Prison Of My Memories & Dreams - Hatake Kazumi's Theme

Prison Of My Memories & Dreams

Slipping through the cracks of a dark eternity
Straining everything into a deep crimson karma
I'm lost in sadness, still trying to pick myself up
Why am I in a place of evil and darkness?
All I can see are the dead people and the blood-filled memories

I wake from the dream of dancing emotions that tear up the stars in the moonlight
Iíve just been crying again and again
The past that rusted with me, and the unseen future too.
They're imprinted in my heart
How can I escape from these memories and pain inside?

My wings have been pulled off
Once more I fall deeper in the darkness

The darkness around me and forgotten memories
Everywhere I look, people die
All because of that mysterious power inside of me
One day Iíll be stronger
So I can fight the demon inside of me

How can I escape from these memories and pain inside?
I keep on asking questions again and again
There are no answers to my past and memories
Inside Iím crying out loud, how can I escape from this world?

Everyday I think of the blood-filled memories
It's a constant painful reminder of my own anguish
Iím sick and tired of it

Every time I look around, Iím alone.
No one sees the pain of my misery inside

But one day Iíll be stronger
Strong enough to keep on fighting in this world
Iíll turn the light on in the darkness

Speciaal voor Kazu-Nyan (Kazumi) gemaakt gister ;3 Eigenlijk vandaag.. 28/12/2011 om kwart voor 4 =X

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