The happy girl

I used to be the happy girl. Everybody remembered me as the happy girl. I always smiled, I always laughed, I had no worries. Now I'm not that happy anymore. Why not? Because of all the pain I had this year, every single day again. The pain was horrible. And every week it got worse. I don't smile anymore, I don't laugh anymore. There's only 1 person who can cheer me up. But she's in another class and she is busy with school and other friends. So I feel horrible. I'm complaining all the time and I don't listen anymore to what people tell me. But I don't wanna be that girl. I want to be the happy girl again, I want to smile every minute of my every day, I wanna laugh about things who aren't even funny. I want my old life back...
The pain is getting less, but it takes a lot of time to restore. Happily I know it's gonna be alright and in about a year I can be the happy girl again.
And until then: I try not to complain, listen to people, do things for other people to make them happy and be as happy as I can...

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  • Zivaa

    aag, ik heb nou gewoon tranen in mn ogen ;$
    echt een mega mooi gedicht <3

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