16+ recommended
    A Sonder's production

    Did you ever had a moment when you saw something strange? Something that wasn't quite right? Like a glance of darkness in that stranger's eyes, or a shadow that shouldn't be there? No?
    Good. You don't want to.
    But there are people who can. They see the monsters, they hunt them and they kill them.
    No, this ain't Twilight.

    It's October 2015 and Greenstone (USA) has never been so un-dead. The Werewolve-packs are bigger than ever, the Vampire-colony has never had this much power, but the Hunters are still managing to keep the balance. It's hard, it's difficult, it's even nearly impossible, but they can do it. With Codes, agreements and a try for peace, they can keep up.
    Until the Outcasts arrive and everything they have worked for has come to an end. These cruel Hunters won't stop until the last creature has burned to death. They will succeed, and nobody stands in there way, or at least not for long. Suddenly, the city is at the brink of war, and nobody can be trusted anymore. Hunter, Vampire or Werewolve, they all have the same question.
    Who is hunting who?

    Dark souls are old souls.

    Marthe ~ Aincrad ~ Helias ~ idk ~ Colony (2nd ic)
    Liesje ~ Sonder ~ Thorne ~ 16 / 815 ~ Loner
    Lene ~Tamaki ~ Theodore Zachariah Wren ~ 26 / 239 ~ Colony | 2 AF
    Nichelle ~ Fukari ~ Marley Georgia Paleari ~ Age/Real Age ~ Colony (3th) | 4
    Cheryl ~ Feyre ~ Catherine Amelia Kingston ~ 20 / 187 ~ Colony | 2 AF
    Amber ~ Mayakovski~ Daelyn Orsay Willow ~ 22 / 677 ~ Leader colony | 4

    Marthe ~ Aincrad ~ Freya Historia Rose Maria Ackerman. ~ 16 | 3
    Mirte ~ Caster ~ Zachaël Nathanael Ackerman ~ 19 | 5 AF
    Gabriëlle/Gaby ~ Feared ~ Obsidian "Sid" Elladore Genefray ~ 19 | 5 AF
    Amber ~ Mayakovski ~ James Maximus Watson ~ 27 | 5

    Loïs ~ Serenata ~ Claire Gena Brooks ~ 26 | 2 AF
    Lene ~ Tamaki ~ Vester Wolfgang Morgenstern ~ 22 | 5
    Megan ~ Kepner ~ [Reagan Catalina Brennan] ~ 20 | 5

    Liesje ~ Sonder ~ Fox Jonathan Francis Timaeus Ackerman ~ 26 ~ Alfa St.-Louis | 2 AF
    Cheryl ~ Feyre ~ Leilani Kiera Dawson ~ 23 ~ Warrior St.-Louis
    Robin ~ Yisha ~ Rebecca Ann Ravens ~ 20 ~ ? St.-Louis
    Nichelle ~ Fukari ~ Celaena Karolyna Madar ~ 24 ~ Oméga St.-Louis | 5

    It's the ninth of october, a friday evening. At midnight, there will be fireworks and afterwards the party continues at the Scrubs. It could be a fun and silent night, but that's up to you (:

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    | MT.

    " icarus had loved the sun, and so daedalus lost his. "


    To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered


    Seasons will change, but I shall remain


    Corylus; the hazel—tree

    Feared schreef:

    Feyre schreef:

    But perhaps the monsters needed to look out for each other every now and then.


    “The coldest depth of Hell is reserved for people who abandon kittens.”

          Cat was walking around at Ocean Town with Theo. Normally we weren't allowed to be here, since Ocean Town lies within the borders of St. Louis, which was ruled by a werewolf pack. Not that Cat always stuck to that rule, since she had been at Ocean Town before. She liked the cute little themepark.
          'Gibbe bat,' she said with her mouth full of pink candyfloss and she took Theo's drink out of his hand. He would probably protest, but he killed the guy she slept with the night before, so he shouldn't really complain. When he tried take his drink back, she bumped him away with her small hips. She did offer some of her candyfloss to him though, by basically shoving it into his face, but of course he didn't want any. He was probably afraid his face or clothing with get sticky. 'Vain creature,' she grinned. A few seconds later her palegreen eyes fell upon the ferris wheel. 'Ooooh, Theo! Let's go into to that,' Cat exclaimed, while she started to pull him towards the attraction.


    “Sometimes it’s best to just say ‘Whatever’ and watch everyone else make the dumb mistakes.”

          'My god, Foxie!' Leila exclaimed. 'Please relax a little bit, okay? You act like you have a stick up your ass.' Playfully she poked him in his side. She got why he was so tense though. The amusant park was part of the St. Louis pack's territory, so it kind of was their responsibility to make sure that vampires or werewolves weren't messing around. She hoped the other creatures were smart enough not to mess anything up while they were in Fox' territory, since that wouldn't end well at all.
          'Everything will be okay. There are also a bunch of hunters walking around, so if someone is stupid enough to do something, that person would be so dumb that it will be easy as hell to solve the problem. Besides, it is still daytime and they definitely wouldn't do anything then.'
          Most kids were still in school, so the park wasn't very crowded yet. This is way the lines for the attractions weren't very long and a grin appeared on Leila's face when she saw that the rollercoaster still had some empty spaces. Before Fox had the chance to protest, she dragged him to the rollercoaster and forced him into one of the empty seats, after which she sat next to him. 'Let's have some fun.'

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    To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered

    Loner - Montandon

          He would kill him. Again. Yes, this time, he would kill Helias for sure. Maybe he could blow that brilliant brain of his right out of his head. That would be something, no? Or maybe, he could set him on fire, just like he did with Aelia, years ago. He could still feel that satisfying heat on his face. Too bad he couldn't see it at the time.
          Thorne was thinking about killing Helias for weeks now. He arrived in America only a month ago and there wasn't anything yet to keep him here. Except for Helias. The bastard had arranged a few things, surprises, before he had moved here and now he was stuck at a fucking school, learning about some guy who was 400 years younger than him.
          Ofcourse he wasn't going to pay attention. He was already failing three classes because of this, but he couldn't care less. He was determined to leave the school before Christmas arrived, eventhough there were some pathetic human beings who thought they were helping him by controlling him. He would show them.
          He snorted loudly, while his pen was doodling some poo where he actually had to write down the history of Columbus. He had once met the guy and he was definitely less worthy than poo.
          The girl next to him looked at him and he looked back, sending her a wink. He grinned and drew a dancing pizza next to the poo. His thoughts went back to murdering his subject, but he couldn't resist to look one more time at the girl next to him. Her blue eyes were still glued to his, although it wasn't out of admiration. It was something else.
          "Mister Madison, why won't you tell us something about the discovery of America? Since you have time to stare at your neighbour, you must have studied the subject allready." The teacher didn't look all too happy, but again: Thorne couldn't care less. He dug in his memory, but couldn't really recall anything about that time. Honestly, it was quite a boring thing back then. some loonatic wanted to sit on a boat for a couple of months. Good for him. He himself had been to America a couple of years later, killing almost an entire crew on the way, but it hadn't been very interesting.
          "Well," he started, making himself comfortable in his chair, like he was going to tell a bedtime story. "There was this minge who wanted to get seasick instead of traveling on land to India. He traveled a couple of months and accidentally bumped into this continent. Unfortunetaly, he didn't know that and called the inhabitants Indians, although they looked completely different than actual Indians. Then he killed them and stole their gold. He returned and went back a couple of times. He was too stupid to realise it wasn't Asia. He died. The end."


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    Daelyn Orsay Willow

    Vampire • Leader of the Colony

    Daelyn smirked when she walked through St. Louis. It was the territory of one of the wolfpacks — Fox’ wolfpack to be exact. The smirk on her face turned into a smile when she entered Ocean Town. She recognised a lot of people and immediatly smelled the scent of blood. She inhaled it deeply and promised she would treat herself on some delicious blood after she’d leave Ocean Town.
          She looked around and decided she would pay a visit to one of the haunted houses. The waiting line wasn’t that long — it only took her five minutes. It turned out that the haunted house wasn’t scary at all, so Daelyn decided to make it more scarier. She stopped and waited in one of the corners. She was wearing all black today so it was easy for her to blend in with the shadows. She patiently waited for people to pass her and when the first couple came along Daelyn showed them her fangs and acted like she wanted to attack them. The woman started screaming ten times as hard as Daelyn and ran away. A well meant laugh left Daelyns mouth. Stupid folk.
          After half an hour she had seen enough. To be honest she thought the themepark was quite boring. She sighed and went over to one of the shops. Although she didn’t really need it to survive, Daelyn ordered a coffee. The man who gave it to her was broad and muscular and his blood had a delicious smell. Daelyn licked her lips and took a sip of her coffee. The man stared at her for a while and Daelyn thought he could be her treat. She knew it wasn’t a good idea to hunt here, since it wasn’t her territory, but she liked to play with fire. Later on she decided she wouldn’t do it, because she was the leader of the Colony and had to make the peace work. She seated herself on a chair and watched the people. She’d have to make sure the other vampires wouldn’t misbehave.

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    " icarus had loved the sun, and so daedalus lost his. "

    Alfa St.-Louis

          He listened to Leila, but didn't say a word. Ofcourse he was stressed. There were too many other creatures here they weren't supposed to be and there was nothing he could do about it. He hated it. Every cell in his body was screaming to chase them away. He had to allow them, though, because most of them would have come even if he had forbidden it. This was way more easy, but that didn't mean he liked he.
          Leila's words didn't calm him down. The Hunters were something he stressed about even more. He didn't need a familyreunion, but Leila couldn't have known that. He did, however, look out to see his little sister again. She was still in school, but it wouldn't be long anymore before she'd come to Ocean Town.
          With his mind still some place else, he followed Leila. He was in the rollercoaster before he could say he didn't like those things and all he could do was glare at her. He did like her presence, certainly that close to him and he relaxed a little bit.
          "You know, I prefer some other kind of fun," he answered while wiggling his eyebrows. In the mean time, the trolleys started to move. Fox finally realized what he had gotten himself into and started praying he wouldn't puke.

    For fuck's sake.

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    Theodore Zachariah Wren
    — Vampire, Colony —

    Theo had no idea what he was doing here. At Ocean Town. In the werewolf territory. And then he remembered. Cat. Because of Cat. Of course it was because of Cat. He couldn't help but look slightly annoyed, though, while they were strolling down the little lanes. Cat had a pink candyfloss in her hand. Theo had settled for a vanilla milkshake, since they didn't seem to sell beer of any other alcoholic beverages here. "I'm sorry, sir. But with all the kids here... it just isn't responsible," the lady had said when he'd asked if there was anything alcholic in the theme park. Theo thought it was bullshit, though he had managed to get her number in the process. Just because there were under-aged people here, didn't mean the grown ups couldn't have some liquor to pass the time. He didn't even like vanilla. So he was glad Cat took the cup out of his hand.
          "If you keep eating and drinking that stuff, you'll have tooth cavity again. Sugar isn't healthy, you know," he said calmly and tried to take the cup from her — with the intention to just through the remaining drink away. After she offered a bit of her candyfloss — and he obviously declined — he rolled his eyes at her comment. "A little bit of vain never hurt anybody. You should follow my example." He threw the milkshake in one of the bins they passed and rolled his eyes once again when Cat started pulling him towards the Ferris wheel. He had already learned long ago that protesting isn't the best plan, so he just rolled with it and bought them two tickets. As they were waiting in line, he decided to bring up the guy from last night.
          "You have poor tast in men, you know that? Thank god I'm still here, otherwise I don't think I want to know with who you'd end up. Who was that guy anyway?"

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    kindness is never a burden.

    Obsidian Elladore Genefrey

          Sid put down the knives she had last used during her training.
    Her palms were sweaty and she longed for a hot shower. Today was the day she'd been looking forward to for a couple of weeks. Ever since they arrived she's wanted to go to the theme park. And now they could — of course she would drag Zach with her. He deserved some fun; and so did she. While taking her clothes off, Sid thought about taking weapons with her. You never knew what would happen if they ran in to other creatures. She would talk about it with Zach, that was for sure. The only thing she kept on when she jumped under the running water, was the beautiful piece of jewelry around her wrist. It matched the tattoo on her collarbone perfectly. Almost as if it was made especially for her.
          When she walked out, a cool fifteen minutes later, she brushed her teeth and put on a fresh pair of clothes. Nothing too fancy; she didn't want to stand out. The one thing that could remind her of her position as Hunter were here beloved combat boots. They were so comfortable you never saw Sid without them. After she'd combed her hair she walked back into her room. It was her room now, and she actually liked it.
          When she was completely done, she took up Zach's leather jacket that had been lying on her bed. She put it on and started walking to the room next to hers. She didn't knock when she walked in, because Zach and her had absolutely no secrets for each other and Sid hated tohe formality.
          'Are you ready to go on all rides with me? I already made a plan; first food, because I'm starving — then the rollercoaster, ferris wheel, shooting games which I'm going to win, and eventually fireworks. God, I love fireworks.' Sid had a very bright, almost child like smile on her face. She hadn't been so excited since she left home.

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    Corylus; the hazel—tree

    Zachaël Nathanael Ackerman

    Sighing hard Zachaël stepped underneath the cold water from the shower, washing away the sweat and bruises from the training he just had with Obsidian. Although he could handle her, she surprised him multiple times with manoeuvres that pulled him off balance within the second. During the last month Obsidian improved her skills so much, he was more impressed than he was usual at his partner.
          After twenty minutes or so he got out of the shower and after the usual rubbing from the towel he pulled on his underwear after he walked into his room, finding Obsidian all jumpy and giddily about the fact that they will be going to the theme park. Shaking his head he went on a hunt for clothes, finding himself pants, a t—shirt and his combat boots — naturally all black. Pushing his legs in the pants one at the time, he jumped through the room while laughing softly. “You are such a little kid, Sid,” he teased her with a grin. “But I’m not going in the ferris wheel with you, I don’t like heights.” Zachaël didn’t have any problems with heights at rollercoasters due to the speed, but the ferris wheel was a totally different situation.
    Zachaël takes a small look in the mirror, shakes his hand through his hair and turns around to face Obsidian. “Let’s go, kiddo.”

    Freya Historia Rose Maria Ackerman

    Freya, you suck so bad.
          She tried to, she really did, but she was one hundred percent sure that her flirtatiousness seemed a hell of a lot more like she was acting like a first-class tramp than someone who was genuinly interested in some guy. Not that either option was true, but she hoped so bad he'd fall for it. She hoped she didn't seem incredibly fake.
          Freya ran a hand through her hair and leaned on her head on her hand while she rested her elbow on the table, attempting to seem more open to the man she was fairly positive was a vampire right next to her. Her bright blonde hair fell over one shoulder, just so that her neck and right side of her face was completely exposed. It hadn't actually been part of her training, being flirty. Body language was something she'd learned from her best friend last year, when she had had a mad crush on that one guy who was way out of her league.
          She glanced at Thorne sideways, looked at the images he was doodling and forced herself to snigger at them. He shot her a wink and she tried to smile back as convincingly as possible.
          Freya mentally scolded herself for being so insecure about herself. Confidence only came across if you were confident enough to believe in it. She cleared her head and looked up when the teacher made a comment
          "Well enough, mister Madison. Columbus was a Spanish explorer, navigator, colonizer and citizen of the Republic of Genoa. Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. Those voyages, and his efforts to establish permanent settlements on the island of Hispaniola, initiated the Spanish colonization of the New World... He- Yes, Miss Ackerman?"
          Freya had raised her hand with a frown. "Excuse me, Miss, but wasn't Columbus from Italy? He did travel under the Spanish banner, if I recall correctly, but wasn't he originally Italian?" Mrs Montgomery sighed heavily and placed her chalk back on the board.
          "Nobody likes a know-it-all, Ackerman." Freya gritted her teeth and wanted to make a nasty comment, but she was already failing history as it was because Montgomery simply hated the girl. She didn't know why, but she found it incredibly unfair. "But yes, you are right. I was still getting to that, of course."
          "She's a feminist - or so she calls herself, but she's really a misandrist. And for some reason she's always hated me," Freya muttered, more to herself than to Thorne who was sitting beside her, even though her body was still turned towards him and she was staring at his paper in an attempt to copy whatever he had written down. Of course his page was empty. Whoa, you're doing so well, Ackerman. Go you.
          She had gotten the suspicion when she'd heard the rumour. Apparently Thorne had gotten in a fight and had broken someone's arms. That wasn't something that occasionally happened at Hillside. Then there had been his reflection. Or rather, lack thereof. Freya had been in a spare classroom to finish her project and she'd glanced into the mirror to see if her hair wasn't too messed up. When she had turned around, however, there was an unexpected person she could see out the window. She hadn't been imagining it; when she returned her gaze to the mirror, he hadn't been there. Freya didn't really need any more proof, but she couldn't kill a Vampire at school.

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    “The coldest depth of Hell is reserved for people who abandon kittens.”

          Cat stuck out her tongue to Theo. 'I never had a tooth cavity, Theodork, so shut up.' When Theo ripped her drink out of her hands, she started to protest. 'Hé! I wasn't finished with that yet, you stupid milkshake waster.' She shot an annoyed glance at him. He always complained that she eats too much sugary stuff. But hey, she just really liked sugary things. Especially cupcakes. 'And also, I will never take you as an example. Which normal person walks around in neat t-shirts and blazers on a Sunday?' She gave him a look that clearly indicated that she thought he was crazy because of that. On Sundays you are meant to wear your most comfortable clothing. Hell, sometimes she even walked around in the house with her blanket as "clothing". 'Besides, I am fabulous enough as it is. I don't need to dress pretty to be pretty,' she added quasi-arrogant.
          She smiled when Theo bought the tickets for the Ferris Wheel, since she knew Theo would probably hate it to be here, so it was sweet of him to come with her. On the other hand, he wouldn't have let her go alone anyway.
          'Í have a bad taste in men? You're one to talk,' Cat exclaimed. 'My taste in men is very excellent, thank you. The guy from last night was really sweet! Simba liked him as well, and you know he doesn't like a lot of people, so that says enough. Besides, he was really good in bed. It was totally unnecessary of you to do what you did. I don't go around and kill your playthings either, who, by the way, are way worse then the people I sleep with.' She glanced around. 'At least I don't share my sheets with the pure embodiment of evil,' she muttered.

    To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered