Monochrome World.

Beyond this world, is an another world.
The balance of it is fragile.
Where light is, is shadow.
Where shadow is, is light.

Monochrome world, it is called.

If I'm the light, I hope I once can find my shadow, hiding in the dark.
Not to love, not to like, not to miss..
But, to kill.
My body, my soul, my mind, I put it all in, just to bring peace to my world.
King of Shadows, mind your own business and own world. My world will be left untouched. If you intrude, if you let us be friends with an enemy, you shall face death.

This metamorphose.. Untill there's no peace, I shall not give up, I shall not rest. Right in front of me, every trick, every weapon, everything I'll use to punish you, to kill you.

So, don't try to break this world, 'cause I can do the same to yours.
It is the same in the case of love; Break my heart, and I'll break yours.

When silent, serenity and calmity rule over my world, I know the storm will soon come back..

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