My eyes were closed.
I was waiting for the moment.
The lost in my heart was huge.
The trust I lost through this time was irritating.
But I couldn't stop believing.
A tear streamed down my eye but stopped half-way gone.
Like it couldn't let go.
But I couldn't let this tear go.
It was my dream hiding in this drop of water.
I loved it like it was my daughter.
And it was too hard for me to blow.
To blow this tear away so it will be gone forever.
This tear was all the time spent together.
But you and I together was an illusion.
That was your heart breaking conclusion.
The trust we had was away.
It was to late there was nothing to say.
And the tear streamed down my face.
I couldn't stop it.
But I wouldn't stop it.
I trusted myself like I trusted you once.
It was fade away our romance.

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