One Direction

"When Harry was drunk at a party, he walked outside & I came out to find him an hour later. And he was having a conversation with a cat."
-Liam Payne

"There's something with Harry & Louis that we can never explain."-Niall Horan

Liam:"'s hot in here."
Zayn:"Oh sorry, I'm leaving."

"When I'm sad i go to Harry's bed. He's like a handkeechief of tears, and when you caress his curls, you feel better."
-Louis Tomlinson

Louis:"Who's your dream Valentine?"
Niall:"You two are so cute"

Harry:"My first real crush was Louis TOmlinson."
Int.:"How does he feel about you?"
Harry:"Mutual, we've discussed it."

Louis:"Harry was such a cute kid, he was blonde and always had red cheeks."
Harry:"But now.. I'm sexy."

"Louis can go 3 months without seeing Eleanor, but he can't go 3 days without seeing Harry."
-Daniëlle Peazer

"Zayn once got so drunk, he danced really weird and flirted with a guy."
-Liam Payne

"Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain!"
-Louis Tomlinson

"Just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life x"
-Zayn Malik

"Its on like donkey kong"
-Liam Payne

"After Niall met Justin Bieber, I had to take him of the studio so he could scream how happy he was."
-Harry Styles

"We were walking in the park and I said 'look there's a dead bird!' and Harry looked at the sky and said 'Where?'."
-Zayn Malik

"Harry's a cleaning freak and Louis is really messy. When we're in a hotel Harry cleans his part of the room two or three times, but Louis doesn't clean his at all."
-One Directon

"Gay marriage has been accept in New York? C'mon Harry, we're moving!"
-Louis Tomlinson

-Harry Styles

"Im a cuddling sort of guy..."
-Zayn Malik

Niall:"Whitout music we wouldn't be One Direction."
Liam:"Then we'll just been the inbetweeners."

Niall:"Harry is the youngest but everyone always thinks it's me."
Louis:"That's because you're cute and Harry's a pervert."
(Harry is opper perv/perv koning of perversland-0_O")

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