They spend most of the time playing cards. It almost was peaceful, to just be playing cards in the middle of this chaos. To not think about the violence that was going on in that town so close to them. To not think about who was fighting, who was dying. Who was making the plans for a greater organized attack. Because Nassau needed its fort back to be the one in charge again.

Grantaire could almost relax, could almost actually laugh with Gavroche. Could almost actually feel the victory when defeating Gavroche (although he was pretty sure Gavroche had let him win to cheer him up. That boy was a natural talent).

When night fell the forest became quiet. Gavroche had lit a fire and they had eaten some roasted nuts and a piece of bread. Grantaire hadn’t asked Gavroche where he had gotten the food. He was pretty sure the boy hadn’t paid for it.

The darkness and the dim light of the fire felt comforting as well. He had known that Les Amis were outlaws who had given away their civil rights by sailing under the black flag. But they had never been lonely, as they had had each other. But Grantaire? Right now he was the true outlaw, the one spit out of society. Never belonging on either side. And what for? For that sorry smile, those ice blue eyes. For the way Enjolras had looked at him when Grantaire accepted the challenge. For the way Enjolras had made him feel while their bodies were pressed together.

He wouldn’t devote himself to a cruel god, he had told Enjolras. And yet here he was, losing everything he had for a few seconds in heaven.

The chaos of the day and lack of sleep of the nights before finally took his toll on Grantaire and he felt exhausted. Gavroche had gotten him another blanket, and even when the ground was hard, it felt good to lie down under a blanket. He had almost fallen asleep when he heard the bushes rustle.

Even when he felt exhausted, his body clearly still had some adrenaline to pump around and he was wide awake again. On the ground lay a large branch, which he grabbed. It was at least some sort of weapon (why had he been walking around with no weapons? He knew how badly everything could go). Gavroche was fast asleep and didn't look bothered by the suddenly rustling and moving bush.

Grantaire got up as quiet as possible. Maybe the other - whoever or whatever that was - wouldn’t have noticed Grantaire yet. The smoldering wood didn't give much light anymore.

And when the figure appeared, Grantaire was ready to strike. And so he did.

He hit the other hard on the shoulder. Shoulder, it was a human, a human who tried to hide a painful hiss but failed.

"I come in peace," the other hissed in pain. It was almost ironic hearing those words, as he had been the one sneaking up on Grantaire and Gavroche.

"Enjolras?" Because even in the dark, that voice had been very familiar.

He stepped forwards, and in the dim light of the smoldering fire Grantaire could see the golden curls sticking against his forehead.

"Oh gosh Enjolras, you startled me," Grantaire exclaimed. He poked into the fire, until the warmth and light were spread again. He probably should care about sleeping Gavroche, but he figured that if him beating Enjolras didn’t wake Gavroche, some fire would not be a problem.

"Sit down. You look like shit." It was true. Enjolras looked like shit, even more than he had looked before in the cell. Whatever had happened after Grantaire had left Nassau, it was awful.

Enjolras chuckled. "Thank you for your honesty," he said.

Grantaire shrugged. "Always happy to help. But tell me, what happened? I figured that your speech has been the grand plan you wanted to execute."

"Well, it definitely stirred a reaction, I can’t deny that. You saw the chaos that erupted. For a moment it seemed like Javert was already lost, but he is a disciplined man. He got his troops together and striked back."

"So… you're saying me that it was all in vain, you risking your life?"

Enjolras shook his head. "No, it wasn’t. The people need to rise up, even if Javert is standing there. They were moved, they reacted. And now we need to keep them moving, but in an organized way."

"You're still talking about revolution."


"But why? Why not move somewhere else?"

"Because people deserve their place. Most of us have grown up here in Nassau, or spend most of their lives here. They have built a life here, and even if we move, Javert will just follow us, again and again until there is nowhere else to go."

Enjolras looked at the sleeping boy next to them. "And for people like him… he has known nothing else but this Nassau. Where must he go if he loses the place?"

He had a point, really. Maybe leaving would just be replacing the problem, until there was nowhere else to go. Until all they had was the sea, and maybe not even that. Eventually everyone needed a bit of land, a piece they could call home.

"And so you will lead this."

Enjolras nodded. "And so I will lead this."

"And you’ll die for this."

"If I must."

How Noble to have something you're willing to die for. A goal that was bigger than yourself, something you have dedicated yourself to.

"Tomorrow I'll return to Nassau, in secret of course as Javert is trying to find me. Gavroche will help smuggle me in, and then the real revolution will begin. The silent one, until we can strike."

Grantaire looked at the fire. He hated the thought of Enjolras leaving, of Enjolras risking his life again. God knows what would happen if Javert got his hands on Enjolras again. A public trial would not be it at least.

"I wanted to ask you something-" Enjolras started.

"No. Not happening Apollo. I already went to look after Gavroche. I lied to everyone, gave up everything for you. Haven't I given enough?" Because when Enjolras asked you something, you answered. You gave him what he wanted, again and again and again, until there was nothing else to give. And even then you would give it all, because he asked.

"Will you come with me?"

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    Good luck in explaining that to your friends, but of course he will join.

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    Of course he will go with you eljoras

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