Dearest grandma,

Dearest grandma,

You suffered so long already against cancer and it hurts me to see you like this. I know you're in much pain and you don't have long to live anymore. Maybe it's better this way, but I'll miss you and I'll never forget you. It also hurts me to see grandpa like this. The things you got through together. You always supported each other, you were there when you needed each other, but in a while he doesn't have that support anymore. Well, I know that you will support him and us from above.

I'm really gonna miss you,


Oke, ik ben niet helemaal tevreden over dit. Maar ik zou dit gedicht graag op willen dragen aan mijn allerliefste oma.

Vanochtend, om half 11 sloot jij je ogen voor de laatste keer. RIP oma

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