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I’m lost, I don’t know where I am, I don’t even know where to find the shelter! Maybe I can ask someone to find my way back to the shelter.
I look around, the street is deserted. I don’t see anyone.
Oh, how could I’ve been so stupid to run away??
Well, maybe I am lost, but I still have to find Amaya & daddy.
And if I don’t get back before it’s dark, I’ll never come ‘home’.

I need to find someone to help me. I walk to a collapsed building. “Hello?, HELLO????”, I shout. No answer.
But then I hear a tiny little voice: “Miyanna? Is that you? Help me…” Silence. “Amaya??! Amaya!!!! I’m here, you will be alright, I’m here now!”.
I dig in the rubble while I keep calling her name. Still no answer.
But then I see her, 50 meters away from me, in the middle of the rubble. Her head is bleeding, she’s very pale. She looks so vulnerable. Amaya!!! I’ll get you out of this! “LOOK OUT, a man behind you!” she whispers before she faints. I feel like I have a ‘déjà-vu’, but I realise my nightmare comes true! Quickly I turn around and I see the man, but wait…. It’s my daddy, heavily bleeding from a head wound!!! He is hardly recognizable.
“Daddy!!!”, I scream and hug him. “I’m so happy I found you! “Daddy, Amaya…. She is down there in the rubble but I…”, I stammer.
“Calm down sweetheart, thank God you’re alive!”

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