Kiss in the rain

Rain drops falling from the sky,
I just wish you would walk by.
But you won't,
Cause I love you, and you don't.
You never even see me,
Or do you just let me be?
Walking in the rain, umbrella in my hands,
Thinking about a time, where you would ask me to dance.

Someone walks towards me,
It is real what I see?
I see you coming more close,
You stop in front of me, nose to nose.
Never thought that I could gain,
That passionate kiss in the rain.

Reacties (3)

  • Slughorn

    Wauw leah^^ deze is ook al zo mooi^^

    3 jaar geleden
  • bollenhans1

    haha dies ook al super goed !

    7 jaar geleden
  • Involved

    Mooi <3 je hebt echt prachtige gedichten!

    7 jaar geleden

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