The Night Court
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•• The Night Court is one of the seven Courts of Prythian and one of the three Solar Courts. It is divided into two sub-Courts, the Court of Nightmares, and the lesser known Court of Dreams.

•• The Night Court is a mountainous court located at the northernmost region of Prythian, and boasts the largest amount of territory out of all the courts. Though it is called "The Night Court," it follows the cycle of day and night, as every Solar Court does. However, the Night Court's nights are more breathtaking than those of any other Court.

•• Many citizens of the Night Court consider it to be divided into two sub-Courts. The Court of Nightmares is the name given to the Hewn City. It is a violent place with individuals who follow their own morals and those who disagree with the High Lord's rule. This side of the Night Court is known by the rest of the world. However, the secret side of the Night Court is the Court of Dreams, otherwise known as the city of Velaris.

•• The High Lord of the Night Court:
Crius (meaning Titan of Constellations) has ruled the Night Court for nearly 8 centuries now. The tan-skinned, dark-haired, broad-shouldered High Lord has ruled his lands the same way for decades now. Highly loved among the lower-class citizens, he roams the streets of his Court more than his Castles.
      Being less present and popular with the High Fae has led to tension within the upper classes of this Court of Night. Not only his rigid way of ruling but as well the many deals he sealed with the Illyrian war-lords plummeted his popularity among the High Fae. Especially since the Illyrian seem to be growing wilder with each century.
      Having been involved in the war with not only the current High Lady of the Winter Court, Khione, as well as her father, Crius his beliefs about the people of the Winter Court seem to be never changing. Filled with hatred and rage Crius is convinced the only thing the Winter Court wants to do is diminish his lands and people. He strongly believes the stories told about the Winter Court wanting to use the Night Court as a puppet for their own good fortune.
      The are whispers among the higher levels of society that Crius has lost his ways. Especially being crude and difficult to deal with at social events and other High Fae gatherings, where more so than before Illyrians seem to show their faces as they have grown closer and closer with the High Lord. Are the ruling days of this High Lord coming to an end?

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