She knew every thing he liked and loved. Or so she thought atleast.
And he seemed to feel just the same about her. She was on cloud nine when it came to him. And she felt like she couldn't be without him.
She really wanted to be independent. But she had been alone for so long, she needed that love. That amazing feeling.

So the moment she came back home and heard Simon talk in his office, she threw all that calmness away and drowned into her feelings again. She put on the radio to enjoy some music while she ate her sandwiches.
Christmas songs had started playing again and it made her feel really good.
She had gotten rid of her shoes and pants again, since the hoodie was too oversized on her anyway. Tommy had layed down next to her and had slumbered into a deep sleep. Atleast he was content with his walk.
She looked up the moment Simon came walking into the living room again.
She frowned, as he leaned over her to peck her lips.
“Everything okay?” she asked.
“Yes, but I have to wait for a videocall.” he smiled. He checked his phone. “In ten minutes.”
He put his phone back in his backpocket.
“So I thought I'd come check up on you.”
He sat down at the end of her feet and let his hand connect with the top of her thigh. She joined with her own hand.
“Everything is okay.” she said, resting her head on the side of the couch. She still absolutely loved his cornercouch.
“I was listening to Christmas music with Tommy, but I guess he was tired.” she pouted, making Simon laugh.
“You took a long walk with him, longer than I normally do.”
“He liked it though.” Lieke laughed.
Simon lifted her legs and scooted closer to her.
He rested his arm on the side of the couch too, letting his hand connect with her cheek. She leaned into his touch as they gazed at each other quietly.
He tilted his head, making her beam.
“What is it?” she giggled shyly.
“Nothing!” he laughed. “Can't I stare at my girlfriend?”
“I still have to get used to that.. to both you staring and you calling me your girlfriend.”
“If you don't like it..” Simon started slowly.
Lieke immediately shook her head.
“I have to get used to it, doesn't mean I don't love it. But it makes me feel all giddy and happy and I'm not used to that either.”
Simons face relaxed again and she stared into his ocean blue eyes.
“It makes me happy too.” he admitted.
“See, you saying things like that makes me feel like all my butterflies in my body are going to lift me up and make me fly away.”
Simon laughed out loud, making her relax a little more.

“Go get ready for your call.” Lieke whispered, making him nod softly.
“I really wish I could just stay with you right now.” he muttered.
She scooted closer, almost landing on top of his lap, as she rested his chin in between her fingers.
“Tonight we have all the time.” she smiled.
“Yes, you're right.” he sighed.
She could see he actually felt sad about it and she really wanted to hug him and never let him go.
“After the videocall I have a big break...”
“Then I expect you right here next to me on the couch.” she smiled, her thumb caressing his chin.
She stared into his eyes, before her gaze lowered down to his lips.
She couldn't even make a move, as Simons lips had already found hers. She immediately moved closer to him, breathing in heavily, as she kissed him back.
Lieke opened her mouth, to give Simon access. He explored her mouth happily, playing a heavy game with her tongue.
Lieke opened her eyes and stared right into his blue ones. A bright smile moved over his face, as he kissed her lightly. She pecked his lips, before she let go and sighed.
“Now go back to work.” she giggled, making him groan.
“Now it's even harder.” he chuckled.
“I will be here waiting for you.” she smiled.
She moved her legs back onto the ground and pecked his lips one more time, before he stood up.
With loud groans he went back to his office, making Lieke laugh softly.
She wondered if Simon knew how much these little gestures meant to her. Because for her it felt like she was the most important person in the world.
She stared at the door of his office and slowly an idea came over her. It was a bad one. A real bad one.
But she couldn't resist to try it.

The videocall had been going for half an hour and Lieke could hear Simon was pretty intensely talking. It sounded very hot, to hear him being so serious. It was a side she knew he had, but never really saw before. And it made her feel all kinds of ways.
She quickly had changed into a pretty set of lingerie she had secretly thrown into the bag of clothes too. Black with lace all over. It didn't leave much to the imagination and she knew Simon would totally fall for it.
She looked at herself in the mirror, letting her hair fall down nicely, before she made her way over to the living room again.
Simons office was next to his bedroom. And she knew his desk was facing to the left. Meaning that if she walked in, nobody could see her.
Her nerves build up in her body, because if Simon didn't like this. She would have a big problem.
She opened the door slowly and immediately noticed Simon behind his desk. He had been engulfed in a conversation and she smiled as she saw he was sitting on one of his legs, while the other tapped on the chair leg.
She opened the door further and it screeched making him look up curiously. The moment his eyes fell on her body, they widened immediately.
She quietly closed the door and leaned against it to look at his reaction.
A unbelievable smile had moved over his face. The only problem was that his thoughts had left his mind and he was staring blankly at the screen now.
“Give me a second, guys.” he said, looking back at her.
“Is your imaginary girlfriend there?” one of them asked, making her laugh quietly.
“She's not.. imaginary. I have a girlfriend guys, whether you believe it or not.” he laughed.
He kept the lines open, but muted his microphone before he rolled himself out of view. Lieke couldn't help but smile, since he sounded really proud saying that.
“Are you crazy..” he laughed in disbelief.
“God, you look gorgeous.” he groaned.
“I thought you'd like it.” she grinned, making him bit his lip. He looked her up and down slowly, shaking his head. “I do, but I already have trouble focusing. This doesn't make it better.” he smiled up at her.
She walked over to him, leaning her hands on the arm rests of his chair. One moved over his pants and he closed his eyes trying to contain himself. She cupped him, raising an eyebrow.
“I have to get back.” he muttered.
“Go back. I can help you out in the meantime.”
His eyes widened again.
“I could lose my job, Lieke!” he laughed nervously.
“Not if you're silent.”
He looked at the screen, before he looked back at her.
“It will make you feel better. And you guys seemed almost done too.”
He nodded slowly, licking his lips.
He rolled back to his desk and Lieke watched him curiously. He unmuted his microphone and tapped his leg.
Lieke immediately came into action and tippled quietly over to his desk and moved underneath it.
She heard him talk, or atleast trying to. And she was glad he already had been a bit off today, so this wouldn't make much difference. If he could keep quiet.
She moved her fingers up to the opening of his pants and opened it with ease. She could just see his face from underneath the desk and she could see his was struggling already. She let her hands move over his thighs for a little while, making him sigh.
She smiled before she put the band of his boxers down and pulled him just a little bit closer. She wasn't surprised to see he was already half hard. She figured that this riled him up very badly. She showed off his cock, moving it out of his pants.
She moved closer and licked his shaft slowly. His whole body tensed up immediately, making her smile.
She wrapped her hand around his cock and moved it slowly up and down. She could see his erection grow, making her mouth water.
There was something so exciting about doing this right now. The fact she could hear them talk seriously, made her body feel like it was on fire once again. Simon answered a few times, but kept quiet most of the time.
She moved her body up, so she could take him in fully. He looked down the moment she came closer, as she slowly let her hand move over his stomach underneath his shirt.
It calmed him down just a little, before his cock entered her mouth. She had trouble holding back her moans, but she did so, not wanting to cause any problems for Simon.
She bobbed her head up and down slowly. She grinned as one of his hands landed in her hair, pulling on it softly. He changed her rhythm, speeding it up just a bit more. And she was suprised he managed to do that.
She licked over his shaft like it was a lollipop and everytime she went just a bit too far, she felt Simon pulling on her hair. It turned her on more than she imagined.
She picked up her speed, wanting to make it a little more difficult for Simon. He grumbled softly and she figured he had muted his microphone again.
“Just a minute or two left.” he mumbled, making her hum appreciatively.
She stayed in the same rhythm, as she listened to Simon end his conversation. She wanted him to really live his pleasure with her, so she didn't want to bring him over the edge just yet.
“My god!” he brought out.
She looked up, her eyes big and innocent. She let go of his cock, both of them taking a deep breath.
“Come here, you crazy person.” he groaned.
He rolled his chair back just a little and she stumbled up to meet his height.
Her eyes gazed over to the laptop, which he had closed off immediately.
“Do you want to finish it in the bedroom?” she grinned, making him shake his head.
“You're going to sit on my lap right now.” he said, making her smirk.
“I don't know how you came up with this, but that was insane.”
She bit her lip, before she sat down on his lap. His red, leaking cock trapped in between them.
“You missed me.” she said innocently, making him groan.
His hands moved over to his panties, his indexfingers disappearing underneath the waist.
“I did.. I did.” he mumbled, his eyes moving her body slowly.
She stood up, so he could get rid of her panties.
She squealed as he picked her up with ease, moving her back onto his lap. He looked up at her in utter disbelief.
He grabbed his cock, position it rightly, before he softly lowered her down onto it. She grinded on his cock, and he finally let himself go. Growling everytime she lowered down onto his shaft.
His fingers pushed into the skin of her hips and he roughly started to move her the way he liked it most. And she didn't care, as she was aware how much she made him struggle and he needed it now. He moved her desperately and she stared at him as all his pleasure went over his face.
She grabbed the back of the chair and steadied herself.
“I'm close..” he said in hoarse voice.
“I can feel that.” she grinned.
She tightened her walls, as a low moan immediately left his mouth. He threw his head back, before she felt him fill her up for the second time that day.
He pulled her closer, as she felt him go through his aftershocks quietly.
“Don't ever do this again.” he chuckled. Her hands found his way around her waist.
“This was a one time thing, don't worry.” she giggled.
She felt him kiss her collarbone tiredly.
“If this is one of your plans, I don't want to find out what else you have in mind.”
She gasped.
“Not much, but I can always come up with some things.”
She wiggled her eyebrows, making him shake his head.
“I didn't know you had such a wild side.”
“Maybe it's you who brings it out.” she smirked, pushing her index finger into his chest.
“So you're blaming me?” he joked.
She nodded, before she pecked his lips.
“Unfair. Very unfair, Lieke.” he laughed.
She hummed contently.
He moved slightly forward to connect their lips again and slowly, but surely they both got lost in it.

It took them a few minutes to realise Simons work day wasn't over, as his stomach started to protest.
“Let's get something to eat.” Lieke laughed.
She wanted to stand up, but yelled surprised as Simon lifted her up. She groaned, as his cock finally slipped out of her and held onto his body as he brought her to the kitchen. It must have looked ridiculous, as Simon pants were hanging low on his ass still. And she was only wearing her bra.
Luckily no one could see them.
“Can I change into your hoodie again?” she asked.
“Nope.” he grinned.
He put her down next to the table and she watched him ran back to his office, coming back with her underwear.
“This will do for now.” he said cheekily.
She chuckled, putting her underwear back on.
“So you like my set?” she asked, twirling around in front of him.
“Better yet, if you don't stop I will cancel the rest of my work day and lock you and me together in my bedroom.”
“Simon!” she laughed, making him laugh happily.
“I'm kidding. But yes, you look absolutely beautiful.”
He let his finger move between her bra strip and her skin and she looked down at his movements quietly.
“Thank you.” she managed to bring out.
He smiled up at her and cupped her face, kissing her lovingly.
“No need to thank me for you being the most stunning, cutest, sweetest and most caring friend and girlfriend in the world.”

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  • Kjelaney


    4 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “No need to thank me for you being the most stunning, cutest, sweetest and most caring friend and girlfriend in the world.”


    4 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “Better yet, if you don't stop I will cancel the rest of my work day and lock you and me together in my bedroom.”
    “Simon!” she laughed, making him laugh happily.

    I won't say no to that though <3

    4 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “I didn't know you had such a wild side.”
    “Maybe it's you who brings it out.” she smirked, pushing her index finger into his chest.
    “So you're blaming me?” he joked.
    She nodded, before she pecked his lips.
    “Unfair. Very unfair, Lieke.” he laughed.


    4 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “You're going to sit on my lap right now.” he said, making her smirk.


    4 weken geleden

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