Then you feel the tears
Rolling down your eyes
In a split second
They left your cheeks
Hanging on your chin
Dropping of, on your skin
Just because you're thinking of him
You never really knew how it felt
To miss someone, to need someone
To need a hug from that someone
But now you do, now you do
Then you cried three days
Out of five, because of him
Because of the pain
You feel in your chest
You know you cried
But nobody else, let alone him
No one saw you crying
Or maybe that boy
The boy you passed
Really fast on your bike
He looked at you with a weird face
So he saw, but he doesn't know
The only person who saw and knows
That's just you, only you.
Then you feel the tears
Rolling down your eyes.

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  • ChrisxPine

    wow. so beautiful(flower)

    5 jaar geleden

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