And Everybody Said...


I was too young to realize, to understand
The danger you displayed, the fear you caused.
I did not want to concentrate
On the warnings I had to bear in mind.

I knew I needed you,
So much, that I could not bear your absence.
I was afraid to tell you, and yet I was so confident,
I feared the end of our prologue.

You were more than just a man to me.
You were the one I lived for,
The one who reminded me to breathe when I forgot.
The one who kept my heart beating, when it decided to give up.

The one who made me strong, who made me fight.
You changed me.
It almost made me ill, to see the things I never saw before.
To see everyone who I looked up to burn to ashes.

Now I see, they were destined to descend.
In my eyes they lost their essence,
While you rose and caught me, locked me up.
I trusted you and followed you, all I needed was your voice to lead me.

Blindly, I came after you.
I knew it was the right thing to do.
At the moment, all I wanted was to learn from you, to mirror all your actions.
I became a mimic, because I knew you were one too.

But the way I loved you
Was impossible to imitate.
It was so real, so pure, so heartbreaking,
It made me cry and made me happy.


Suddenly, I find myself awoken
From an everlasting dream.
I see, but these are not my eyes that see;
I hear, but these are not my ears that hear.

I feel - at last, but what did I expect?
I never tried to comprehend
Anything they told me, taught me,
I never cared.

I was a lam, I did not see
What I was not supposed to.
My vision was clair-obscur;
Too short-sighted to see the details.

Yet when you came, I was the only one to see,
To feel your might and strenght,
I was not intimidated
By all the things you represented.

I did not surrender.
Now I know this was just silly,
I did not understand, I was so blind.
I just really, really loved you.

And everybody said that I was wrong,
That you would never glance at me or see me.
They said that I did not belong
There, in your heart and in your life.

Do you know what names they gave me?
They said I'd never rise so high.
They almost broke me, really,
And then suddenly, you turned around.

You saw me.


You wrote history, my love,
It all belongs to you.
You created an empire, and you started from a soldier.
I see now, you built your strenght and trust on me.

You made of nothing everything,
I see how this still bothers them.
Did you notice how the same
and how very much alike we are?

When I speak of you, I whisper.
I'm afraid someone will hear me
When my lips pronounce your name.
I'm afraid someone would catch the love that thereby floats silently away.

Why do I always rely on the dead?
Why did you go before answering my questions?
I was sitting by your grave that day, I could not speak,
I could not feel, I lost my motivation and found an emptyness

Which almost broke my heart and teared my soul apart.
This emptyness I feared the most
Of all uncertainties I hid myself from,
I always ran to see things the way I wanted them to be.

I tried to escape this screenplay,
I could not rewrite the script we wrote -
You were not there to put right the mistakes I made.
No, you played dead.

We're heading towards our epilogue,
Can you believe that this might be our end?
I lost my heart again to someone
Who refused to place it back into my chest.

And left with it.


Yet, here we stand,
Exhausted of pretending our whole life.
Of all the gentlemen you were, perhaps, the only gentle man
And of all the warriors, you were the one who won.

You created a new hierarchy,
Based upon reflections of the truth.
Yet, even you could not resist the beauty of the gold:
Here today and gone tomorrow.

You were captivated by the spirits of a might,
Floating inside your panting mind.
You would not rest before you made it yours,
You did not care for the price you'd have to pay for it.

Yet, you were not afraid to lose me,
When you lost yourself in a maze of dreams.
Oh, how you trusted me, but did you love me?
You never said so, but I suspect you did.

Everytime you looked at me I watched your broken heart cure;
When I danced with someone else, I saw you gazing;
When you placed my hand upon yours and said how small it was, I heard it in your voice;
And when you left, never to return again, this love was holding you together.

We built everything we have on melancholy,
But what to do within the cheerful hours?
I can't but stay in grief for your departed soul,
Or tear it all apart and build a bigger palace.

Yet, I could destroy your suit of armor,
So maybe I could rewrite this plot.
Then all our games and talented performances
Are but a prologue to what now begins.

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