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When: A little while ago
POV: Unknown female

I made a mistake. A big one. I am destined to die because of it. I made love to someone I shouldn't have loved at all. And now... I have a daughter.
As a mortal, I fell in love with an immortal. The man in the moon is hunting me down. I have to go to him, not knowing if I'll ever come back. The immortal, North (known as Santa Claus), shall be punished as well. I'm trying to find the right couple to take care of my beautiful daughter. My own flesh and blood. The moon told me she won't be punished, because it wasn't her fault. I'm happy with that, but within three minutes, I'll vanish and my daughter needs to grow up somewhere safe. I close my eyes and hold my beauty in my hands. She's wrapped in a soft blanket, made from the hair of a yeti. I stop at the front door of a nice house. This is where she'll grow up, I can feel it. Her big, bright, blue eyes look at me with wonder. Her eyes resemble her fathers's. Big and blue. I put the blanket wrapped baby on the ground, just before the door. The grass tickles my fingers as I stand up, using my hands. One and a half minute left... I get my back pack of my bag and I put it down next to her. It holds a violin and a special belt, so she can put the violin on her back without using the back pack. The violin is completely white with light blue decorations. It was my violin, a violin the Moon made for North and North gave it to me. One minute left. Quickly, I put some music shseets in her back pack. I sing her a song, shortly, just humming the notes and I kiss her forehead. I write her name on a piece of parchment and put it with her in the blankets. I walk towards the door and knock three times. I slowly walk back closing my eyes as I slowly vanish. I know she'll be safe. My daughter.
'Farewell,' I say. 'My dear Helia...'

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  • Tracy1234

    Heel mooi ik vind het top ik ben ook fan van jack frost! Je moet verder dit is het enige verhaal over hem op heel quizlet!:)<3 echt mooi begin

    8 jaar geleden
  • CloakBoy

    Omg, dit is zooo geweldig! I(H)Rise of the Guardians, Jack in het speciaal ^^

    8 jaar geleden
  • xLoux

    waarom schrijf je in het engels? 0.0

    8 jaar geleden

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