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Gewoon een kort verhaaltje dat ik heb neergekrabbeld toen ik me verveelde. In het Engels. En er zitten typefouten in.

There once was a bottle of nailpolish. It was green and had no glitters, so it felt like nobody wanted it. Which was actually true, because who wants nailpolish without glitters? Except people like me. The nailpolish felt sad. It waited and waited for a hand to reach out and take it, maybe even pay for it. It didn't care anymore if it got stolen, at long as someone would come and use it. It cried lots of tears and when it realised, it cried more tears, because if it cried the nailpolish would become too watery. And then nobody would ever want it. But one day, when the stock of nailpolish was filled in or whatever you people call it, the bottle met a whole lot of new bottles with nailpolish. Some were red, some were pink, some were glittery, some were not. The bottle was astonished that there were so many non-glittery polishes and it cried again. But the new bottles consoled it, saying "you're not alone, don't be sad". But still, the bottle of nailpolish wasn't bought by anyone. The rest of the bottles were slowly disappearing, each of them crying a bit when saying goodbye. Eventually the bottle of nailpolish was alone again. It had been there for so long that the outside was getting smudgy and a bit sticky, so anyone who was interested and picked it up, would immediately put it back, thinking that the polish wouldn't be good if the bottle was sticky. The polish was sad and cried. Then one day, there came a customer, a child, who picked it up and smashed it to the ground, causing the bottle to crack.
"What are you doing?" said her mother. "That isn't yours, you can't break it!"
"Sorry mama," cried the child. "But it was icky!"
The mother sighed, picked the bottle up and said: "You broke it, so now you have to buy it."
The child cried, but nodded. The bottle also cried, in pain, but it was so relieved that someone was finally buying it. The crack was worth it, because someone was finally buying him! It was taken to the cashdesk and indeed, the mother paid for the bottle. She took the bottle home and put it in a drawer, where it lay for a long time. Here the nailpolish thought about its future and cried now and then, because it was so sad and alone. One day the child, now much older, opened the drawer and found the bottle.
She picked it up, looked at it and thought: "This is awesome nailpolish, I've never seen nailpolish like this before!" She took it to here mother, who told her that was the bottle the girl had broken many years before and that she'd completely forgotten about.
"But," she said, "it's so old now that it's probably ll dried up. You can't possibly use that. Throw it away."
But the girl didn't listen. She opened the bottle. It was so happy it could hardly hold back its tears. The girl took the brush out and laughed. "This is the awesomest nailpolish ever! Despite having never been used and lying in a drawer for a decade, it's still perfectly usable!" She didn't know that the nailpolish without knowing it, had kept itself fluid with all the tears it cried. She painted her nails in the most beautiful green everyone had ever seen and showed them to everyone. They were all envious of her, because that particular kind of nailpolish wasn't sold anymore. The girl wore the color all the time. And that, boys and girls, is the tale of the sad nailpolish that, despite being smudgy and old, was valued in the end. It believed it had no good qualities and did nothing about its situation, but in the end, it turned out it had, even without knowing it, the right qualities to survive. So don't ever believe you can't do anything! You can do it! Your story can become greater than that of the nailpolish, if you believe you can change your life and actually do it.

The end

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    Erg roerend. :')

    Het enige wat ik niet helemaal snap is waar de traanklieren van een flesje nagellak zitten. En bedankt, trouwens, want nu zal ik me iedere keer schuldig voelen als ik een leeg of uitgedroogd flesje weg wil gooien.(cat)

    8 jaar geleden

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