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    It's holding me,
    morphing me
    and forcing me to strive. To be endlessly
    cold within and dreaming I'm alive.

    And I want you now.
    I'll feel my heart implode
    and I'm breaking out, escaping now, feeling
    my faith erode.

    It is the year 2037. On October 13, the media exploded. It had only been thirty-six hours ago Sword Art Online opened its doors to the big audience. This meant imprisonment for all of the 10,000 people who had accessed the game that morning. They got trapped inside of a virtual reality, without any possible escape. Sword Art Online had been tested for months by a variety of virtual reality enthusiasts and had become the first game to avail of the so-called NerveGear. The NerveGear allows you to literally completely merge with the game. All of your consciousness to the outside world is shut down and it seems like you are physically there, inside of that wondrous virtual world where all impulses and sensations seem so impossibly real, you almost start forgetting it's only a game.

    Twenty-four hours after the game was launced, a message appeared on the webiste of SAO, only to be shut down hours later by the government to limit panic as well as possible.

    “If you die in the game, you die in the real world.”

    GM = Game Master (1) / BT = Ex Beta Tester (3)

    Female Red Players
    • Reserved by Amatis
    • Reserved by Aincrad

    Female Green Players
    • [BT] Reserved by Tamaki • Guild Leader
    • [BT] Reserved by Fukari
    • [GM] Reserved by Zamolodchikova
    • Reserved by Aincrad

    Male Green Players
    • [BT] Reserved by Aincrad
    • Reserved by Fukari
    • Reserved by Hagane • Second in Command Guild 1
    • Reserved by Inclination

    Male Red Players
    • Reserved by Tamaki
    • Reserved by Sonder
    • Reserved by Caster


    Real name: Not a lot of people know your real name. You can choose to tell people your real name, but it rarely happens.
    Username: This is the name people will call you by.
    Age: Please keep in mind that most game players are usually teenagers. There is no limit on the age, but please keep it realistic.
    Personality: Keep in mind some characters portray someone else in-game!
    Real life biography:
    Skills: You can choose as many skills as you like. They are rated on a scale from 0 to 600, 600 being the maximum. Please keep in mind that they've only been in the game for three months.
    Level: At the beginning of the MSV, your character's level cannot be over 20. A character levels up when he or she completes a quest, makes progress on a Skill,... To enter a Labyrinth, your level has to be 10 levels higher than the number of the Floor you're on. Keep this in mind when you let your character be part of a Guild.
    Residence: Where, on which floor, what city,... does your character live? They don't necessarily have to have a house, they can also stay in hotels and such.
    Plot points: What quirks or backstory does your character have that can influence his part in the main storyline? You can hint at what you want them to become in the run of the MSV and other people can take this into account when they plot out relationships with your character.
    Status: Is your character in a Guild, or is he a Solo Player? Does he like to for Parties, what are his stances in the game? Etc...


    Name of the Guild:
    Open ranks:
    History: How did this Guild come to exist?
    Extra info:


    • Quizlet's Houserules!!
    • You can choose what language you write in, as long as you keep your post in one language. You can switch between languages, however.
    • Maximum 3 roles, and try to make sure genders are balanced!
    • Please take your time considering whether or not you actually have time for this. I spent a lot of time on making this one, so I don't want it to bleed out right away.
    • When your character acquires a new Skill - especially if it's a Unique Skill - clearly say so in the Play Topic. You can even put it in big, bold, red letters.
    • The same goes for when your character forms a party with other characters. Keep the other players updated!
    • When you are inactive for longer than two days, I will send you a warning. If you haven't responded to it within three days, you will receive a final warning and the character will be deleted the following day.

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    YAS BITCHES. MT. You know what I want.

    kindness is never a burden.

    Male green. 2nd commander of Lenes Guild :3

    We are not your kind

    First of all; That Muse lyrics tho
    Second: A Male please, green if possible. (:

    "I'm fine with internet communication, it's just the real life I have problems with!" ~ Dan Howell

    Inclination schreef:
    First of all; That Muse lyrics tho
    Second: A Male please, green if possible. (:

    Hihi. ^^ Staat erbij. (: De rest ook, trouwens.

    Mijn topics, ghehe :'D

    But perhaps the monsters needed to look out for each other every now and then.

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    YAS BITCHES. MT. You know what I want.





    Your heart will open bright and shut out all of this mad malice.

    Role —
    Ex Beta Tester, Green Player.

    Real name —
    Riley Queen. Riley doesn't care much for his real name, since it only gives him images of his name on a hospital bracelet. Names don't mean a thing to Riley, but this also means that when someone asks for his name in Sword Art Online, he won't give it to them. Because why would it matter? It's not like he'll fly all the way over to the other side of the world to become best friends with that particular person.

    Username —
    Aster. Riley chose this name because of his sister. Zara died in the car crash only months ago. Her favourite flowers were sea asters and Riley - though not always admitting so - loved the view of them everywhere in the house. Each table that was empty, held a bouquet of the vibrantly coloured flowers. It were also the flowers they said he'd gotten when he woke up from the coma. The main reason for his username being Aster, is because he can no longer see them. So he wants to stick to the thought of them in a different kind of way.

    Age —
    Seventeen. Riley was born on February 2, which makes him an Aquarius.

    Nationality —
    Japanese. Riley and his family moved to Japan about five years ago for his father's work as a translator.

    Ethnicity —
    White, he was born in Australia.

    Personality —
    Stubborn, Selfish, Witty, Logical, Cynical, Honourable, Observant, Persistent, Awkward, Resourceful, Reliable, Inconsistent, Insecure, Distrustful, Sarcastic, Cocky, Bossy, Temperamental, Impulsive, Rude, Kind, Alert, Realistic, Quiet, Daring, Passionate, Unstable, Precise, Calm, Aggressive, Abrasive, Complex, Proud, Anxious, Stoic, Angry, Calculating, Envious, Hateful, Hostile, Pessimistic, Tactical.

    Biography —




    Residence —

    Plot points —

    Relationships —

    Extra —

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    Blagden went Hagane

    We are not your kind


    Green player — Ex Beta Tester

    Real name
    Mackenzie Chambers






    Real life biography








    But perhaps the monsters needed to look out for each other every now and then.

    James Edgar Elric - FAELAN
    Green Player - Axe - Second in command Hunters of the Promised Guild

    "The eye of the storm just whispers that more savage is coming."

    Real name:
    20, 25th of February
    Scottish, born in the United Kingdom

    Alle warten auf das Licht fürchtet euch,
    fürchtet euch nicht
    die Sonne scheint mir aus den Augen
    sie wird heut nacht nicht untergehen...

    James has always been a bit weird, and he's had trust issues since forever, and even though he's in a guild, he only trusts their leader for some reason. This doesn't mean he can't get acquainted, but he'll tell you where you stand. If he doesn't trust you, you'll hear it in his own words. Despite this all, he's a protecting person, he always says he's like some dragon, protecting his den. You could say he's some kind of alpha wolf, protecting his pack, but when they betray him, he'll just shoo them away like they're a bad smell. He is absolutely one for loyalty, and can't stand people who just hop from one group to another.
    He also is a bit mentally disturbed, so he can act kind of crazy sometimes, he mostly goes in destructive rage, while he used to be a calm person before. But since he came here, he is a fanatic person and an absolute streber, while he used to be rather laid-back. You could say the game changed him a lot, but it also has some positive points. He used to be a massive dreamer, but became more realistic somehow, also he got more social. his sarcasm always stayed though, along with strong comebacks when he needs them. Since he's rather silent people tend to get caught off guard when he makes one and find

    Real life biography:
    His parents are rather average people, with an average house and a plain job. But their son James always has been kind of an outcast. He just was a bit of a loner and gamer you mostly saw, but he was never unhappy. He was mostly left alone, because he tended to look creepy, like he had some sort of dark aura. His parents were middle class, but when he started college he rented an appartement and had only two better friends, because, like in the game, he has severe trust issues.

    Getadelt wird wer Schmerzen kennt
    Vom Feuer das die Haut verbrennt
    Ich werf ein Licht
    In mein Gesicht
    Ein heisser Schrei
    Feuer Frei!

    James is a man of average length with his 180 centimeters, but he has made peace with it a long time ago. The young man however has a rather slender build, that hides most of his muscles. That's also the reason you don't expect him to put much power in his attacks, but with his fighting style, he needs strenght a lot more the you might think.
    His face holds two olivegreen eyes, that with changing of the light seem to turn hazel. His maroon hair is also a treat that typifies him, but underneath that are his eyebrows that ask a lot more attention than you would expect, because they are quite normal and have a nice form. However, his eyeslashes stay rather invisible. He also has rather prominent cheeckbones, this results in him also having a smooth jawline, but this treats also give him something feminine.
    His face also holds a frecklegathering, which has been there all his life, but it doesn't really bother him, because he never gave much about how he looked. His lips are also a point of attention because of the shape and the light color of them.
    His hands have a rather strong build, with long, elegant fingers on a large palm of his hand. He uses his hands to express himself and is rather expressive with them, but their main purpose it for them to hold his axz, so they're kind of raw. His hands movement mostly reflects his mood, and when he has a bad feeling he fidgets a lot.
    His voice, which you actually don't see, also needs some attention. His voice is really manly and hoarse because of the smoking. It is also kinda deep and not the voice you would expect when you'd just see his picture. His British/Scottish accent also has a high place in his being.
    [FC: Eddie Redmayne]

    Spinning axe
    This is his one of the ranged skills in axe combat. You strike your opponent by throwing your axe, it's higly effective when you can't get in range on time, but you'll also lose your weapon in the process because the axe doesn't return to your hand.
    In-hand combat
    This is James' best ability and he has mastered it fully. Unlike the throwing ability this is close range and mostly highly dangerous when not mastered good enough. The attacks of this do a load of damage, because of the strenght you put in your attacks. It also has a defensive mode, but this is difficult to master. James though has been training a lot to do the defense trick.
    This ability can only be used when you're carrying a shield in the beginning of the fight. It can help te player to upgrade his or hers defense, but it also has disadvantages. The shield is quite heavy to carry around and it slow you down a lot. That's also the reason why James mostly fights without it, but it's not impossible for him.

    Willst du, bis der Tod euch scheidet,
    Treu ihr sein für alle Tage?



    He doesn't have a permanent place to stay, so he goes to hotel to hotel, where he needs to be, he will reside. He's also not planning on settling.

    Plot points:

    Lyrics used:
    Sonne - Rammstein
    Feuer Frei- Rammstein
    Du hast - Rammstein

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    We are not your kind

    MT ^^


    If I cannot move
    h e a v e n,

    I will raise
    h e l l

    » ROLE;
    Game master, green player-- although this is a relative term, she can change the color of her cursor however she likes.

    » REAL NAME;
    Chloë Elizabeth Campbell, named after her mothers' best friend, and her grandmother. Seeing as her father never claimed her as his, she was left with her mothers' surname, Campbell. But considering his' was Hackey, she kind of considers herself lucky.

    Iris. As Chloë is always one for irony, Iris was the obvious choice for her. She sees all-- well, since recently, almost all, of what is happening in the game.

    » AGE;
    Twenty-one, her birthday is the twenty-fourth of October which makes her a Scorpio.

    American, born in North Carolina.


    Chloë Elizabeth Campbell is a complicated person. To fully understand her behavior and personality, you must know about her past, and considering she is quite secretive, that is very unlikely. Not just in the game, but also in real life, Chloë has trust issues. She'd never put her life in the hands of someone else, or her heart, for that matter. The thing about her is, she's absolutely fantastic at faking it. You might often find her surrounded by a few other players, a grin on her face and probably one of the most seemingly extroverted of the bunch. She looks friendly, hell-- she even looks charming from time to time. But, just take a closer look, and you might just notice the grin on her face is more conniving than it is genuine, and her eyes are taking in every detail of her surroundings. She looks like she sees more than everyone else, like she sees the entire picture, while the other players don't see more than a puzzlepiece. You might mistake the twinkle in her eyes for happiness and joy, but it is one of pure intelligence. But that intelligence is frequently accompanied by comments that have double meanings, a superiority complex and most of all, a very sarcastic attitude. She doesn't show off with her intelligence, because well-- she is trying to hide it, but through the previously mentioned behaviorisms, most of the others do notice she is smarter than she comes across as, but what they don't know is the limits of it all. If you look a little deeper under the surface, you'd find that Chloë is vengeful. She doesn't take betrayal or being hurt very well at all, her first reaction is always to strike back, but being as intelligent as she is, her vengeance isn't a simple punch in the face or a quick backstabbing-- no. She retreats from the scene, disappears for a small amount of time, only to return with a carefully calculated plan. It has taken her only that short amount of time to write down all your weaknesses and figure out a plan to extort them. Chloë is able to find your biggest nightmare and make you live through it without an escape. Even though Chloë has seen many figures in her life walk out on or betray her, she still longs for a feeling of belonging. She's tried to befriend others before, only to have it end up in shards again because she was too stubborn and scared to put down her walls and actually let someone in. The girl pushes everyone away, and she tries to focus on the vengeful part of her personality instead of facing the real issue she's having, Chloë is simply lonely.

    Chloë was born in a town near Charlotte, North Carolina, by the name of Stanley. Her teenage mother had been homeschooled by her very religious parents, and as soon as they found out she was having a baby, they kicked her out of their home. Since her father was too scared to tell his own parents, all he could do was hand the mother of his child his paycheck every month. So, she travelled from shelters, to the homes of her old friends, and eventually, even on the street. When her best friend found her freezing outside one night, she pleaded with her mother and made sure she had a home with them. She gave birth to Chloë in their basement, seeing as she simply couldn't afford to go to a hospital. Lucky for her, her best friends' mother was an ex-nurse, and the baby was delivered safely. In that moment, her mother felt the most joy she would in a long time.
          After recovering from giving birth, her mother immediately went back to work. She didn't want to raise her baby in a basement, and with the money she got from Chloë's dad, and the money she made herself in a year, she managed to get herself a small, one bedroom apartment. It wasn't much-- but it was hers. She tried to mend things with her parents, telling them she'd even gave her daughter the middle-name Elizabeth, just like her mother, but they just told her she was a disgrace for the family. Chloë spent the days with her 'Auntie', the woman who let them stay in her basement, while her mother kept working as much as she could. The little girl was a smart one, and when her mother realized that, she promised she'd do anything to get her in to a good school. When Chloë turned three, her father left for college. He never sent them any messages, and even worse, he never sent any more money. They were left to fend for themselves. Her mother couldn't make due with the money she had, and the two were about to be kicked out of their apartment, were it not for her grandparents.
          They'd seen their daughter and granddaughter struggling, and finally decided they needed to do something about the situation-- or well, mostly they wanted to see their grandchild. Even though she knew without their help, they wouldn't make it on their own, her mother still stood strong against her parents. She would only accept financial help, and they were to see their granddaughter once a week. She also made sure they wouldn't influence her education or her religion. They accepted the terms with a lot of huffing and puffing. When Chloë started school, everything suddenly went a lot faster. They found her an exceptional student, and at the age of ten, she was already starting high school. When testing her IQ, they found out quickly that she wasn't just an exceptional student, she was a literal genius. School was easy for her, so easy, she even became bored. That is when she picked up her interest in gaming. She'd gotten her hands on some second hand tech, and with a bit of tampering, she was ready to play. Even though teachers promised her she'd have a great career as a rocket scientist, an astronaut, or something else she wasn't interested in at all. When she told them she wanted to be a game developer, they just told her how much of a waste of her talent it was. Yet-- she didn't give up, she continued to flourish in school, but in her spare time, she created some small, simple games, releasing them online for free. It was fun, but she longed for more, she felt the need to actually be in the game, to see the worlds she created through her own eyes.
          When she was accepted in to college at MIT with a full scholarship four years later, she'd finally figured out the base of what was to be her masterpiece, she even figured out a name, NerveGear. Unlike high school, she found college a tad more interesting. Sure-- she went through the substance a lot faster than others, but atleast she wasn't bored. All the things she learned there actually helped her with figuring out how she had to develop her NerveGear, thought her things she could incoorperate in to there. Her mother was so proud, and all Chloë could think about was that if she'd actually be able to market this, she could give her everything she deserved. Like high school, college was a breeze. She was offered various high position jobs right after she finished, even if she was only eighteen. All she did though, was take a parttime job in a laboratory, which brought in just enough money to sustain her while she worked on her real job, the NerveGear. She hit a wall soon after that, though. She needed funding, she needed better equipment than she could afford, she needed a larger place to work.
          And so, she went to search for a game developer who she could work with, which proved harder than she thought it would be. Chloë's idea was considered insane, full of risks and impossible. No one wanted to back her up, put money in to her project, until Kayaba Akihiko, on a business trip from Japan, heard about her from one of his rivals. Unlike the others, he wasn't afraid of the idea, he actually found it quite intriguing. He invited Chloë to his local office, where he offered her the opportunity to work with him on developing her NerveGear. She told him all of her plans-- including the world she was planning on creating for the game that came with it. In her excitement, she signed a contract with him and moved to Japan, and started working on the final project. With Akihiko's almost infinite resources, a team of professionals and her extreme determination, it didn't take her more than a year to finish it, and her NerveGear was released on the market.
          Akihiko started on advertising the product, searching for beta testers who would like to be the first to set foot in what they called Sword Art Online. Chloë had made sure it was ready for the test run, and she herself would join them on the inside. For her and the beta testers, it was an absolutely wonderful experience. As she was too busy testing out her game, making adjustments and fixing mistakes, Akihiko set his own plans in order. He had made sure everything was under his name, and he was the one that owned every single bit of software she had created. He even put some personal changes in to the game, just small touches that would make it feel more his.
          On the 16th of September that year, a while after the beta testing phase had ended and Chloë had perfected her entire game, a couple of security guards had walked in to her office and kicked her out. Without any explanation-- she was put on the street, away from all of her work. At first she had no clue what had happened, but when she saw advertisements all having Akihiko's name on it, she knew she had been robbed.
          Chloë was more than just outraged, she was in such a state, that the first night, she almost put herself in to a coma from drinking too much liquor. The second night, she got in to atleast four barfights-- that she could remember of. But the third night, she knew destroying herself was not the solution. No, there was only one person that needed destroying, and that person was Akihiko. From the mediocre savings she had made by working for him, she bought her own NerveGear, along with a copy of Sword Art Online. Her revenge plan was slowly starting to take form as she worked on modifying her NerveGear to her own preferences.
          On October 13, when the servers officially launched, Chloë was transported to the virtual reality that is Aincrad, just like the 9,999 others. Only, she wasn't there with the same reasons. Around 07:30, Aincrad Standard Time, she had gotten almost complete access to Sword Art Online's Cardinal system. And when she did.. well, she spiced it up a little bit. Her first modification was the removal of the log out button, to ensure no one could get out unless she wanted them too. Her second was a bit more drastic, she made sure that if someone tried to remove the NerveGear from the outside, an impulse would be sent to it that fried the users' brain, thus causing death. And her third change was the one that made sure Akihiko would never have a career again after this, and probably would lock him up in jail. She made sure that if you died in-game, you died in the real world too. The only way to escape was by reaching the 100th floor and defeating the boss.
          Three months and a lot of deaths later, Chloë was pretty sure her plan had succeeded. She had stayed in-game with the other players, because the only way to get out of there was make the log out button available for everyone again. But-- she wanted to return to the real world, go back to her mother, start on a different careerpath, possibly, and so she decided her revenge plan had reached its end. Only, when she tried to turn the log out button back on, she found herself facing a problem. For a reason she wasn't able to figure out yet, she couldn't return it, hell-- she couldn't even find it. And so, just like the other players, she was stuck.

    Chloë doesn't have an extremely large amount of defining features. She easily blends in with the others, especially because she has a quite youthful appearance. She usually describes herself as 'pretty, but not too much'. Her long hair is a dark brown color, with some lighter strings in it from the sunlight. She frequently has it hanging loose, to hide her face, and well, because she doesn't like it up in a ponytail. Occasionally though, mostly when she goes out hunting, she has a couple of side-braids and a braid on the back of her head to keep it out of her face. Her face is mostly defined by her jawline and chin. It is quite prominent and sharp, and according to Chloë, the only thing that shows she's older than twelve. She also has a small cleft in the middle of her chin, which she describes as a little baby's butt. The other defining feature in her face is her eyes. They're a light green, with specks of blue in them. In the dark, they're not very noticable, but with light, you'll easily notice that they're very bright. In these eyes also hides a twinkle of intelligence, one of the few physical attributes that betrays how smart she is. Her eyebrows are neatly plucked and thin, but she doesn't really like them, seeing as they make her look quite angry all the time. The only time you don't see this feature is when she smiles. When she smiles, it shows off her teeth as well, and it makes her look even younger. Though, not very surprising, she doesn't smile very often. The only other defining feature Chloë has on her entire body is a long scar on her right shoulderblade. She tripped while playing in her grandparents' backyard, and nearly impaled herself on the sharp fence. They had to bring her to her Auntie to fix her up, because as per usual, there wasn't enough money for a hospital. Seeing as she was only a nurse and didn't have all the right expertise, the scar grew to be quite ugly.

    » SKILLS;
    This is not applicable considering she has the ability to simply change her skill set whenever she feels like it.
    Unique Skill —-
    Even though she didn't give herself any unique skills; she has been granted one she is secretly very grateful for, mostly because it's another way to hide her identity. She has gotten the weapon skills from the Holy Sword, which allows her to freely switch between offense and defense, it allows her a near impenetrable defense, and she can also use the shield to attack an opponent with a sharp tackle. (basically I stole everything from Heathcliff's sword and I'm trash)

    » LEVEL;
    Also not applicable.

    For the first month in the game, Chloë rented a small room in one of the Inn's of The Town of Beginnings, however, she felt very uncomfortable there and the hunting grounds were way too crowded for her tastes. As soon as they had cleared the third floor, she started searching for a new place there. Zumflut was again-- way too crowded for her tastes, instead, she found a small settlement up in the trees of the eastern area in The Forest of Wavering Mists. With the dungeon nearby and a lot of unclaimed hunting grounds, she managed to get herself one of the treehouses there. She doesn't come out much, only to occasionally hunt and to buy some recources.

    Mostly, I have to refer to her biography here. If you want a quick, watered down version, she was the original creater of SAO and the NerveGear, and it was stolen from her. Now, she's the one who hacked in to the system and removed the logout, added the 'die in game, die in real life' feature and the brainfrying when someone tries to pull off the NerveGear. She wants to have everything blamed on Akihiko so he can lose his career and go to jail. After three months, she's missing her family and would like to go home, but when she tried to put back the log out button, she couldn't find it anymore. I spoke with Marthe and this is because Akihiko is working against her, making sure she had no way out either as some sort of pay back.

    » STATUS;
    Solo —
    Afraid someone would find out about her true motives, she has decided not to bother with the crowds. Ever since some players noticed she was more skilled than she was supposed to be, she even went as far as to live away from the cities in the Forest of Wavering Mists. When she does visit the cities, though, there is usually more than one person who tries to convince her to join their guild or their party, that they need her on the front lines to help. Chloë always refuses, no matter how tempting they make the offer.


    » EXTRA;

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    Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man.

    Stilinksi went Zamolodchikova

    Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man.

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    Stilinksi went Zamolodchikova

    Whoa, such username. ;o

    Green Player.

    Real name
    Aiden ~ Born of Fire
    Wells ~ Spring

    Nox, which is the Latin word for night or darkness, is the username he chose. The reason why he made this his in-game name is because he always felt a strange connection between him and the darkness. It seemed like he felt way more at ease when alone in a dark room instead of surrounded by people in the daylight.
    Night is also referred to as the most unpredictable, silent and mysterious time of the day, which suits Aiden perfectly.

    Aiden turned eighteen a couple of months ago. He's born on the 4th of July which is, iroically enough, Independence Day in America.

    Aiden is born and raised in the USA, California.



    Real life biography

    Appearance [FC: Dan Howell]




    Plot points




    Just a quick post from my phone. I'll edit this later when I've access to my computer (;

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    "I'm fine with internet communication, it's just the real life I have problems with!" ~ Dan Howell