Foto bij Echte Woorden #1

Dit stond letterlijk in haar dagboek
sommige ding moeilijk te lezen:S

How could she ask something like that?!
And god..the whole time she was crying..
It Hurt me a lot that she asked that and than she cried..
Anyway i told her i didnt want to die but, i was lying too her..
and she'd probably knew i was lying..
Why am i that stupid that i forget that i cut myself yesterday..
I hate myself..why does she even still my friend..I asked her that too but she was like..CRYING more and more..but she awnserd..
She said: You are a funny person, You listen too me even when i dont talk, you help me in what ever way, You are the only one who knows who i really am..and im still with you because i need you and you need me!

Well i know she wasnt talking shit
But it didnt felt good.. That she felt bad..about me..or about things i do too my self..
I hugged her
and i told her she was worth more than my own life..
She asked me again..why i cut myself..
What do you think?
Ofcourse i wouldnt tell that i did that because of my past with all those foolish people tht drugged me and all the people that hate me even my sister think that im dead, and because of all those 'hate words'tht people tell me..well they shout at me

I told her.. that it was just a accident ididnt wnt to cut myself..
She was like: Oh..VARRSSSS i love you..stay please!!!

As my tears fell on her head.. I Promised her.. I Wouldn't ever let her alone..

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