The day I found Amaya and my daddy is already two weeks ago. Amaya is still in hospital. She was in coma for a week! I was so afraid!!
Fortunately she’s alright now. She remembers everything. We live in a temporary apartment. It’s real small but cozy. We’re building our lives up again, and maybe, in the future, we can buy a new house again.
But for now, we have a home, and the most important thing: our family is alive and together again.

16 years later, 2011 March 11th

I read this article in a history book:

“On Tuesday, January 17th 1995, at 05:46 JST (Japan Standard Time) in the southern part of Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan an earthquake occurred. It was a tectonic earthquake. It measured 6.8 on the MMS (moment magnitude scale). The tremors lasted for approximately 20 seconds.
The focus of the earthquake was located 16 km beneath its epicenter, on the northern end of Awaji Island, 20 km away from the city of Kobe. Approximately 6,434 people lost their lives, about 4,600 of them were from Kobe. (There for it’s also called the Kobe-earthquake.)
This was Japan's worst earthquake in the 20th century after the Great Kantō earthquake in 1923, which claimed 140,000 lives.
The damage can be divided into primary and secondary effects. Primary effects included the collapse of 200,000 buildings, the collapse of 1 km of the Hanshin Expressway, the destruction of 120 of the 150 quays in the port of Kobe, and fires which raged over large portions of the city. Secondary effects included disruption of the electricity supply. Residents were afraid to return home because of aftershocks that lasted several days (74 of which were strong enough to be felt).”

I close my book and feel so happy that is all over now.
Then the floor begins to shake…

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