mean people.

You know my grandma and I spoke yesterday.
I told her about the mean girls in my school. She told me not to worry because there isn't something wrong about me. She said I should enjoy my time in highschool. She said not to worry about what ohter are thinking. "They're just insecure and not confident enough." is wat she told me. Maybe she was right I tought. The day after I went to school and saw the mean people in my school again. They we're looking mean te me but dind't say anything. Only the look was enough and ofcourse, I felt not good enough for this world. Then my grandma and I spoke again and then went back to school again and the circle goes on and goes on.
Mean girls of boys don't see what they are doing with you. Just one look, or one word can make you feel sad. Why don't they get that they are acting stupid. People gonna start feel sad and unhappy with theirselves.
So if you read this and ever bullied someone of ever been mean to someone, think twice before you wanna say something mean cause yeah, you can hurt people with it.

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