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    Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.

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    The Pierces - Secret, themesong

    Speciale afleveringen:
    Seizoen 2, Aflevering 13: The First Secret, 19 oktober 2011 > Halloween
    Seizoen 3, Aflevering 13: This Is A Dark Ride, 23 oktober 2012 > Halloween
    Seizoen 4, Aflevering 13: Grave The World, 22 oktober 2013 > Halloween
    Seizoen 5, Seizoen Special: We Love You Till DeAth, 22 oktober 2014 > Q&A Halloween
    Seizoen 5, Aflevering 13: How the 'A' Stole Christmas, 16 december 2014 > Kerst

    Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it's very important that you do it because nobody else will.

    Ugh, ik word zo boos als ik aan de plotholes denkt. Ugh, ik kan gewoon niet mee dealen.



    I don't want you to die, I want you to suffer.

    Sciathan > Luckyblue > Camouflage

    Ik moet de laatste twee episodes nog bekijken, omdat ik voor een tijdje zonder wifi zat. D: Ook al heb ik alle spoilers al gezien.

    Hopelijk beantwoorden ze in het volgende seizoen nog een hoop van onze vragen en schakelen ze niet regelrecht over naar "him".

    And when I leave, you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

    Schraeder is nu Loughlin ^^

    But I still have this faith in the truth of my dreams.

    Furiosa schreef:

    Ik zal even de plotholes voor je op een rijtje zetten.

    Deze is wel nice
    CeCe was Prom Queen for a high school she never attended. Makes sense?
    Aria met CeCe’s college roommate, who told her that CeCe hated Ali because Ali got her kicked out of UPenn. She never lived on campus, so how did she have roommates?
    Cece said that Wilden changed the report for Marion’s death to protect her, but if we’re to trust the finale’s version of her death, that can’t be possible. Wilden went to high school with Melissa, which would mean that Wilden was much too young at the time to be a cop.
    Speaking of Marion’s death: Toby’s mom died when the Liars were in 8th grade, per “The First Secret.” How could CeCe still have been a child when Bethany pushed Marion off the roof?
    Why were patients at a mental institution allowed on an unsecured roof completely unsupervised?
    Radley staff thought Charlotte guilty of killing Marion. She was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder. Why would Radley allow someone they deemed a public threat permission to leave the facility unattended?
    Wren gave CeCe Drake a visitor’s pass for Radley. If she was a patient there, why would she need a pass to get in?
    Mona said that in exchange for the game, Big A (CeCe) offered her a way in and out of Radley. CeCe said Mona knew how to get in and out of Radley, so she started playing the game with her so she’d be able to as well. Which is it?
    In a flashback, Mrs. D recieved a call from Radley telling her that Ali was there, and when she went to go pick her up, it was CeCe pretending to be Ali. Mrs. D was pissed. Why would Radley have called Mrs. D to tell her that her daughter who WAS A PATIENT at Radley.. was at Radley?
    The morning after “That Night,” CeCe was taken back to Radley. Sara Harvey disappeared the next day. She couldn’t have kidnapped her and held her hostage. So how did they meet? Where was Sara Harvey and what was she doing during the year that CeCe was locked up in Radley all alone and unable to escape?
    How did Mona only just realize she killed Bethany and not Ali, when she herself picked Ali up that night and helped her leave Rosewood?
    How were both Bethany and Alison dressed head to toe in the same exact clothes, even jewelry, completely coincidentally?
    Why did Jason see CeCe in Ali’s shirt that night? “Maybe it was Bethany” doesn’t make sense, because he saw “CeCe” with Melissa. Why would Bethany have been talking to Melissa?
    The two dresses in Ali’s flashback were the same size. Why would they be if one was meant for Cece and one for Ali, and they’re supposed to be 8 years apart?
    How did CeCe, while a patient at Radley, open a clothing store?
    How did “A” get vials of blood into Spencer’s bag in England when, at the same time back in the States, “A” was creeping on Cyrus in the hospital? Was one of these people Sara Harvey? Just, wtf.
    Where did Cece get her money? Yes, she invested in the stock market, but where did her initial funds to invest come from? How did she learn how to play stocks in Radley? She’s a full-blooded DiLaurentis, no Hastings involved, so why is she such an unbelievable genius?
    Continuing that thought.. How did CeCe have such extensive medical knowledge and access to a documented cadaver from a medical school? How did she become an expert at computers and programming? All while living in Radley?
    “Charles” was taller than Spencer in The Dollhouse. CeCe is much shorter. Platform boots?
    If A is Charlotte, and Charlotte is Cece, why would she act like a man in the dollhouse after fighting her whole life to transition and be accepted as her true gender (female)?
    Why was CeCe Drake on the A’s payroll if she WAS A?
    A once saw “CeCe Drake” on a hotel guest list and dialed 911. Why would CeCe call the police on herself?
    If all CeCe wanted was to be close to her little sister, didn’t she achieve that a long time ago? Why did she need to obtain Ali “dolls?” Alison would have hung out with her on her own accord - they were best friends.
    CeCe supposedly loves Ali and Jessica. So why send Ali the bragging, “I buried your mother like I watched her bury you?” text. Why torture Ali ever at all? Just because it was fun?
    Why did Sara Harvey, who never met any of the PLLs and wasn’t even from the same town, randomly agree to a criminal life devoted to their demise? To this end.. Why did CeCe?

    What was the point of the NAT club?
    What’s the deal with the twin ghost that visited Ashley?
    Who was Beach Hottie?
    What was Melissa’s involvement the night of the lodge fire?
    What was going on with Wren in S3/4? Who was he on the phone with? WHY?
    Why was Sydney dressed like Jenna? What was up with Jenna in general?
    What was Noel Kahn’s secret?
    Alison: “The four of you remember more about that night then you think.” Why did she say this when they knew nothing and ultimately had no tie to anything regarding “That Night?”
    What’s the deal with Cyrus and that whole saga?

    Daarbij was Cece op het hele nieuws vanwege de moord op Wilden, niemand op Radley herkende haar en wist dat het eigenlijk Charlotte/Charles was? Ook de politie heeft haar schijnbaar niet nagetrokken en gezien dat Cece Drake niet haar echte naam was.
    Haar relatie met de broer van Noel Kahn dan?

    En dan nog eentje: wanneer zou Cece in godsnaam een geslachtsoperatie gehad hebben, of van die hormonen?

    To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered

    De eerste 4 minuten van 6B ^^

    Oke, lol, als CeCe vrij komt....is het show pas een joke. Welke gestoorde komt nu na 5 jaren vrij? En no way de liars nu opeens oke zullen zijn met CeCe die vrij komt, alleen omdat de nu oh zo lieve Ali het van hun vraagt.


    Oh wauw, ik was dit topic al helemaal vergeten.

    Florrie > Nog wat andere usernames > Delfino

    16 - 09 - '17

    Big bump ^^ Ik kan niet geloven dat er hierin tijden 6b niet is gepost, haha

    Spoilertje over laatste en komemde aflevering:

    Het trailer zeg toch van dat er een twin reveal gaat zijn? En Ali zei toch ook dat ze HEM heeft gevoeld? En dan dat de liars shocked zijn over de twin? Dus het moet:
    1. een jongen zijn
    2. vast een dode sinds de liars zo shocked zijn
    Dus het twin is vast toch wel Wilden? Hanna of Mrs Dilaurentis als twin is te obvious, right?


    Wauw, de animo voor PLL is flink gedaald. Zal me niet verbazen als hun tv ratings ook gedaald zijn. Maar goed:

    Ik moest lachen om het gezicht van Rollins toen Hanna m aanreed. Like...dat zijn pas enge ogen xd. Ik erger me steeds meer om Emily, hoeveel keren nog gaat ze alles voor Ali opgeven? Ik had anders graag dat Ali eens....haar lesje leerde. Maar goed, Arme Hanna. Maar de liars leren ook nooit. Je krijgt altijd problemen als je Ali helpt.



    el alma que te trajo

    Aerate schreef:

    Waar ben je? Seizoen 6 of 7?

    [ bericht aangepast op 6 juli 2016 - 7:18 ]


    FindingDory schreef:
    Waar ben je? Seizoen 6 of 7?

    Seizoensfinale 6b ^^

    el alma que te trajo

    Lucky you. Je kN kekker nog drie afleveringen doorkijken.


    Ohjaa, nieuwe aflevering vandaag!

    Had iemand de vergelijking tussen het baby verhaal van Mary en Charlotte gemerkt? Ze zijn er beide door naar Radley gegaan.

    Your make-up is terrible

    Whaaaaaaaat is this madness omfg. Who saw the final??

    My fake plants died, because I did not pretend to water them.