I have to stay six days in hospital. Not only my leg is broken. I have two broken ribs, a concussion and a smoke poisoning. When I ask about my sister Amaya and my father, my mother start to cry. They’re still lost. Amaya escaped from her friends house, but after that they didn’t find her anymore. My father joined the Rescue Team, but during an aftershock he got lost. I want to look for them immediately, but the doctor stops me. First I have to heal.
The days pass, and I feel myself so helpless. I keep thinking of Amaya and daddy. Where could they be? Could Amaya be at school? In the park? Would they be looking for us too? Are they still alive? If I stay here any longer, I will get crazy from pondering and doing nothing!!
. . . . . .
Finally the six days are over and I can go home!!! Just one problem:
I don’t have a home anymore. We live in a shelter now.
I’m still not able to walk properly with my broken leg. I have to walk on crutches. Amaya and daddy are still lost. Tomorrow I’m going to look for them with the Rescue Team. The doctor says I need a good night.
This night I can’t sleep.
I have a nightmare about Amaya…

I find her in a destroyed neighborhood. I don’t recognize the neighborhood. She calls for help, I want to help her, but then Amaya warns me with her last words: “LOOK OUT, a man behind you!”, then she dies. I cry and forget her warning about the man. The man grabs me and brings me to a place in the middle of nowhere.
Then I wake up.

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