Foto bij 001

Quickly I jump out of my bed. I’m home alone. My parents are visiting friends, and my sister is staying with her friend. I run to the elevator, the floor is shaking, I can hardly stand up straight. There’s a big gap between me and the elevator. I jump over it and try to open the door, but it won’t. I have to take the stairs. A wall behind me crashes! Now I’m really panicking. I manage to reach the stairs but then I hear a big BOOM!!! The floor drops down. I stumble but can stand up again. There’s hardly anything left from the stairs. Now the whole building collapses. The ceiling drops down. The stairs have changed into a deep hole. I’ve got no other choice: I jump into the deep hole…

It’s dark around me, I open my eyes. Rubble, everywhere! I try to stand up, but I can’t. A part of the front door lays on my leg. My leg is bleeding and it hurts a lot. I look around and see dead bodies everywhere. Then I see my neighbor. I call her but she doesn’t answer. I shout “MRS. CHINATSU!!!”, she doesn’t move, she’s dead. I cry and call for help, but there’s nobody who can hear me. Nobody to help me…
Then the floor begins to shake again! Not again! Not again!! Everything what’s left from the buildings around me goes under. This must be an aftershock! After eight seconds of fear, the aftershock stops.
The part of the front door is gone, I’m free!!! I try to stand up but my broken leg hampers me.


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