English bookseries

There are a lot books I want, in this list I only list English bookseries I would like to have. Behind the title of the series I put the writer's name and under that I write the parts of the series.
For the books I do have I put a +
and with the books I don't own I put a -

  1. The Moontide Quarted ~ David Hair

    - Mage's Blood
    - Scarlet Tides
    - Unholy War
    - Ascendant's Rite

  2. Age of the Five ~ Trudi Canavan

    + Priestress of the White
    - Last of the Wilds
    - Voice of the Gods

  3. Firelight ~ Sophie Jordan

    - Firelight
    - Vanish
    - Hidden
    - Breathless

  4. Anthony Ryan

    - Blood Song
    - Tower Lord
    - Queen of Fire

  5. Harry Potter ~ J.K. Rowling

    + Philosophers Stone
    + Chamber of Secrets
    + Prisoner of Azkaban
    - Goblet of Fire
    + Order of the Phoenix
    - Half-Blood Prince
    + Deathly Hallows

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