Foto bij Soundtracks bij de hoofdstukken

[01] Villa Luxfort (Faith - Look At You)

[02] Hogwards (Jung Young Hwa - You`ve Fallen For Me)

[07] The moon curse (Rock Mafia - The Big Bang)

the Burrow (Kang Min Hyuk - Superstar)

Difficult Decision (Jung Yong Hwa - Because I Miss You)

[23] June… And Devona... and Hogwards (Jonathan Clay - Heart Of Fire)

[25] Full Blood (Tokio Hotel - Don`t Jump)

[29] The order of the Phoenix (Tokio Hotel - Pain Of Love)

Proloog (Tokio Hotel - Pain Of Love)

[33] Save her... Save Me (U-Kiss - Believe)

[35] Froks (F.T. Island -I Wish)

[36] Things only I know (Kim Soo Hyun -Dreaming)

[37] Hope is something to hold on to (F.T. Island - Don`t Love)

[38] Hunt Down the Animal (Jan Geun Suk - I Will Promise You)

[39] Lucian, Lycans (KIm Hyun Joong - Please Be Nice To Me)

[40] Sure (MMM - Tell Me Your Love)

[41] The Last Day (Vamipre knight opening theme)

[42] Hogwards (Ali - Carry On)

[44] Death of a lot friends (Lee Min Ho - My Everything)

[45] Blade of the Red-Moon (The Faith OST - Teardrop)

[46] Back Home (Kim Hyun Joong - Please Be Nice To Me)

[47] It`s getting comforteble (Jang Hye Jin & MC Sniper -Bad Person)

[48] It is a start (F.T Island - After Love

[50] deathwake (F.T Island - Let Her Go)

[51] Awaken (F.T Island - Boom Boom Boom)

[52] Dance Night (Hilly an Hannah - Saturdaynight)

[53] You can`t fight this feeling (Jong Kook ft. Gary and Haha - Words I Want To Say To You)

[54] Like a game (Jong Kook - Loveable)

[55] Game Over (A&T - Something Happend To My Heart)][56] Solutions (Turbo - December)

[57] Shi no Shi (Jonghyun - So Goodbye)

[58] Mission "Clear Up" (SHINee - Ring Ding Dong)

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