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Dus, hier is alvast een voorproefje..
Veel plezier met lezen;). En ja, een verandering.. Het is nu helemaal Engels;)


- 24th of January 2020 –

It was a cold day, still winter, in the centre of London. The sun had just come up and the wind was blowing softly in the trees. But, whilst everyone lay in their warm bed, there were two people still wandering through the streets. They were walking closely together, almost afraid of letting go of each other. Afraid, as if someone might tear them apart. But if you looked closely, you would notice that the couple was not scared at all. On the contrary, they were actually far from scared of being torn apart. No, this item was simply so much in love; they felt the overwhelming need to spend every dying moment in each other’s arms.

The girl with the dyed blonde hair and the boy with the cool, styled brown hair walked their way through the park and sat down on a bench. She looked at him as if he was the most amazing thing in the world and, he looked at her as if she was the most precious thing he had ever seen, a jewel that he could never hope to loose. They are both very happy to have been together for such a long time, even though they had their moments. After two years, the lovers had split up for three months, only to find that they were misserable without each other. This duet belonged together, like a pea to a pod, and fact of the matter is, everyone believed without a doubt in their mind, they did. Apart from one person, everyone had wanted them to be together. But with that person gone… This couple should be able to make it without any trouble, shouldn’t they?

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  • BiscuitPants

    ow shit.
    Ik moet nu heel erg mijn best doen op mijn engels *Zucht*

    9 jaar geleden
  • JaysBird

    Wauw wat een mooie Proloog!
    Ik kan niet wachten tot je begint! <3

    9 jaar geleden
  • stydia

    beautiful. <3

    9 jaar geleden

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