Crona's emo destructive poem

Cast away
Beat down and broken
I must obey
The word is spoken

Draw a circle of protection
Kept at bay
Keep away
So far apart from her perfection

Shadows loom
Lost in the gloom
I slowly slip away

A thirsty sea of stone and sand
Lost within a nightmare land
Afraid of night without a day
When the monsters come and play

I hear the serpent at my ear
She's urging me to drown the fear
But deep within this tortured mind
Wicked secrets you will find

I think that soon I'll fall apart
Their kindness only breaks my heart
I'll pass the nights in misery
With no one there to comfort me

The home I have is not a home
The life I lead is not my own.
When living here is not quite living
Living here is just worth giving

dit is de link waar ik um heb gevonden :3

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