A week went by and Lieke got back to living her normal life. She didn't hate it, but it definitely felt a little boring now. She had been feeling very tired most of the days and even though she pleasured her men when they wanted to and when it felt good to her, she didn't really participate to it to the fullest. She knew they were aware of that, but they let her be and she liked that a lot.
They were very much happy doing things together too and she loved to watch them.
But Thomas had been eyeing her and she knew that eventually he would ask her what was wrong.

Today, a week before Christmas, they all had a day off. Which all three of them didn't realise until the day had come. Simon was taking his shower, since he hadn't done it yesterday and Thomas and Lieke were still in bed.
Thomas his hands were exploring Liekes body lazily and she had to admit that she felt better right now than she did this past week and that made her smile. Thomas was staring at her, a smile on his face.
“What is it?” he muttered against her jaw.
“I feel better.” she admitted, looking sideways at him.
“I figured you weren't really into it these past days.” he said softly.
His hands disappeared for a second and she yelled as Thomas suddenly movedd on top of her.
“What are you doing?!” she laughed. He grabbed her wrists holding them next to her head.
Goosebumps appeared on her body, as the covers weren't covering her body anymore now and it was kind of cold.
“Why didn't you tell me?” he said, looking down at her.
He smiled at her, as their fingers intertwined. She stared at his body and bit her lip.
“Hey, my eyes are up here.” he laughed.
She looked up slowly, smiling brightly.
“I didn't want to bother you two.. it's okay. I just had to get back to real life.”
He nodded.
“But now you feel better right?” he mumbled, moving closer to her face. She followed him intrigued and she could see he was getting turned on. And Lieke couldn't lie, she was too. The way he was holding her down, his naked body on hers.
“Yes, I feel better.” she comfirmed.
She tilted her head to the left and closed her eyes as she felt Thomas his lips connect with hers. She breathed in, before she kissed him slowly. Her body woke up heavily and she smiled as she felt Thomas his thumbs strike over her hands. She opened her eyes and looked into his beautiful brown ones.
He smiled, his sunshine-y smile. Twinkles in his eyes.

She looked down, noticing his growing length and she raised an eyebrow.
“Is it that easy, mister?” she giggled.
“With you and with Simon, yes it is. And you know it.” he muttered, pecking her lips. He let go of her hands and lowered down a little. She watched, holding her breath as his hands moved to her ribs. He started placing kisses over her body. Her neck, her collarbone, her breasts.
She stretched herself, feeling completely overwhelmed. She pushed her head back in the pillow and rested her hands in his curls.
“I've had an idea for a few days..” he spoke softly in between his kisses.
She hummed, not being able to answer properly. He smirked up, knowing fully well what he was doing to her.
“You want to hear?” he muttered, his breath fanning out against her heat.
She groaned, but she knew he wanted to hear her.
“Yes, tell me.” she sighed.
“But tell me if you don't like it, okay?”
She looked up, a bit confused. She wondered what he was thinking about.
“Of course I will. But now I'm curious.”
Thomas sucked on her thigh, before he looked up again.
“I want me and Simon to fuck you. Both of us.”
“But we- Oh-”
Her eyes widened and her mind went through a few stages, before she raised a cheeky eyebrow.
“That's new.” she said, letting her hands play with his curls. “Why did we never thought of that before?”
Thomas chuckled, moving closer on her body. He layed lightly on her and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.
“Do you want to do it though?”
It was then she heard a cough and both she and Thomas looked up.
“Do I have a say in this?” Simon smiled.
Lieke swallowed loudly, as she looked at the man in front of her. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair was pushed back and his body was clearly still half wet. He looked so broad and tall from their point of view.
She looked at Thomas, who had been staring at him as well.
“Fuck, you look gorgeous.” Thomas mumbled out of breath.
And Lieke groaned, feeling Thomas his erection grow against her stomach.
“Did you even hear what I said?” Thomas asked, still staring at his torso.
“Yes, I did.” Simon said, licking his lips slowly.
“Siems, I swear, if you don't come here right now, I'm going to come after you.” Lieke whined.
Simon eyes widened for a second, before he laughed and went back to his cute self. He moved closer, but didn't get rid of the towel just yet. He layed down next to them and they both stared at him for a little while.
“Kiss me, please.” Lieke whispered.
He immediately moved closer, his hand hiding in the hair behind her ear. She kissed him, like she was living in a fairytale. Until she realised she was actually here and fully in love with this gorgeous man. She felt Thomas his eyes on them and her free hand massaged his scalp, making him produce soft content sounds.
“You feel better?” Simon asked.
She giggled, before she nodded seriously.
His hand moved slowly over her face and she held her breath. For some reason both their touches turned her on ten times more today.
“Do you want to do what Thomas suggested?”
She turned back, so she could look at both of them.
“If you guys can be gentle with me.” she smiled shyly.
Thomas hand joined Simons on her face and she sighed.
“Did we ever not?” Thomas asked, making her look up immediately.
“Okay!” he chuckled. “But we never went too far, did we?”
She shook her head, laughing softly.
“Do you want it?” she asked Simon, who shrugged.
“I mean, yes. I mean, I'm not saying no.”
Lieke laughed sweetly at the way he was trying not to be too excited. But she saw that it made him feel good just thinking about it.
“Then I guess one of you should get the lube, honeys..” she muttered.
Simon stood up, so Lieke focused fully back on Thomas.
“God, I love you.” he whispered, his eyes flying over her face. She stared at him, utterly in love with his vulnerability.
“I love you too, sweetheart.” she whispered.
“Are you really sure you want to do this?”
“Yes.” she spoke firmly, making him smile.
Her thumb moved over his lips and his mouth opened slowly as he stared at her.
“Will you be sweet for me?” she whispered, her eyes going from his lips to his eyes.
“Always.” he whispered back.
She moved up a little and kissed him slowly. He immediately opened his mouth for her and her tongue explored his mouth sensually. Her hand moved down, her fingers sliding over his shaft.
He moaned into her mouth, moving up a little to be as close as possible. His arms balancing on the matress.
She pumped him slowly and her body tugged together, seeing Thomas in so much pleasure already.
Simon came back and Lieke looked up lovingly. She moaned, as Thomas his lips landed on her breasts, sucking heavily on her nipple.
She let go of his cock and layed back down.
Simon handed Thomas the lube, after he sat up in between her legs.
Simon had gotten rid of his towel and layed down next to Lieke. He was higher up than Lieke, his head leaning on his hand, half hiding behind her head. His half erect cock on the perfect height for Lieke to take ahold of.
Thomas grabbed a free pillow and layed it under her back. She looked at him, as her hand pumped Simon slowly. She heard him moan softly next to her and she looked up with a smile on her face.
“Feels good, doesn't it?”
He smirked, coming down to peck her lips.
“Always when you do it.” he grinned, making Thomas look up.
Both Lieke and Simon laughed.
“And when Thomas does it.” he gave in, making Thomas hum happily.
Lieke rolled her eyes at Simon, making him sniff softly.
Thomas pushed her legs up, and she watched as he put some lube on his fingers. She didn't know what she was about to feel, since she had never had done it there before. But she was ready to find out.
“Ready?” he asked and she laughed, realising how often they had done this with each other, but not with her.
“Yes, I am.”
He pushed inside slowly and she stayed completely still, trying to relax around his finger. Her movements stilled around Simons cock and she felt him come closer. He put featherlight kisses on the side of her head and she let go of his cock, to hold his head close with the same hand. Focusing on his touches to feel better.
Thomas started moving slowly and it started to slowly feel good.
“It's going to feel so good.” Thomas muttered, putting kisses on her knees and thighs.
Both men were trying to make her feel good and calm and she was so happy she had them by her side.
“Go on.” she said, looking at Thomas.
He added a second finger and she groaned. She pushed back against his fingers, making him look up surprised.
“You always amaze me.” he muttered, a surprised smile on his lips. He pumped into her a few times, before he added another finger.
“Are you okay, honey?” Simon asked.
Lieke licked her lips eagerly.
“Yes.” she spoke, moving him closer to her lips. He got the hint and kissed her needily. Her hand found his cock again and that was for Thomas a sign to come into action again.
She whined against Simons lips as his fingers left her body. Her hand movements sped up, making Simon struggle against her lips. Pre-cum dripped out of it and she smeared some out over his cock. He moved her hand away slowly, licking his own pre-cum off her fingers.
He kissed her again and she groaned, tasting his own cum on his tongue. She moaned Thomas his name loudly and surprised, as he entered his cock slowly.
Simon kissed her lovingly, until she got used to Thomas his length. He slowly started moving in and out of her, groaning softly.
“Fuck, that's tight.” he muttered, making Simon smile.
Lieke moaned everytime he moved into her again, she was really enjoying it and that made her feel so good.
She didn't even notice when Simon moved down a little and started sucking on her nipples.
“Fuck.” she brought out.
Her hand found his hair immediately, gripping it firmly. He looked up with a cheeky grin on his face.
“What? they were there all naked and pretty for me.” he said, making Thomas moan loudly.
Lieke bit her lip, biting back her laugh. She pushed him back into his spot and she whined, feeling his mouth suck on his skin. His tongue circled around and over her nipple.
Together with Thomas his pumps, she really wanted to cry out loud.
She was really getting into it, when Thomas disappeared and she immediately looked up.
“No..” she whined.
“Hm, don't worry. I will be back soon.” Thomas muttered. He held out his hands, after he cleaned his fingers, and she sat up. Their bodies touched again and she felt sparks go through her body as he teased his cock through her folds.
She pushed her lips onto his needily and gripped into his curls. She didn't care if it hurt him, she just needed to kiss him right now and he pulled her closer hungrily, their bodies being so close that Thomas was leaning over her.
Lieke gasped for air and stole a quick kiss, before she turned around and looked at Simon. He had taken her place and was laying naked and beautifully on the bed.
“No, but..” she groaned, her heat asking for more. “What did I do to deserve not one but two Gods in my bed?”
Simon, who had his hands behind his head, started to laugh. And she moved closer, taking his cock in her mouth, pumping a few times, before she moved on top of it.
She wrapped her hand around his cock and positioned it, before she lowered down. She grinded and rocked her hips a few times, making him groan.
She felt Thomas his thumb on her ass, close to her other entrance. She moaned heavily, as his finger moved into her for a second.
“Move a little forward, beautiful.” Thomas said, squeezing her ass cheekily. She moved over, her hands next to Simons chest. The angle of his dick made him groan happily. He moved his feet onto the matress and Lieke felt him bottom out inside of her again. It felt so extremely good.
Simon stared at her, as Thomas came closer and entered her again.
“Oh fuck, that feels ridiciously good.” she sighed, her head falling down. She felt Simons fingers keep her hair back and she looked up at him. He tucked her hair behind her ears and let his hands lower down to her breasts, squeezing them softly.
He slowly started moving his hips upwards, making her body burn up. Goosebumps appeared, realising how good she actually felt.
Slowly, but surely, she felt Thomas moving too. Her body exploded with all the feelings she experienced. The fact she was getting fucked by both of them at the same time, did things to her body she never thought she would feel.
She had trouble keeping herself up. She was biting on her lip, getting through the movements and pleasure.
“You look really fucking sexy like this.” Simon brought out and she smiled, her eyes closing as she let the compliment do it's work in her body.
“And she's such a good girl for us.” Thomas said behind her, making her whine.
Her whines both spurred them on, as they moved into her quicker than she expected. Rapid moans and groans left her mouth and she hadn't even realised Simon had warned Thomas, as Thomas picked her up. Her body arched and she felt Thomas his chest against her back. His hands found her breasts and she layed her head against his shoulder, completely in mercy.
Her hands moved into his neck and she groaned as Thomas bit into her earlobe.
Thomas looked down at Simon, a smirk on his face.
“I really wish you could see how hot this looks right now.” Simon shook his head.
He grinded into her slowly, making her moan.
His hands found her hips and caressed them softly. She cried out, feeling so overwhelmed. Thomas really hadn't stopped moving and she could feel herself coming closer to her orgasm.
“Don't hold back, honey. You deserve that feeling now.” Thomas whispered into her ear. Her pushed into her deeper and harder and Simon found her good spot immediately. As if he had been holding back all this time.
“You're so good for us, babe.” he muttered, moving her nipples through his fingers.
Simon moved faster into her and the moment her knees dipped out on her, she felt him reach her good spot again.
Thomas and Simons name rolled over her lips loudly, as she got over the edge. Completely and fully exploding.
“Holy-” Simon moaned, rolling his eyes back into his head.
Thomas held her steady and she whined as she felt Simon empty himself inside of her. Thomas kept his pace going and her tired moans pushed him quickly over the edge too. The fact she was completely in his hands, had made it so much easier and quicker.
He quickly moved back, making her sigh, before she fell down on top of Simon. His flacid cock moved out of her the moment she fell and Simon chuckled, before he wrapped his arms around her body. She breathed out heavily, her eyes closed as she inhaled Simons scent and shampoo all at once.
“Are you okay, love?”
“Yes.” she immediately spoke. “But a little tired.”
She giggled wrapping her arms around his torso.
She wasn't even aware of what Thomas was doing, until she felt his lips on her temple.
“Hey gorgeous.” he whispered, making her open her eyes again.
“Hey.” she whispered.
He moved sideways, connecting their lips for a few seconds, before he layed down next to her. His fingers started circling on her back and she smiled. She was glad Simon was holding her and that Thomas was being so close.
“Did you like it?” he asked, a pretty blush on his face.
“We should do that again sometime.” she giggled.
He chuckled. His thumb moved over her eyebrows and she smiled sleepily.
“Can we take a shower and sleep for a bit? Or me, I will sleep.”
Both boys laughed softly and she felt two pair of lips kiss her skin.
“We will join you, silly.” Thomas laughed.
“Good, yes good. That sounds better.” she laughed, but her eyes were barely open.
“How about we sleep first and shower after.” Thomas said, looking up at Simon.
“She's falling asleep, isn't she?” he laughed softly.
“Yeah..” Thomas mumbled in awe. The look on his face was one of pure love, as he gazed down at her.
He place a soft kiss on her cheek, before he stood up and grabbed the sheets from the other bed. Simons hand moved into her hair and massaged her scalp slowly.
“Go to sleep, honey. We will shower after.”
Lieke hummed, but he was sure she hadn't understood what he had said.
He immediately warmed up when the sheets covered them and Thomas body moved closer. He moved one arm aside, so Thomas could cuddle up to him.
Thomas stared at him, before he moved up and connected their lips. They kissed and Simon happily held Thomas close, gripping into his skin.
“I love you, sunshine.” Simon whispered.
Thomas smiled, stealing one more kiss.
“I love you too.” he whispered back.
Simon hummed, his eyes moving over Thomas his face for a few seconds.
“Did you like it?” Simon asked. “What we did?”
Thomas nodded, making Simon chuckle.
“Good, me too.”
“Do you think Lieke did too?” Thomas asked and Simon immediately noticed how insecure he was.
Simon pushed away some of Lieke her locks and noticed the smile on her face.
“She doesn't lie to us. Let alone to you, Thomas.”
“Don't put me above you.” he muttered. “I don't like that.”
“Still..” he said caressing his cheek softly. “I know how it feels to be unsure. But if you had been in my place, you would have seen how much pleasure was on her face.”
Thomas bit his lip, smirking slightly.
“Yes honey. But I can imagine how tiring that must have been for her.” he chuckled, making Thomas nod agreeingly.
“You're right.”
“Duh.” Simon said cheekily, pulling him closer for another kiss.
Thomas finally relaxed again, which made Simon happy.
He moved some curls out of his boyfriends face and kissed his forehead.
“You two looked very hot on top of my body though. You should try it sometime.”
Thomas groaned softly.
“We definitely should.” he agreed, making Simon smile. “As long as Lieke wants it.”
Simon gave him a comforting nod, before Thomas layed down and rested his face in the crook of his neck.
“You have some great ideas, sunshine.” Simon mumbled, his eyes finally closing and his body fully relaxing.
“I know.” Thomas yawned.
Simon scoffed and his heart fluttered as he heard Thomas giggled against his skin.
Thomas moved Simons hand over his own body and held him impossibly close. His breathing slowed down and Simon sighed happily.
“Sleep well, my little sunshines.”

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