This is what I do when I'm supposed to learn for economics...

“BOUNCE TO YOU BOUNCE TO YOU” Michelle and Marisha sang awkwardly as they were watching a Super Junior video.
Kim was playing some random game on facebook while talking to a friend online and it was yet another peaceful morning at Kim her house.
The song ended and Michelle grabbed her own laptop so she could watch anime.
Marisha was about to read another beautiful JongKey fanfiction when Kim started talking.
“Now we‘re altogether… shouldn‘t we be doing something else than the shit we also do on our own?”
Marisha looked up.
“What do you have in mind?”
“I don‘t know… like… something we-”

Suddenly something strange happened, something no one thought would happen.
The lights went out and the room was dark.
Then out of nowhere a little light appeared.

“It‘s SHINee!!!” Said Marisha happily.
Kim smacked in the air and found Marisha her head. “No shit Sherlock”
“No… look it‘s really SHINee!!” Michelle said. The lights tuned on and they were no longer in Kim her room.
No, they were in an empty room no one knew of and in the middle of it, were Taemin and Minho, playing monopoly on the ground.
“I want to be the car!!” Marisha yelled as she ran over and sat next to them.
“No, Minho hyung always is the car. You can be the dog.” Taemin said as he handed the small piece to Marisha.

“WHAT THE HELL???!!” Kim said as she watched them play.
Michelle walked over to Minho and sat in front of him as she looked at him intensely.
“We should have babies” She then said. “Lot‘s of them…”
Kim watched them in horror and felt someone pinch her butt.
She squealed and looked behind her.
Kim stared at him with a weird expression.
“TOP?” She said as she recognized the extremely sexy man.
“Are you implying something?” He said while wriggling his funky eyebrows.
“No I mean… wait.. Yes, yes! That was what I meant.” She said as she grinned at the thought of it.

“GOAAAAAALLLL” Taemin screamed as he stood up and started dancing, followed by Marisha.
“But this is Monopoly.” Minho said matter-of-factly.
“You‘re just jealous because our team won.” Marisha said, and now Michelle noticed that they were indeed wearing colored team shirts.
Marisha and Taemin in red, Minho and herself in blue.
“You smell nice.” Minho said while he was cuddling Michelle and purring like a cat.

Marisha sighed. “I‘m bored of playing this game. Let‘s go on an adventure.”
“Adventure?” Taemin said enthusiastically as they jumped in the air of joy.
Everyone looked in shock as Key was dressed in a man-apron and dangerously waving his spatula at Taemin.
“But Umma!!” Taemin whined.
“No excuses… or do I need to spank you?!” he said glaring at him. He was dead serious.
“You can spank me.” Kim said as she was now petting the unicorn who magically appeared in the grass field they were all on now.

“FLEE!!!” Taemin yelled as he pulled Marisha her hand and they rode their race-turtles into the sunset.

“Damn you!!!” Key yelled.
“Honey, let‘s go back to bed.” Jonghyun yawned as he lifted Key bridal style and they walked of.

“Marisha should‘ve seen that. She would‘ve freaked at JongKey.” Michelle said.

“Hyung!!!” Minho exclaimed happily when Kyuhyun sat down next to Michelle.
He was wearing a suit and his ass looked damn fine in those pants.

In the meantime Kim was tickling G-dragon and TOP had disappeared saying that he had to dye his eyebrows again.
Then she stopped and GD pouted as he was enjoying it very much.

“Wait a second…” She said while thinking really hard.
“How is this even possible? We were holding a pajama party. How are we going back?! And where is Marisha?!!”

“Here I am” She said while licking a chicken wing.
“Where did you leave Taemin?” Michelle said while standing up after having braided Kyuhyun’s hair, who now looked like Rapunzel.

“Who?” Marisha said, now chewing on the wing.
“Eep” Marisha squeaked when Onew came riding on his giant chicken.

“HEY! Can you turn it down? My yeobo is trying to get his beauty sleep”
Jonghyun said and walked back to the hotel room he came from.
Because they were at Disneyland and they had the princess suite Key always wanted.

Kim shrugged and decided to ride the rainbow rollercoaster with Taeyang because he was supposed to work at Disneyland but she convinced him to take a ride on with her because she made him a huge pink cake.
Rain also joined and gave Kim a piggyback ride and jumped into the rainbow coaster thingy and it started playing Fantastic Baby.

Michelle looked around and found herself standing alone in the middle of a pool but she could walk on water.
She said proudly as she skipped on the water.
But then a dark theme song was played and everyone boo-ed at the appearance of … of… a man. But then the rainbow coaster ran over the random bad guy and Michelle ran into the arms of Junhyung and they rode on a camel dressed in Arabic clothing with Arabian music playing in the background.

Marisha came back running and escaped from Onew when she saw Taemin sitting on a bench.
They ran towards each other in slow-motion and hugged in the air for about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile Kim had finished her ride on the rollercoaster and once again noticed how serious the situation actually was.

“We need to have a meeting!! NOW!” She said in a manly voice and Michelle sighed as she send her camel back to the place they came from and Marisha jumped down from her epic air hug.

“We need to go back.” Kim said in a serious tone. “How the hell did we even get here?!”

Michelle looked at Kim. “Do we really care? You can fart rainbows Kim… Do you even WANT to care?”
Marisha looked at Kim with realization in her eyes.
“My mom is picking me up at 2 PM! And I had sexual pictures of Lee Joon on my laptop and I didn‘t close it!!!”
“I have to catch my train at 2PM!” Said Michelle

“You called us?”
Nickhun said, ready to dance.

Kim screamed and Nickhun left, pouting sadly but became happy after he went on some attractions.

Evil laughter could be heard and the three girls looked up.


There was Leeteuk in all his glory. But this time he had a really weird mustache and he was sitting on a throne.

“NOOOOOOOOOO” They screamed
Horror was everywhere and there was no way they would ever see their family again.


Michelle and Marisha looked at Kim who was sweating and panting after she woke up.
“Are you okay?” Michelle asked her.

Kim looked around her and after realizing it was just a dream, she started laughing.
“Fuck… I think my brain is doing drugs…”
They al chuckled and Kim looked at Marisha.

“Hey, what are you eating?” She said after actually feeling quite hungry.
She finally calmed down.

Someone kicked in the door and Michelle sighed loudly.



And they lived happily ever after : D


I think MY brain is doing drugs…

A/N: Zijn jullie niet allemaal trots dat ik zo'n avontuurlijk, romantisch en mooi sprookje heb geschreven? =D

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  • Cypher

    HAHHHAHA omg geweldig dit XD



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  • Pimpstick

    "Marisha came back running and escaped from Onew when she saw Taemin sitting on a bench.
    They ran towards each other in slow-motion and hugged in the air for about 5 minutes."

    I wanna hug Taemin too :3

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