People walking in the dark
A crowd of drunk people
Chatting, laughing, joking
No one sees or hears the girl,
Crying and screaming in the alley
‘Shut your mouth’ he says
She still cries
But she doesn’t scream anymore
‘Why me?’ she asks
He chuckles
‘Girls just shouldn’t stay outside after dark’

What happened to this girl?
Who is he?
Where are they now?
Lots of questions, answered in this story”

It’s just another twilight story, a sort of sequel to ‘Breaking Dawn’

And, useful to remember, Jacob isn’t imprinted with Renesmee in this story

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  • Gibigianna

    ik ga meteen lezen

    1 decennium geleden
  • Impressed

    mooi ik ga snel verder lezen

    1 decennium geleden
  • Orlagh

    leuk ga hem lezen maar het is verhaal is toch neit engels he??
    anders ga ik huilenxD(huil)(huil)

    1 decennium geleden
  • Saellyra

    VET! k neem abo:D

    1 decennium geleden

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