10 reasons why I'm head over heels with Sleepy Hollows Ichabod Crane

Sleepy Hollow is a tv-serie on Fox about the history of Sleepy Hollow and the man that cut of the head of the headless horseman in 1781: Ichabod Crane.
In this list I will name all the reasons why I'm totally in love with this character.
And why you ask? I think the reasons will explain for themselves. ^^

  1. He's a feminist

    Ichabod Crane, born and raised in a time where women were still forbidden to vote or work, is a true feminist. He believes in the strength of his wife and respects her as he should. He supports her and stands by her. He doesn't even tell her she has to stay somewhere so he can defend the house or whatever, no, because he knows that's no use. He knows she's strong and will do as she pleases.
    The same goes for Abbie. Although he was slightly shocked that a colored female was in charge of other men and was allowed to wear a gun (or pants), he doesn't doubt her for even a second and respects her with her rank. Right then and there he learned that women are equal to men in this time and immediately respects that choice. He doesn't doubt the authority, he doesn't get into an argument about it; he believes it without a doubt. I do miss something like that in my world.

  2. He speaks old-fashioned English

    Other than just speaking Brittish, he speaks it in an old-fasioned way. He speaks with words that are uncommon in the now-a-days language or at least, rarely used because we have other and most of all simpler words to communicate with.

    It's a bit of a dead language that he speaks and because of that, I feel a great passion towards it. It makes me want to study english more, so I can be able to speak in that same tongue as he does. The way he speaks not only expresses his intelligence, it also expresses romance. Who wouldn't wish for a man to say 'Your company holds the greateat fallue to me' and that only to you as a friend. Would you think about what he would say if you were his love!
    This tongue is gold!

  3. He is highly intelligent

    Intelligence is so important and also underappreciated these days. People mostly think about one thing nowadays; looks. Intelligence mostly grades low on the what-I-want-in-a-man-shoppinglist, because when people think smart, they think nerd and associate that with a person that doesn't care about looks and in that case, looks shabby. As I said, (sadly) looks are most important in this time.
    But intelligence is so crucial! There is so much in this world to talk about and so much to learn, why not get a little nerdie? It's good for your spirit, your mind, and you can see the world so differently once you accept knowledge.

    Throughout the whole serie, Ichabod teaches you more about the war between Americans and Brittish soldiers than the teachers in our schools and the best thing is, he isn't done with learning himself either. He knows there is much more to learn in this world and is curious about all that knowledge. Some people may think intelligence is threatening and intimidating, which I get, but Ichabod doesn't want to show off his "smarts". He doesn't even try. He was of course an Oxfort Professor, so he acts naturally smart, but he doesn't try to intimidate or belittle people with it. He wants to share is knowledge and with that, he wishes for some in return, which only makes him a great interlocutor.
    I have lost track of how many languages he can speak, as well as read and write. He looks so comfortable when he's reading; it's as if that's where he's truly at home, no matter the time or the place. And it's so sexy, that this man knows so much and is so wise. He speaks wise about almost everything he says (except about the donut-holes) and it showed me that there is still so much to learn and wise man aren't yet lost in this world (even though he is fiction). History doesn't have to be boring, embrace that thought and a whole new world will open before your eyes.

  4. He's protective

    An independant woman is sexy and can be sure -or believes she is- she doesn't need some testosterone driven chap to safe her. But inside every woman, maybe deep or close to the shore, you'll find a part that wants a man who will stand up for her and protects her, even though she can do that perfectly fine on her own. It's nature and it's a primal sence. Men were there to protect the women and children from vicious predators and it still is. The predators today are just not sabertooth-tigers, but other men. In other words: assholes.
    A protective man is sexy, not too overprotected of course, but a little bit is natural. It's sweet and every woman thinks so, don't deny it. If some guy gets to close to you, more than you wish them too and another handsome fellah tells him to back-off and then asks you if you're alright, that sweet.

    In the serie, Ichabod gets a very close relationship with Abby Mills, a sheriff in Sleepy Hollow in the year 2015. It is a very deep friendship based on an unconditional love, acceptance, understanding, loyalty and support. They are both willing to sacrefice their lifes for each other and that's something beautifull. He is so protective over her, especially around strange men and it's adorable. He stands by her side until he's sure the man in front of him is not out to harm his friend and that is secretly what every woman wants in a man. Not some jealous asshole, but a protective friend.

  5. He has manners

    Ah, how gracious is that bow. That's a nice way to introduce yourself, right? I think so too. Too bad that doesn't happen anymore. One manner that got lost in time.
    Lets talk about that for a second, shall we?
    Nobody likes a open-mouth-eating man or someone that doesn't say 'please'. It's nothing big, but even the slightest manner-lackment, can create a whole picture of someone and his lifestyle. We want well raised men of course and certainly not pigs. I don't need much time to explain that.

    Ichabod is a perfect example of that. I'll set an example and after that I don't think I have much left said. In one episode, a woman falls in love with him (of course he is married) and he can't answer her feelings. The moment Abby Mills comes storming through the door, the woman things she is his wife and runs out. Now, Crane has a cellphone and has the opportunity to text her, like every other men on this planet. His answer to that exact action was: "A missive composed by thumb cannot adequately convey emotion. No. I've hurt Miss Caroline's feelings. And I intend to apologize face to face, as a gentleman should."
    Do I need to say anything more? Well, after that he appoligises, for something he didn't know and didn't do and makes a beautifull bow to the woman. If that's not a nice way to apologize, than I don't know what else! No, even when some random porn appears on his laptop, he thinks it's "wildly inappropriate". Haven't heard that one before.

  6. He has humor

    Well, maybe he is just funny because he doesn't understand anything, not even the most simplest tasks in our time, but the best thing is, he jokes about it without trying to be funny. Now I love that. A man that is hilarious, but doesn't know it and doesn't try to oversell it.
    If you're one of them, you're sold mister! Because that is damn attractive.
    The fun thing about Ichabod is that he doesn't make the jokes like we do (he doesn't do anything like we do), but he makes jokes like they did 200 years ago; with a lot of difficult words and an underlined meaning. He usually refereres to something in his jokes and makes it funny by complaining about something he doesn't understand or he thinks is nonsence. It's always fun watching people struggle with simple things. But he spreads it out on the table and isn't ashamed doing so, even better, he acts like it's nothing by using a lot of difficult words. Now that's smart!

  7. He's Passionate

    What is more beautifull than to see the spark light up in someones eyes when they speak of the thing they love the most?
    Absolutly nothing.
    Have you ever closely watched someones face when they do? It's beautifull. You see them light up at once. Their face gets colour, their eyes start to twinkle and their smiles show so much happiness that it will effect everyone who listens. Because talking about something you truly love, brings out the best in all of us. It shows a side of you that is merely shown, a true form of happiness. Enjoy that moment, because it's rarely seen these days.

    Ichabod Crane is passionate about almost everything. Politics, mostly from his own time, though he's gone off on rants about the morality of taxation on food or the fact that people have to pay to get potable water in our time. He could shame, outright shame a complete stranger into picking up after their dog or apologize after yelling at a cashier. Everyday things that most people don't even notice, he notices, and he wants to do something about it. He's not going to budge an inch until he's seen the wrong righted, no matter how small it might be. He knows no shame around anyone, especially not around Abby. She's seen his indignance, his rage, his sorrow and his joy and he owns it all. If he wants to cry, he cries. No masks, no games, not this guy. And that's something strong and pure.

  8. He's a Gentleman

    Whoever said they don't make men like they used to was right. Obviously every woman loves a gentleman. A man who opens the door for her or holds out chairs before he himself takes places at a table. But have we forgotten all about the little things that were standard 200 hundred years ago?
    Holding your hand while walking down the stairs in a way only royals do today, kissing your hand, making a bow or not making a move until she lets him. There are so many things I wish that would still happen, even though I know they never will. What happend to the sealed, handwritten loveletters? Or the encounters in which sex wasn't even an option of speech?
    A gentleman (other than a fuckboy) reaches out to you as a friend, a curious one, but his goal is one thing: getting to know you and your soul. But not only in a romantic way, a gentleman does every one of these things for all woman, not just the one he's interessted in. Just see how a man treats other women, then you'll know his true nature.

    Ichabod Crane is the gentleman, maybe even more than Tom Hiddleston (and that says something). Throughout the whole serie he is polite, honest and a true gentleman to his friend Abby, and later on also Caroline. He doesn't do this to show off or to get somewhere with her, but just because beging polite is in his nature. Of course in his time (which is 200 years ago) females were still seen as weak, but with Abby, he doesn't even look like he thinks that way about her. On the contrary, he knows how strong she is but he still acts like a true gentleman around her. Which is beautiful, because that means him holding his hand out for her (like in the picture above) is just an action he wants to take. And look at how gorgeous he stands there. I have not yet met a men who held a womans hand like that, something that sadly has been lost through these years. Men can learn a lot from history.

  9. He always has his answer ready

    If it would be a popquiz or an argument, this man has an answer to everything. He serves anyone, with such dignity and pride, that the opposite partner wouldn't even start thinking about responding. Mostly because he speaks in such a difficult language that they don't fully understand him, but let's not speak of that. Tough he might not be the best at insulting or "trash talk", he sure knows how to calm people down. If it's with a wise respond or just a hug, doesn't matter, he's there and he'll listen. He knows just what to say to change someones mind and to make them believe that there is still hope and there is always another way to solve things.
    Wouldn't it be nice to all have one of those at home?

  10. He is absolutly gorgeous!

    Well, you can try to deny it (but you won't), the eyes don't lie. This man is gorgeous!
    He has a lot of sexappeal and I don't even care that his hair was probably not washed for over 200 years, because even with that, he looks hot. Didn't say that looks are not important, but they do help, especially with British men (or ones that have been burried in a cave for over 200 years).
    There is no way Abby doesn't notice that of course, but their friendship is more important to her than anything. I think I made my point here. I wouldn't mind meeting this guy, on the contrary, I'd invite him into my house and make him a cup of tea! This guy is gold!

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    Hoe toevallig is dit! Ik ben ook helemaal weg van Ichabod. Echt een hele leuke lijst!
    Ik heb de twee seizoenen laatst nog een tweede keer bekeken. Ik vind zijn accent en taalgebruik zo dreamy,:9~!

    Ik ben echt overdondert hoe mooi je alles kan verwoorden in het Engels!


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    Wat een leuk lijstje! ^^ en de gifs zijn ook zo leuk haha :')

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