Foto bij Chapter Two: Cassia El Aheh

"What?" Cassia snaps, walking into the room. As usual, she was in a mix of her national and western clothes. And as usual, she was gorgeous.
God I feel like an ugly duckling. x3
I tilt my head back, offering her an apologetic smile. Her beautiful brown curls were wet - she must have recently gotten out of the bath. She rolled her gorgeous brown eyes and sat, crossing her legs and pouting at me. Like with Nathaniel, I was never really sure what they did. I only was aware of them when they were in this room. But she looked tired.
"I just wanted to see how you were..." I muttered, dropping my eyes. The woman was scary. But, as I examined her sparkly skinny jeans, I knew she was softening. We had started to get on a lot better recently. I think she was started to regard me as the little sister she had lost when she left Iran to find her brother.
"I'm doing fine" She finally replied, voice less harsh but still irratible. I smiled and peeked at her.
She rolled her eyes again at me.
"Is Nathaniel out?"
"Can you feel any pain?" my question silenced her briefly. We were always aware of pain, by any of us. It was the only time I knew what was happening when they weren't in.. The living room, for lack of a better word.
"No" she finally said, standing again. "I'm going out. Tell Nathan not to do anything I wouldnt"
"Well that narrows it down.." I tease, and duck quickly as she launced a vase at me.
I giggle and listen to her leave, swearing at me softly in Iranian.
Still giggling, I open my eyes again, finding myself back in my body, on my mothers sofa with my dog on my lap and my msn light flashing. Smiling, I return to my usual routine.

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