I have been dwelling in oblivion. Reckless in trusting you.
You're killing me, dragging me along with you.
But I'd rather die a million times than leave you.

This love is chaotic and it's where all the beauty is captured.
I'm in a battle of kings and queens. Enraptured.
There's only us on this chessboard. And no rules.

Rules that you would never make up.
You always told me how you were free.
But you're a victim of an illusional freedom. Of our mutual God.

My God. I never believed, you know.
Then who is this God?
I know that you are my Guardian. Though I'm not sure about the Angel-part.

You're not an Angel. But that's fine with me,
It's your dark side I love. (For it's your only side)
Darkness is what attracts me so, you know how I love your black coats.

I love them like I love those smokings you wear to family reunions.
As though someone died.
I never liked your family. But that's OK. You hate them too, right?

I guess this means that I love you. Just like I love your cynic smile.
And your eyes. I love them too.
I drown in them. Never thought that blue could be this blue.

I know you're no good. But you're everything that's good for me.
You're not like my father. You'd never leave me.

I don't care that loving you is my one-way ticket to Hell.
Because you're there with me.

Guarding me.

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