Why is it so hard?

There are things about you, I feel them
inside, but why is it so hard to say
them out loud, to admit them?
I love the way you smile, and you
always see things positive.

I love it that you don't care whether
you fool around with any of the boys
or you do the same with girls, and
us just being friends. But just being
friends is also a thing I hate, there
are things I think about but why is it
so hard to say it right in your face?

I love it that we being weird and don't
care about the other people around us
and we start laughing out of the
bule, just by looking at eachother
and can't stop. But why keep I finding
this so hard?

Things I hate, that is the fact that
you smoke every once in a while.
But what I hate the most is
that I'm falling hard for you and
that you... probably won't love me
back. But why is it so hard to admit,
to admit my feelings to the world,
to you... but mostly to myself?

You know I am not sure, but
there are these five words that are the
hardest to say but...
~I think I love you~

Reacties (2)

  • LittleOwlet

    Wauw, heel mooi. Je kunt er ook zo een liedje van maken.

    7 jaar geleden
  • Cityofbonez

    Mooi gedicht!!!!!

    7 jaar geleden

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