Feelings that can hurt

When people make fun of me,
I just sit there and smile.
Sure, I laugh as hard as they do,
Cause I do stupid things as well.
But what they don't see,
Is that they actually hurt me.

I might be making fun of myself too,
But that's just because I don't want them to think I'm weak.
I just want to have a laught and have fun,
But if they laugh about me every time,
Then I'm really not that fine.

If they really think that saying all that,
Didn't hurt me at all.
Then they all have got to think a little harder.
I'm not coldhearted.
And I'm not showing my hurts.
But do I have feelings too.
All I want that moment, is avert,
That my feelings will get hurt.

Reacties (2)

  • Papiliones

    Echt heel mooi geschreven en ik herken het, maar uiteindelijk weet je het beter.

    3 jaar geleden
  • Slughorn

    Aw Leah:(
    iets moet natuurlijk wel grappig blijven, geen pijn doen (:

    3 jaar geleden

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