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14-year-old Posy has never been particularly lucky. Born the daughter of a prostitute who died of typhoid fever, she has always had to survive with very little. When she is then accused of the probable abduction of the governor's newborn baby, she is forced to flee her small colony by sneaking onto a merchant's ship disguised as a boy.

This accidental holiday turns rather exciting once she meets some sailors who believe in an island of eternal youth. So, why not take a look and go for a little treasure hunt with them?

- A "Pirates of the Caribbean" fanfiction based on something I wrote when I was 11
- Trigger warning: Pedophilia, grooming, murder, and ehh mostly more murder

- With very heavy Peter Pan influences because I love Peter Pan
- Most canon characters are dead in this, it's a very "next generation" fic

- Cover by me (@inktzwart) as well as the story itself (obviously lol)
-Don't take everything too seriously, it's rather self-indulgent despite its darker themes

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