Foto bij Part 4 : I'm going to prepare you...

James found it so arousing to hear Helena call him by his rarely-used nick-name. He leaned down and placed a light kiss to Helena’s lips before heading downward to his neck. He knew this was one of Helena’s weak spots. Helena gasped as James began to nibble on her neck, lightly kissing and sucking on the soft flesh.

James felt Helena’s pulse quicken beneath her lips. He found this very arousing and he felt himself throb with need. He pressed hard and fast with his fingers into her, causing a groan from both of them.

"J-James!" Helena gasped, "I-I need you..."

"Patience, my love." James said, moving his kisses lower.

He gently nibbled on Helena's collar bone, causing her to moan.

"Go lower." Helena said in a breathy voice.

James gladly complied and trailed his kisses lower over her chest and breasts. Helena shuddered as James was getting dangerously close to the part of her body that demanded the most attention. James was so close. Helena tried to tell him to go lower, but every time she tried to say it, the words seemed to die just before they reached her lips.

James was mere inches from Helena’s split; Helena could feel James' hot breath there. Suddenly, Helena felt James' lips leave her. His eyes shot open and he looked downward with a questioning look on his face. James leaned up so he was eye-level with Helena.

"I'm going to prepare you." he whispered.

He placed two fingers to her lips, nodding in encouragement. Helena caught on and parted his lips slightly, taking James' fingers in. She sucked on them, coating them generously with her saliva. When James thought he had enough lubrication, he removed his fingers from Helena’s mouth and reached down between them. Helena gasped when she felt James finger again on her opening.

She let out a harsher gasp when she felt that finger enter her. James paused for a moment, then began to move his finger in and out of Helena to get her used to the feeling before he pushed in a second. Helena moaned and thrust her hips against the intrusion, bringing the fingers deeper inside her.

But then, James curled his fingers forward...

Helena cursed out loud as James' fingers hit her sweet spot. A smile appeared on James' face as he watched Helena moan and writhe beneath him. When he thought Helena was ready, he pulled his fingers out of her, prompting a whimper of loss from Helena.

She looked down and saw that James had a condom in his hand and was preparing himself.

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