For my beautiful angel...

My angel, with two pairs of wings.
Who has been alone all his life
Sitting on the top of his lonely tower
Singing a song
In with true sadness sounds through.

Everytime I see you,
My heart beats faster
Everytime I hear your voice
I feel butterflies flutter in my stomach
Heating up from inside
So much it makes me weak

Been through more
I have been
Singing along
with your song
is my heart,
beating only for you

For my beautiful angel
with a heart of gold
and pure white wings
Long spring green hair
And eyes I can swim in
I won't drown

For my angel
Who went to a better place
Let me drown in my tears
Longing for you

Even now
Some humans still care for you
Even though it may not be all

Because when I feel your embrace
Lips on mine
Wings on wings
I will realise
I am not alone anymore...

For my angel
Who went to a place beyond heavens
I'll love you
'Till my heart stops beating
And my fire of life dies out
Of all the tears I've cried
For us both
Give me wings
Let me go beyond heavens
So I can be with you again...

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