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'About 2 years ago, me and my friends had this band thing in music class. Everything went great and my ego isn't that big but we really were better than our classmates. At the end of the project we didn't want everything to end, and so we carried on practicing. Our bandname was KnoxVille, and back then it seemed a pretty cool name. At the summer between third and fourth year of school we practiced a hell of al lot and had lots of fun. After that summer we wanted people to see our vision of music and hear us play. So we went to this park at our hometown. There's this open air theater over there and we played there infornt of about 20 people. They said they loved us and wanted us to come back next friday. We did come back the next friday and played again, but this time there were about 50 people, and the third time about a hundred.
We kept on playing little gigs like that and loved every second of it. But this one time someone from this local club asked us if we wanted to replace an act that would play a gig the night after that, but at the last moment they called off. We played their gig, and from that moment on we kept on playing gigs over there.
It was almoast June when this other guy came up to us. He told us he'd seen one of the gigs at that club and wanted to do a real gig thing for us in a theater in a big city close to our hometown. We had quite a lot of fans and even some paparazzi on our back.
In Holland fame has a complete different meaning from here. And I belive we had it, the Dutch fame. We agreed on doing the concert and two weeks later tickets went on sale. The whole thing was sold out within two hours. A thousand people were going to watch us peform.
They told us that among the audience there would be some bloke from SyCo, who maybe wanted to sing us. There were three other labels too.'
Ik had nog niet eens de helft verteld en dit was het leuke gedeelte, vanaf nu gaat het alleen nog maar bergafwaards met de leukheidsfactor in het verhaal. Louis keek me vol verbazing aan. Natuurlijk had hij niet veracht dat we eigenlijk een soort van best wel populair/beroemd waren geweest. En als niets fout was gegaan, waren we nu waarschijnlijk collega's geweest.
'The evening when we played the gig, was in the second week of our summer break. A week later all of us would go on a holliday with our parents. But that day was quite hectic. We did a lot of rehearsels and stuff. That eveing our parents would be watching us, as they and our friends boughed tickets. We started out with our gig but there wer four places fee at the first row. We knew Jess's parents and two sisters had to sit there, but we told Jess not to worry.
Halfway trough the gig Jess's phone rang. One of our friends (who was backstage) picked it up for her. Jess was still a little worried abour her parents and sisters and when she saw the look on the face of our friend, she stoped playing immediately. The friend was crying, but she never cries so Jess knew something was wrong. We also stopped the gig and our opening act took over.
We found Jess crying in a corner and after a while she told us what happened: her parents and sisters had a car accident on their way to our gig. All four of them didn't survive, leaving Jess alone.'
Louis schrok van mijn verhaal. Het was ook zeker niet niks geweest die zomer, maar het werd nog erger.
'After that night Jess stayed with me, like all the girls. The next day her uncle and aunt were going to pick her up because they were her legal guardians. We had to let Jess go with them, and they started arranging the funeral.
We hadn't spoken to Jess in the days before the funeral, but at the day itself we were there for her.
About half an hour before the funeral we got called by this guy from SyCo. You know, the one who was at our gig. He told us that he wanted to sing us, but just before he called we saw that Jess was in no state to play. She blamed herself for the accident, while some drunk bloke was the one to blame.
We didn't accept the offer because there was no band without Jess. She doesn't even know about this, because it will break her.
After the funeral Jess ignored us. We let her do this for 3 weeks, because none of us had ever been trough something like this and we thoughed that it was her way of getting things back on the road. After those 3 weeks we went to the house of Jess's uncle and aunt and found her there with drugs and alcohol. She had been using those things to not feel the pain ever since the gig. Her uncle and aunt worked too much to even notice it, and so we took her out of there and arranged a trip to Scotland. Money was no problem for us, as we earned enough with all the gigs and stuff.
We stayed the whole summer in Scotland with Jess. There was no alcohol and no drugs so Jess sobered up. It took her a long time to get back to quite normal again.
Meanwhile Elle and I (Elle is one of my bandmates) kept an eye on the Dutch paparazzi. We were big news. "The missing band" and "Where's KnoxVille" were populair topics.
We stayed in Scotland to be out of sight of the paparazzi and to get things back on track without being in the picture.
It took us two weeks longer than our summer was, and so we missed the first two weeks of school.
Jess started living with me for a while because her uncle and aunt couldn't look out for her.
All 5 of us collored our hair so people wouldn't recognise us as the band who screwed up.
We went back to school and eversince the gig we didn't play anymore. Music was out of our lives. I borrowed my guitar away so Jess woudn't see it. She has completely changed during that summer. All of us did. We expected everything to be different after the summer, but not the way it turned out to be. If Jess's parents weren't in the accident, we would have had a contract and we would have been your collegue. But I'm not sure if that would have been better. Offcourse I want Jess back, but when I see Harry I think we are better of now. No affence but he's ego is quite huge.
Jess ran away because she doesn't feel at home in Holland anymore. There's nothing left for her, she says. But she's wrong, we're there.
Jess has learned to try to live with the pain, but it's hard for her and I think that the moment she run away, she had a weak moment of complete lonelyness.'

Voor de gene die hier geen zak van begrepen aangezien het (slecht) engels was:
Charlie zat in een band met Jess, Elle, Anna & Sophie. Die band heette KnoxVille en was best populair. Ze hadden het eigenlijk gemaakt in Nederland, en zouden ook een platencontract krijgen alleen Jess haar ouders en zusjes overleden door een auto-ongeluk terwijl ze opweg waren naar een mega belangrijk concert. Jess was zo gebroken dat ze aan de alcohol en drugs ging. Toen de andere bandleden daarachter kwamen gingen ze met Jess naar Schotland om daar de rest van de zomer te zorgen dat Jess weer sober blijft en van de drugs en alcohol weg blijft. Dat deden ze in Schotland om de paparazzi te ontvluchten, en toen ze terug kwamen hebben ze zelfs hun haar geverfd (daarvoor het verfhoofdstukje van ietsjes terug). Dat was allemaal gelukt maar Jess is nog steeds gebroken van binnen. Haar oom en tante bij wie ze woont zijn workaholics en werken dus zo veel dat ze niet goed voor Jess kunnen zorgen. Jess is weggelopen omdat ze het gevoel heeft dat ze geen thuis meer heeft, en dat er niet meer is voor haar in Nederland.

Had iemand zoiets verwacht:$

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    ondanks het slechte engels begreep ik t wel, mooi geschreven ik hou van drama en kan mezelf ook wel een beetje terugvinden in Charlie, ik ben namelijk ook helemaal knetter, zonder schaamte! hahahaXx

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    OMGG ,, Goed geschreven !!(flower)

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    Holyfuck....dat was echt het laatste wat ik had gedacht maar wel mooi verzonnen (H)xxx

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    Snel verder!

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    Wow, ik had dit echt niet verwacht! Echt heeeel erg goed bedacht!
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